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's game on the Indianapolis pony is still affecting the 7 - 1 Denver Mustang. ???????-???????Gary Kubiak?????????????????-??????Peyton Manning????????????????????????????NFL???????????-???????James Palmer?????????????????????????????|???????????????? Kubiak said it was "very sore in Manning play in artificial grassland on the end of the game". The Mustang thinks he will return to training on Thursday. we think so, too. It's not surprising that a veteran quarterback is absent from Wednesday's training. In addition, Manning may be absent from training regularly in the next season, and the Mustang hopes to keep his strength in response to a month's playoffs. of course, at the beginning of this year, NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Manning was diagnosed with four muscle injuries in December, but he did not disclose most details. The foot discomfort doesn't look serious, but every quarterback who starts the season will experience so cheap nfl jerseys free shipping me physical injuries when the season progressively goes into the later stage. "Who doesn't feel sore in tenth weeks?" Manning asked the media. "Try to get better and try to get healthy." can expect Manning to continue out of training in the late season of the wild horse's hope.The official website of NFL | Dezhou cornerback ha son become the focus of attack object | football rival Houston Dezhou people Andre - Hal (Andre Hal) was ready to be the key target of the opponent before the game. As it was expected, the young corner guard struggled, and his defensive area became the breakthrough of the Philadelphia hawk's pass. in the first quarter, the eagles in the half 41 yards out to get the first attack, quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) and Jeremy - Mclean long (Jeremy Maclin) connection. Kazakhstan was thrown away by Mclean in the defense and watched his opponent finish the 57 - yard pass. For the failure of the defense, ha son said after the game: I think they should choose a long pass, I should do better. second, Kazakhstan's defense area was again broken by his opponent. The substitutes for the quarterback Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) and Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Matthews) succeeded in completing the 11 - yard pass in front of the Kazakhstan. Although the result of the game is disappointing, it is also a valuable asset for young Kazakhstan. His teammates, Kareem Jackson (Kareem Jackson), have also been tortured at the early stage of his career, and perhaps he should exchange experience with his predecessors. Hal revealed in an interview: I talked to Kareem and he told me to go on and go on fighting. I will continue to do my best in every defense, and I will try to do the best I can do. I hope to continue to make progress in this week's training, keep fit and meet the next game.when the Denver wild quarterback Mark Sanchez immediately announced the week (Mark Sanchez) received surgical treatment of non passer, the team said he is expected to miss the start of the offseason training team. but then Sanchez insisted that he wanted to take part in the training. As a result, the two sides each took one step. Sanchez Tuesday on the training field in the first offseason training organization. Although he did not take the center to open the ball, Sanchez trained with the first line-up in the 7 to 7 training and his training was more than expected. "we know he will train the horse," coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said. "... we know he's going to do something, and he's actually doing more than we think. You can see every day that it's important for Mark. " Despite his poor performance last season, is expected to play the first quarterback at the start of the season. The early preparation time in the new attack system was good for him to lock the first. Sanchez took advantage of the starting position, but he had to face the first round of the quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch). Though Sanchez may not admit that the threat of rookie drives him to rush back to training, no one is willing to give up the time to prepare for a player who will threaten his position.Carolina Panther's top defense star is back to the training ground. - Jikeli linebacker Luke (Luke Kuechly) since the game in eleventh weeks for the first time since the departure due to concussion in training. Jikeli still need to return to the game to check at. considering the Jikeli injury history, is expected to be careful with his return to the panther. At the beginning of last season due to a concussion Jikeli missed 34 days. After eleventh weeks of concussion in the game, he immediately shed tears and was unable to control his breathing when he was sent out of the battery car. the 4 - 8 - negative Panther is almost out of the playoff race. Jikeli regression training means that he is willing to take the last month in this season failed to continue to suffer the risk of collision. ?

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