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talks about the odd number of Jersey. Buffon passes through the controversial Number 88, Ronaldinho, the symbolic age 80 of the Milan era, and Lizalazu's 69, which is closely related to the year of birth, height and weight. But to say "wonderful flowers", Ivan · Zamorano's "1+8" can recognize second, no one dare to recognize the first. 1996, "Chile sammer" one of Zamorano from Real Madrid to join the Milan International Center, has been the symbol of No. 9. Two years later, however, his shirt number became "1+8". It turned out that Robert ·, the "melancholy Prince" of the time, was also joined by Baggio. And he wanted to get the No. 10 shirt in the team. unfortunately, the "aliens" Ronaldo was wearing the No. 10 shirt. "Alien" was not willing to wear the number 10 shirt, so just can be a "good". But Ronaldo also said: let out the shirt, but he must wear 9. As a result, "bad" is zamarano. Chile people consider repeatedly, decide the overall situation, the number 9 shirt for. It was probably the gleam. He chose No. 18 and added a "+" between 1 and 8. In this way, in the absence of a heavy number, the Chilean used a "humorous" way to prove to the wo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rld that he was still the 9. once blamed the aliens for taking Zamorano's number 9. But to think about it, maybe the "Prince of melancholy" Baggio is the "initiator" of the competition. coincidentally, this season in Serie B, once played in the Serie A giants Nor Jo Lini of Parma, his No. 9 Jersey to the vice captain of team play, and then choose the number 18 shirt. And he also added a "+" between 1 and 8. This is reminiscent of former Inter star - Ivan · zamarano. Nor Jo Lini has followed his predecessor, hoping to lead the team back to the top league.The official website of NFL | Carolina Panthers withdrawn Norman privilege label contract | football in the day of the news, the Carolina Panther made the most unexpected news. The Panther retracted the privileged label to Josh - Norman (Josh Norman) shockingly Wednesday. Norman immediately became a non restrictive free player. After a series of discussions with Josh's agent, realized that we couldn't grow up. Dave Gettleman, general manager, said in a statement. We have decided to withdraw the privilege label and let Josh be a free player immediately. We thank Josh for his contribution and sincerely wish him the best. did not accept the interview after the announcement of the news. I don't want to discuss this right now, Norman told the The Associated Press. in the Hetman throughout the offseason insist that they don't want to pick in the draft and the other team players after training, the decision beyond all expectations. The Panther is going to lose Norman now. And the revocation of the privilege tag before the draft is an unprecedented don't expect Norman to become a free player for too long. Someone who knows the matter told NFL official website Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) that after the announcement of the decision by the black panther, the team contacted Norman within an hour. 's original privileged label contract could make Norman earn $13 million 952 thousand, but Norman might try to be the top salary guard in the league. Daryl Weiss (Darrelle Revis) is currently the highest paid corner guard in the league. He signed a contract worth 70 million 100 thousand dollars last year, which includes 39 million dollars to secure revenue. The contract value of Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson) is $70 million including $48 million in security income. The Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) contract renewal contract was worth $56 million in 2014, including $40 million. Norman wants the same salary as Lives, and the Panther obviously disagrees that Norman should get such a contract. if the Panther never gave Norman a privileged label, Norman would have become one of the most chased players in the free player market. In many corner guard teams -- Jacksonville Jaguar, San Francisco 49 people -- still have enough salary space, Norman will still get a big contract. It is not known whether there will be a high enough bid at the end of the April to make him the highest paid horns in the league. Norman will be the sixth season after the best squad.NFL forty-ninth Super Bowl in Beijing on Monday morning to end, Spanish team Barcelona star (Neymar - Da Silva (Neymar Da Silva) is also a football fan, but due to participate in La Liga matches he did not, Feinikesi to watch the battle scene, but when the time on Sunday, Neymar bear the loneliness on the football field try it. as a professional football forward, free kick shot must be Neymar's expertise. He used to play football free kick. He challenged American football's free kick this time. At present, NFL free kick distance record for 64 yards, Neymar tried to challenge the length of his first 50 yard shot after several attempts after the success of the hit, then he will be put to the ball 60 yards, but in the distance, he could not kick the ball to the goal range. maybe one day Neymar's figure will also appear in the NFL arena.on Monday U.S. time, coach Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) confirmed that 49 members of the defence attack - Arik Olmstead (Arik Armstead) hand fracture, need surgery. He will be placed in the list of injuries, at least for eight weeks. "he needs to be operated on, so it's going to take a while." Shanahan said. defensive end Alan - Lynch (Aaron Lynch) will also be a result of calf sprain absence of next week's game against the cowboys, Lynch needs to observe a week. Although linebacker / defensive end Dikeda - Watson (Dekoda Watson) will return to cure inguinal sprain, but 49 people still have a selection of new members may attack defense. is the first round of the 2015 49 Olmstead show career, played in 30 games and made 50 tackles and 6 sacks, this season made 16 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

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