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The Classic Club home color, red and blue appeared on the new home shirt, was designed as a sword stripe style, and the details were decorated with yellow. The collar of the New Jersey is striped into blue and yellow stripes. The cuff is yellow. The club badge on the front and the club name Crystal Palace FC (Crystal Palace Club) all use embroidery technology.The official website of NFL | elvy Fawkes explained reasons: different ideas | football class Denver Broncos once again fell on the title of the journey, the team coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) with class. The Tuesday horse general manager John elvy (John Elway) in an interview with reporters talked about it. Herve said, "the main reason for Fawkes's class is the difference between our ideas. We have different opinions about how to make the team go further. The past four years we took four consecutive American League West title, this is no small achievement, but how can we win? This became the biggest difference between me and him. four years ago to return to the Mustang elvy as general manager, the first thing he did was to sign under coach Fawkes. Herve repeated in an interview that Fawkes was the best fit for the team at the time. But he also said that the most disappointing thing was not los cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ing, but that they had lost in the playoffs in the last few years. I don't think it's important to lose, but at least we have to feel the passion and happiness in the game, but we are hopeless in the two years. did not disclose Payton - Manning elvy (Peyton Manning) will retire, he said he and Manning had a good exchange on Monday, but now is too early to make a decision. As for the manager, said the team offensive coordinator Adam elvy - Gus (Adam Gase) and defensive coordinator Jack - Del Leo (Jack Del Rio) has the opportunity, of course he will consider all potential candidates, so as to make the best decision.recently, the 2018 China Football League B League club has released the new season's jerseys. All the football clubs show their regional characteristics and design a very creative Jersey. Now we'll take a look at some clubs' special jersey designs. Baoding Rong Da according to the official introduction of the design inspiration originates from the ancient Baoding palace as the majestic plaque of the capital of Zhili, the plaque is made into a pattern on the shirt. Beijing science and technologyThe main idea of the shirt is to show Einstein's law of conservation of quality through the effect of the pattern. Lehman, ShenzhenThe feature of the shirt comes from a blitz of lightning from the chest, which is officially inspired by the LED light. Sichuan Annapurna I collar after the words "Sichuan resurgence" slogan, entrusted with the fans of Chuanzu unlimited expectations. Hunan Hunan Hualai Jersey back above the Hunan dialect very representative of the noun "line" has the tenacity and perseverance of the meaning, symbol of Hunan football to pursue the dream of football. Shanghai Shen vatiaThe season in the shirt badge seal as the main design elements, the body part seals into every detail, to seal the head back neckline, hem seals the tail. Nantong cloud Nantong port has an important geographical significance in international shipping. The designer uses sea ripples as the main element to show the advantages of Nantong as the main coastal port of the country. North Yanbian "the victory" is a very unique Korean Cheer slogans, the printed on the back collar as well as the team cheer.four wave Jaguar attack: the 15 red ball 9 passes, one ball impact Leonard Fornet as Adrian Peterson peak, four wave attack three succeeded, worrying Jaguars offensive group scored 21 points. 9 passes said just 7 of the time to run fake pass, in fact the game Bortel J relied on a great deterrent road running from the completion of frequent false false pass, run Chuan is 15 7 126 yards 1 touchdowns; without the use of false true 11 7 run 88 yards high frequency of use, let Bortel J be the true false running pressure is not small, but also played a very good game looks. in fact throughout the game, Steelers offensive. But know the Jaguar road guard lost 164 yards from the road, 4 touchdowns, Jaguar center Brandon Liddell and left guard Patrick - Omame played a super show, the Steelers two outstanding defensive tackle Cameron Hayward and Stephen rushed to graph ite from known, when Jaguar hard bridge hard horse from pavement storm, two star defender has no against power. The thirteenth week night saigang people linebacker Ryan Sharzer match report, I said, although the characteristics of Sharzer in the raid rushed, but his personal talent for anti running system is also extremely important steelers. When the Steelers defensive line was broken, lost after the Steelers chazel mediocre talent linebacker is extremely difficult to chase Fornet, let Fornet slaughter, knowing that the Jaguar only this trick cannot stop the storm Road, let the Jaguars finished the "advance out of murder". In the second half. The Steelers offensive team at a frenzied counterattack, defense again consecutive mistakes, first Burns leakage at Artie Kieran Cole, let him finish the long line and rare Jaguar Bortel J; another is the man to man defense target account Steelers error, unmarked T.J. leaves with short passing along the East right run 40 yards, two defensive errors let Steelers again pay the price by touchdown, the Steelers lost 45 points this is an important cause of losing. the Steelers attack, in the same way as Baer viand to punch the ball into the road, the difference is that with Meyers Jack and Jaguar Teerwen Smith two speed fast linebacker storm quickly reached Steelers completed "deceleration" back to Baer, let the road attack the Steelers at a loss, in addition to two a fast line guard, jaguars cornerback group of individual talent is also very strong, so the Steelers use screen short, or four stalls outside "swept the ball" and other routine will still be gifted to be outside defender Jaguar grapple with the Jaguar defense group made an early Wallace steals and a lost ball direct return touchdown, the world first superstar offensive group met this season first defense group, is completed. said other team suffered such a start early A rout is like a landslide., but not the Steelers' other teams". 〉

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