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even-even Football Jersey full of power network equipment, because it represents the love of the fans and the players of the sport into the team. Designers have been doing their best in the design of the Jersey, and Supporters.Pro's designer door is created by such enthusiasm. Their latest design inspiration comes from the Star Wars movie, from the dark and bright sides. This new series of At the in the design of the club, the national team, the club and the Game of Thrones NFL (translator's note: "the" frozen throne ") Jersey, Supporters.Pro Star Wars themed jerseys hit. Would you like a C3P0 robot shirt?NFL official website, 2016 regular season sixteenth Saturday night race, Dezhou tigers football @ wo 2016, the sixteenth week of the regular season of the 2016 season, Saturday night game of the tiger @ Dezhou people live address " is the second and final Saturday night of the season. It will start on Christmas Eve, and this match will probably decide the ownership of the champions. Houston Dezhou people at home court has bid farewell to the p cheap nfl jerseys free shipping layoffs against the Dezhou tigers, who will attack the southern champion for second consecutive years. Houston in Dezhou last week with quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor - not bad performance, substitute quarterback Tom Savage will be officially replaced Oswald vhailor become the game's starting quarterback. Savage was quite steady on the bench last week. Although he did not pass the ball, it was 260 yards out and not cut. Lamar Miller, the main runner, didn't fall because of the big contract. He has scored 1073 yards of road ball data this season, ranking sixth in the league. The second grade of primary Nadelike inside linebacker Mckinney this season to play the league this season is excellent, which only one can win 100+ tackles (121) and 5+ sacks (5) player, and he is also the 3 consecutive home court can get captured and killed the attack data. Cincinnati tigers this season to play well is not a secret, coach Malvin - Lewis's position may change at the end of the season. The main proximal front Taylor Affeldt in return the most powerful red tiger kill is still, in the past four games he had 4 receptions for touchdowns, since 2015, he listed all the first to end nearly 18 catches up to the position. Atkins, the main defensive cutting leader, is still one of the top defensive trensides of the league. He has taken 2 2 games in the past 3 games. Since 2010, Atkins has ranked the top of all defensive trendies in the league. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang Yun The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.public now has more information to determine the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) for "bleeding door" about honesty. 457 page June Brady appeal process recorded testimony submitted to the Manhattan court of the NFL Players Association on Tuesday. Brady denied in the ALCS for ball tampering or let anyone on the ball tampering. in the record, Brady denied and caddy discussed game ball pressure, also denied that he had considered charging degree these balls in the selection of the ball when. He said he didn't know the rule of inflating the ball until he played against the New York jet in October 16, 2014. He complained about the size of the ball in that match. in the process of appeal, Brady said he was never told not to publish the message will be suspended. His lawyers for Bret faffe (Brett Favre) in the "Kinmen tours" in the investigation refused to hand over the mobile phone only fined as a precedent against the ban decision. Ted Wells, the independent investigator of air valve, admitted that he had never told Brady that Brady would be punished if he didn't hand over the short message, but he said Brady didn't hand over the cell phone and asked him to question the quarterback's credibility. in addition, Brady during the appeal that he never knew was considered the gas patriot equipment management personnel Jim Mcnally (Jim McNally). He said he had to recognize the face of the latter but did not know the name. The alliance asked judges last week to decide whether NFL would make a proper decision. The judge has asked the Brady and League president Roger goeldel, (Roger Goodell) next week to testify. He strongly hopes that the two sides will be able to reach an agreement to settle the matter.Miami dolphins at present 1 to 2, the start is not smooth, they are at the bottom of the National League. This week, the dolphins will go to London to complete a divisional civil war with their rival New York jets. The dolphins played flat in the first 3 weeks, not unrelated to the ups and downs of the attacking fronts of the team. The biggest star striker in the team, Brandon left Jiefeng - Albert (Branden Albert) with a hamstring injury missed last week's game. He still has only a very small amount of training this week, and officials have revealed that he may continue to miss the game this week. dolphins do not have a reliable substitute in the attacking front. The team needs other players to come forward, and the team is in urgent need of a victory to return to the 50% win rate.

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