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Of course, Real Madrid, Manchester United in a club like Chelsea have signed a huge chest advertising case, Barcelona also jealous, also the Spanish giants hope to have a super sponsorship contract, so that with other global giants to negotiate. The news is that China Alibaba group is a new candidate, Japan Lotte Group was also discussed, but the current Barcelona not inclined to cooperate on the same day prices, while the United States has not been out of the Amazon, no accident, Barcelona will from the three companies choose between.former NFL coach Ron - Meijer (Ron Meyer) died at the age of 76. Meijer was also in the 1976-81 season at the Southern Methodist University as a coach.The NFL website, it's the rams preseason first served as the starting quarterback in football nest for the Losangeles rams, Jared Gough (Jared Goff) is their generous to trade to pick. But the value of this is enough to let the ram don cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 't hurry to put him in the first line-up, at least in the first week of the pre - season. ram chief coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said on Friday that Keith Kinam (Case Keenum) will start in the August 13th Dallas ram's pre season competition. Although for the fans, this is a pity, but according to the observation of College offensive tactics simple gove in training camp distance there is still a long way to go to take over from the hands of the starting position, based on standard. has no reason to panic. It takes time to learn in every position of the professional league, and no more time is needed than the quarterback. The quarterback needs to be proficient in communication, identify the opponent's prevention and judgment, and can't forget to speed up the game. despite the attention of the goats, there is no reason to hurry Jeangov as the starting point when it is not necessary. Due in part to pick Goff Fisher's position is not safe. Gough has the physical condition of becoming a star quarterback, so it would be foolish to let him play and sacrifice his time. is now the most upsurge of optimism. Each team has a good performance in the attacking team. But it's not Kenath and performance, and to ensure the long-term success of gove. So far, the goats have chosen the future wisely.The official website of NFL |NFL development of the football | Abstract major changes in 50 years Author: Yaksa9527 1966: the first season of the super bowl was born, and American football has risen to a new height in this year. at that time NFL+AFL two major alliances had 24 teams (NFL15, AFL9), each to play 14 regular games. The regular season will have four teams of Super Bowl contest: NFL Eastern Federation (8: Dallas, Cleveland Brown, Philadelphia Cowboys eagles, Saint Louis cardinals, Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta falcons, New York Giants) champion and Western Federation (7 branches: the Green Bay Packers, the Baltimore Colts and the Losangeles rams, 49 people in San Francisco, Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit lions bears, Vikings) Championship held NFL championship, the winner won a super bowl into places; AFL Eastern (5 branches: Buffalo Bill, Boston, Houston patriot, New York jets, Miami oilers dolphins) champion West (4 branches: Kansas City, Oakland Raiders San Diego, lightning, Denver Broncos) Championship held AFL championship, the winner was another name to enter the Super Bowl The amount of. The 1967:NFL alliance added 1 teams of New Orleans saints, adding the concept of zoning on the basis of the East West Federation. ???????????????????Capitol Division?????????3???????????????????????????????????????Century Division??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Central Division????????????????????????????????????????????????????Coastal Division????????????????3???????49?????????????????? The NFL playoffs in eastern and western two Federation two division champion from within the Federation decide the champion, then east and West conference titles and then decide to play NFL champion and AFL Super Bowl champion. In the two major league, 25 teams, in essence, have 6 teams competing in the super bowl. 1968:AFL League West Side added 1 teams, the Cincinnati tigers. There are 26 teams in the two major alliances. The two major alliances of 1970:NFL and AFL are formally merged into a unified NFL alliance. The new NFL alliance is divided into American Football Federation (AFC) and the National Football League (NFC), each Federation of 13 teams, including West and East three districts: Baltimore, Miami (Eastern pony dolphins, New York jets, Buffalo Bill, Boston: Cincinnati Aigo; U.S. - China tiger, Cleveland.

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