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the new England patriots have been trying to fill in the offseason depth teams online position on health. Now, they bring back a familiar face. Local time Monday, NFL official website reporter and former patriots have buffalo Bill linebacker Brandon sparks (Brandon Spikes) signed a 1 year contract. Spacks has previously played 4 seasons for the Patriots, Bill briefly joined last year. last season, sparks struggled, holds a record number of career low. With the arrival of Ryan Rex (Ryan Rex), Bill will use the 3-4 defensive formation. Spacks is no longer part of the Bill project. After being a free player, he has not been linked with too many teams. He visited the Patriots earlier this month, the meeting also decided to return to the new England. joined the team after the sparks will start to rotate the ident cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ity of the player and Jerrod Mayo (Jerod Mayo) and Tangta - Hajto Hua (Dont 'a Hightower) share out of time. In addition, the Patriots also announced the disapproval of the outside guard Cameron - Gordon (Cameron Gordon).in the eighth week of the game, the Arizona Cardinals rely on a last-minute lore beat visiting Philadelphia eagles, with 6 wins and 1 losses record in the National League West title. The team star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) said the team still can do better, and that is very similar to the style of play with the Sanantonio spurs NBA Cardinals chastity. Fitzgerald said in an interview: "we are the blue collar team, the victory is hard to wear out." Our team is like the NFL version of the Spurs team, the game is not gorgeous, making the fans feel ugly and uninteresting. But we haven't played our best state of attack, so once we are fully awakened it will be unstoppable. " , though the Spurs are no longer the boring team, but in a sense, Fitxgerald's metaphor is not entirely without reason. Now the cardinals in the defensive end with a group of well-known veteran in the teeth, the offensive end is more flowering, not overly rely on personal ability. and the two teams in the public are similar, and now many people think that this season is the Spurs last glory, but also a lot of comments that the Cardinals will collapse in the second half of the season. As for Fitzgerald, "the old say" sound can be heard without end for these, also, Fitzgerald does not care, he said: "from the beginning of high school, I have been trying to squeeze their potential, at best. The total love prick, they always said Lebron - James (LeBron James) shot not, when Sami Sosa (Sammy Sosa) single season hit 60 home runs, they said Sosa face the curveball blow effect is not good. These people always bianzhuofaer black you, I never ignore these remarks, I will continue to go all out and continue to improve their weaknesses."NFL official network |GZ REGISTRATION| Rugby NFL FLAG FOOTBALL - GUANGZHOU TOURNAMENT & REGISTRATION GUIDE All football fans ages 9-18+ have the opportunity to compete in Regional Tournaments around China. Winning teams from each age bracket will advance to their respective City Final Championships. City Champions from the University Men s bracket will qualify to "play in University Bowl VII. Dates and locations are released on Venue: Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Language and Arts (Yanling Campus) Schedules: September 19th - 20th - Pool Games (9-12 coed, 13-15 coed, 16-18 coed, 18-22 University Men, 18+) October 31st - city final (9-12 coed, 13-15 coed, 16-18 coed, 18-22 University Men, 18+ coed) Note: Registration age as of August 1, 2015 REGISTRATION Registration will open on August 17th and will close 7 d〉Bowling | Longmarch bowling tournament 1 / 2016 Series tournament ended with 717 points to win a group! series of open Longmarch bowling in 2016 1 month season ended! Zhang Qun won 717 points, runner up: Cai Hongfu 714 points, third place: Wang Yu 656 points, fourth Feng Xiaobing 647 points, fifth: Ding Tianbao 641 points, sixth: Gu Cheng Cai 618 points. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the enthusiastic participation of all of you.

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