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The official website of NFL | Todd - Gorli can provide much help for the rams? | football ????????????????????????????????10??????????????????-???????Todd Gurley??????????????????????????????????????-??????Adrian Peterson???????????? However, Gorli tore the knee cruciate ligament in last November's competition and is still in recovery now. Whether he can catch up with the regular season as scheduled is unknown. But even more people are concerned, gorley comeback after can make great contribution to the ram. The first thing has to take into account is the ability of the ram to attack the front. Last season, Scott Wells, the first centre of the ram, is the worst center of the league. No one will be replaced this year by the four round of the 2013 round Barrett Jones (Barrett Jones). But Jones himself is also an Scott player who has not been tested. They also hope to last year's Greg Robinson left the show Bangyan Jiefeng (Greg Robinson) can have breakthrough improvement in the occupation career second. In the second round of the third round of the third round of the third round of competition, Haven Stern chose the right cutting front Rob Havenstein and the right front guard Brown Jamon (Jamon Brown), hoping that these two people can quickly become a reliable battle force. , another concern is the team's new quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles), due to the eagles offense and attacking the front, Fowles was in the 2013 season to set off a fight, 27:2 steals touchdowns than impressive. But the da cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ta show that Fowles's accuracy of passing the ball will be significantly reduced when facing the rush pressure, and ram's scattered offensive front cannot give Fowles good pass protection. , so for Gorli, he has to face a lot of offensive teams. If his teammates can't play a good standard, Gorli's own strength can't help the team too the offseason for Taylor in Germany - Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) of the contract after careful consideration, Buffalo Bill and their starting quarterback contract. Bill announced the renewal of the contract on Friday. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said the contract lasted for 6 years, worth up to 92 million dollars plus bonus. Rapoport also said Taylor would earn 9 million 500 thousand dollars in total in the 2016 season, but the rest of the contract needs Taylor to prove his performance. The team has the right to choose whether to execute the contract in 2017. If they execute the contract, Taylor can earn 27 million 500 thousand dollars (15 million 500 thousand dollars bonus, 12 million yuan basic salary). But, although it is unlikely to happen, if Taylor can finish the whole contract, he will make $112 million in 6 years. Taylor, who was expected to enter the contract year, had just been paid more than $1 million in 2016, the lowest of all the first quarterback. Now he will get a salary that fits his real value. general manager Doug - Wiley (Doug Whaley) called Taylor "the unquestionable leader of buffalo Bill." He also said that Taylor in this offseason show will be the leader of the team, this team so impressive, so he persuaded them to renew it. in four years as a backup quarterback for the Baltimore crow, Taylor showed the ability to become a double threat in his first year as starting quarterback Bill. In 14 starts last season, 3035 yards and 20 touchdowns 6 passes were made steals Taylor pass, passing success rate of 63.7%. In addition, he also rushed the ball 568 yards and 4 touchdowns, averaging 40.6 yards rushing yards reached, ranking first in all the quarterback in. His quarterback scoring in a single season is second high in Bill's history (at least eight starts).The official website of NFL, the Cardinals General Manager: need a quarterback, but does not believe in football wo before the draft, the Cardinals has never hidden their longing for the future. Not only a large number of potential trial team quarterback, also from time to time that want to find Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) successor. but they ultimately did not choose a quarterback, the Emirates and Dezhou people traded to the Cardinals ahead of Patrick Ma Holmes, were cut Hu (Patrick Mahomes) and Deschamps (Deshaun Watson) - grace watson. The Cardinals will temporarily put aside the idea of choosing talented quarterback, linebacker Hassan Reddick (Haason Reddick). general manager Steve Caim (Steve Keim) recently showed Reddick's expectation in the show, and explained that no new quarterback would be acceptable to him. I have been carrying out the idea of undemanding since I became the general manager. Caim said that the alliance is indeed the most important of the quarterback, and everyone needs the young blood that lays the foundation for the future. But at the same time, it is not possible to make a strong choice. If your soul doesn't cry to you: 'it's him', that choice may make the team work hard. Caim said the team felt that four to five quarterback could meet the requirements in next year's draft. But they want to win, may need to pay the cost of the Cardinals victory high draft picks. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.In the base of | London Olympic Park staff for health safety and Environment Award Olympic Delivery Authority's annual best health, safety and environment award Alan O'Hagan award according to the London Olympic Committee reports: the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) health, safety and environmental awards ceremony, all the staff of the Olympic Park commended by their construction of the London 2012 construction project in British history was elected as one of the most items of safety and environmental protection. This year, was the second year of the award, with an independent jury led by the British Security Council. This award is to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions in the field of health, safety and environmental excellence or the Olympic Park work teams and individuals. Alan O 'Hagan is a carpenter who is responsible for building the Southern Ring Road and bridge of the Olympic Park. He won the award for the best employee of the year. The jury highly recognizes Alan's work attitude, ability to work, enthusiasm for work and a sense of high responsibility. Alan said it was a great pleasure for me to get the best employee of the year award. My 8 year old son was very proud of me, and he took the trophy to school. Although is a personal award, it can not be separated from the efforts of the whole team. Therefore, I want to express my thanks to all my colleagues. It is because of their solidarity and cooperation that they ensure the safety of the whole project. after independent scrutiny of the health and safety management system and process of the Olympic Delivery Authority, the British Security Council (BSC) also awarded the Olympic BSC five star award. Lawrence Waterman, head of health and safety at Olympic Delivery Authority, said: "our achievements in health, safety and environmental protection derive from the hard work, dedication and professionalism of thousands of staff at the site. our project has entered the most critical and busy year, so we can't be complacent at the moment. We still need to cooperate with contractors, subcontractors and staff to ensure that the Olympic Park has become the healthiest, safest and most environmentally friendly project in British history. (show)

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