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FBI some time ago to help Tom Brady (Tom Brady) to find the lost Super Bowl jerseys. Recently, they sent the 50 Super Bowl helmet lost by Von Miller of Denver wild horse to his own hands. FBI last month to track stolen Brady two Super Bowls Jersey and Miller helmet, the United States Wednesday Miller finally received his helmet, Miller said in an interview: "I thank the FBI and the Mexico authorities to work together to help me to find a helmet, I don't know how you do it, in such a the world find helmet, but really surprised." ironically, until recently, Miller was aware of their 50 Super Bowl helmets lost the match, he and Newton in the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - (Cam Newton) who got 2 sacks, and harvest MVP. Miller said, "to be honest, I didn't even know that my helmet was missing, because the Super Bowl last year is crazy, but our investigation institution is the best. They did it, and salute them."Houston Dezhou people were fed up with the quarterback Malet (Ryan Mallett) for an excuse. He is not in the team. , according to NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, Dezhou people cut Malet on Tuesday. before malt missed the team's flight to Miami. He attributed the matter to Houston's local traffic, but local media reported that there was no traffic jam. Malet was late for training during the tra cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ining camp, and he gave the reason that the alarm clock was broken. malt's life in Dezhou is not a good one. Dezhou people got the former England patriot substitute for the quarterback last season, but they didn't actually get anything. He started 2 games for the team last season, followed by a chest tear season. This offseason he defeated Blaine Heuer in the starting quarterback competition (Brian Hoyer), but lost in the first week of the ugly team in the second half of the race instead of Heuer. , who was one of the worst quarterback in the league, was expected to play the first quarterback in four games. His pass seems to have only one speed. Saturday is the cause of missed flights last straw to leave him. malt suddenly became a free player. Whether there are other teams willing to give him the opportunity to pay attention. In the third round of the 2011 draft pick Malet patriot may have to wait until next year to find a new job in the offseason. news: Ryan marate missed the team's because of a traffic jam this week a rumour pointed out that this year the draft second quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) and the Tennessee Titans contract negotiations because of a "no surfing" clause stalled. but a person who was directly involved in the contract negotiations told ESPN that it was not a fact. In fact, the problem that hinders both sides to reach consensus is more boring. , as we expected, Mario Kobita's contract from 2015 to 2018 will be the key to whether his full guarantee income includes "cancellation clause". If Mario Kobita was cut off at any time in his first four seasons, Titan hoped that Mario Kobita's income in the new team would offset the amount guaranteed by the Titans. And Mario Kobita wants to keep full guaranteed income and any salary he earned from other teams. the two sides to each other, waiting for the other party to make concessions. Think / suppose / hope Mario Kobita Titan can miss a training camp or perhaps many times before training to make concessions, but Mario Kobita think / suppose / hope to Titan concessions, because they need the potential to become the ACE ACE quarterback as soon as possible really. is very strange that both sides will be stalemate. But the two sides deadlocked because of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected champion Winston Jay (Jameis Winston) "in the contract including" offset clause "by the Jacksonville Jaguars selected small third dantay Fowler (Dante Fowler Jr) did not include a clause in the contract. In addition, it is worth noting that since the implementation of the new labor agreement in 2011, all four Titans' first round shows include the "cancellation clause" in the rookie contract. if Mario Kobita's performance was bad and he was cut off before he finished his contract, Titan would face a much bigger problem than it would be able to counteract the amount of the guarantee. so why is it deadlocked? Maybe Titan just wanted to be tough. Both sides are thought to want to take advantage of this meaningless thing as an embodiment of honor, and even think that a few days of training does not matter. Perhaps Titan thinks the league wants the team to include the "offsetting clause" in the rookie contract. (if that's the case, jaguars and Saint Louis rams are not doing this.) anyway, if the two sides will not give in before the training camp starts or at the latest training camp, a small problem will be a risk of big trouble.Squash | Wuhan race ended Wang Yu won the group B champion Mao Shanshan The chart is: after the end of the competition, all the winners have a photo of the referee and the staff. Luca April 24th 2011 Chinese squash tour of the Wuhan Grand Prix in the first round of the tournament Wuhan Optics Valley squash center ended. In the competition between men and women, Wang Yu and Mao Shan Shan won the Wuhan race. in the same day men's group B competition, Wang Yu eliminated Xiao Jing by 3:0, defeated Zhu Rui by 3:2, and won the first place in the unbeaten record. Xu Tong won the second place in the competition with Zhu Rui for 3:1, Zhu Rui won the third place. in the women's team competition, Wuhan contestant Mao Shanshan and Ceng Yuanfang playing the full five in case the last calm and turn the tide won the women's group B champion; Ceng Yuanfang in the race for second place in the 3:0 win over Gao Renwen won the runner up, Gao Renwen won third place. Mao Shanshan, who won the women's champion after the , said I was happy to win the championship, and it was an unexpected harvest. Because as the sponsor of the event, it was not intended to participate in the game, and later, because the women group B had not signed up many participants, so they also signed up. These days, I have been busy receiving the players from all over the world, arranging the work of the tournament, and not participating in the warm-up training before the competition. They also don't care much about the winning or losing of the match, so I was surprised that I won the championship. China squash tour is the State General Administration of sports management center, the ball China Squash Association in the country the popularization and development of squash and set up the national competition, 2011 will be held in Wuhan, Beijing held two points races, will be held in the finals of the year tour in Dalian. (Paul) 2011 China Squash tour of the Wuhan branch of the men's group B team (PDF) 2011 China Squash tour of the Wuhan branch of the women group B group (PDF)

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