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3 2 July in Croatia Zagreb, Nike "(The Chance) process for green" campaign, Croatia striker Manju G Chi introduced the upcoming trip to Brazil to participate in the world cup, the national team of Croatia new home court and Away Jersey to small players, which stimulated this country all levels of football, not just in the world cup national team player. New Jersey with the best performance of Nike innovation and unique details, pay tribute to the birth of this emerging national football in Croatia in 1990. Croatia new home court Jersey design inspiration from the October 1990 Zagreb team in the game with the United States when the shirt style, this is the history of Croatia's first international match, the New Jersey will also use in home court to commemorate the game 25th Anniversary Memorial tournament. Jersey cleverly combines the modern and history, distinctive red sleeves are a distinctive feature of the 1990 National Team Jersey, while striking red collar V and iconic pattern of red a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd white squares with the match left a deep impression on people. In the triangle label in the new shirt collar, "Budi Ponosan" is written in Croatia, meaning "proud". in addition to the players to keep dry, Nike's designers through the integrated use of recycled polyester and cotton, Nike designers to create a new.The chieftain and the current quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) have two years' contract. They also responded to the questioning with the recognition of Smith leader's ability. But it's always ready to do it for the future. According to ESPN reported Monday, the chief and four Clemson University quarterback Watson de Sean (Deshaun Watson) were interviewed. Watson will also talk to Cleveland Brown on Tuesday, and the emirate's 27 sign is likely to be a bit difficult to compete with Brown. In addition, a sign and the top team chiefs quarterback than many, so the chiefs may need to forward transactions, good off the two time Heisman entered the final list of the quarterback. now has two quarterback on the chief of the Emirates with Taylor - Bray and Joel - Joel Stave.The official website of NFL | said Gates Rivers fought back to finish the race | football rib pain Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) this season not on the San Diego team in the lightning injury report. But it is said that he may have been injured and not recovered. Sunday in the lightning team 13 to 7 victory over Oakland radar team after the game, Gates - tight end Antonio (Antonio Gates) told the "San Diego Tribune" joint interview with Rivers and rib injury, the injury is very serious, so the game the last 3 to 4 weeks has been suffering. according to CBS television, Rivers got two rounds of the second half of the game on Sunday. He received the team doctor's examination and treatment. He was injured in the third quarter left knee, fourth rib and abdominal injuries, but he was not absent in a match. Rivers of the "San Diego Union Tribune" said that he does not like the other quarterback that came tumbling down. The lightning team will release the first 12 week injury report on Wednesday, which will match the Saint Louis rams at home next Sunday. The team at the end of the holiday week after the lightning won the first game, currently 6 wins and 4 losses, their last 6 games have 5 games on Sunday, the only December 20th is on Saturday against San Francisco team of 49 people, will be less rest time of a day, but a day of rest for 28 days Emirates team game against Kansas.Denver Broncos over the past few months have been telling anyone who will listen them in Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Bullock Aus Ville (retired Brock Osweiler) after leaving the team for quarterback is satisfied. Mark - Sanchez (Mark looks Sanchez) and Trevor (Trevor Siemian) - sago Ann will be the first to have a chance to compete first and last season in the offensive position under the condition of mediocre experience shows two Mustang Championship quarterback showed enough to lead the team to win. But that doesn't mean they won't miss Manning. In the interview with , Sylvester, Sylvester Williams, said that Manning not only used the performance on the field to lead us, but also said that the team would miss what he brought to as a leader. "I just think you can't replace a person like him," Williams said. "Because he is a strong man. You have to find other ways to bring that kind of energy to the locker room, because there will never be another Payton Manning in his locker room. Because, in my opinion, Payton is a hundred percent serious people, so when he talks, many people will be right and listen to it. It's unbelievable. " , no matter how confident the wild horse is for the performance of the quarterback on the pitch, it is foolish to expect anyone of them to have the same control over the locker room with Manning who has such a resume. There are many other veterans in the wild horse that can fill such a vacancy, and team power may have to play a role before the next leader.

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