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The official website of NFL, President Rothlisberger believes that the Steelers will continue to play football, wo president art Rooney II Steelers told reporters on Tuesday that his Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger and recently a conversations, he believes that Rothlisberger will continue to play next season. Before , Rothlisberger said he needed some time to decide the fate of 2017. After these statements posted on the Steelers lost the alcs. Rooney expressed his frustration at the loss and perceived that he could not go on forever. 's big version of NFL in 2004 is still bad for its 35 - year - old birthday. Rooney said the Steelers may be from the draft in part the young quarterback, but Delhi - speech and substitute Janice M. Vidal four and Rothlisberg cheap nfl jerseys free shipping er's Jones's fate is not closely related to. Although the latter is likely to be replaced by the better free players in March. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Bowling |2016 source deep sports center staff bowling friendly tournament 2016 source deep sports center staff bowling friendly 2016 source deep sports center staff bowling friendly in the afternoon of June 22nd, the 2016 yuan deep sports center bowling friendly competition, organized by the trade union of the source deep sports center, was on the first floor of the yuan deep gymnasium. A total of 36 employees from 8 departments were divided into 7 teams. Before the start of the competition, many of the participants have been trying to change their shoes and start the warm-up training before the game. ??????????????????????????????????????????????Y????????????????????????????????????????????????????2???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? finally, the gym management department with 541 points won the team title, the stadium management department with 514 points won second place with 499 points, the stadium management department was third. Zhong Lihua with 136 points to win the women first, Sun Xiaoting with 117 points in second, Gan Huiping, Qiu Jie with 99 points tied for third; Kang Jian with 150 points to win the men's title, Wang Qiang won the second place with 135 points, 134 points behind Xin Bin Meng to third. game has ended, but the employees are still significant enough, still immersed in the game both nervous and happy atmosphere. In the second half of the year, the Central Labor Union will continue to organize more staff recreational activities for employees, improve their enthusiasm and efficiency, and further promote the spiritual civilization and staff culture construction.Our football equipment network PUMA official announced that the Senegal Football Association four years of partnership. The German sportswear brand will provide the Senegal national football team a brand-new Jersey before the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, replacing the first Romai cooperation between 2016 and Senegal. BeforeIn the base of | China Softball Association pitcher training camp |9 teams official website news to promote the technological level of China's softball pitcher, speeding up the training of coaches and athletes, Chinese Softball Association 2015 first training camp Sheng Jing Xincheng pitching hand curved rod softball training base camp in Xishuangbanna city of Jinghong in from March 14th to 20th. 25 pitchers, 10 hands and 8 pitcher coaches from 9 front-line teams were trained. The trainer of this training camp is Mr. Liu Guoye, vice president of the Hongkong Softball Association and the coach of the pitcher. Through the theoretical study and Practice for 6 days, the pitcher's delivery skills are improved to varying degrees. The China Softball Association plans to hold second and third pitcher training camps in May and August this year. (finished)

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