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The official website of NFL | in civil war took hawks rugby | striking one snag after another cowboy fifteenth weeks, the day and night of the day and night in the Eastern District of the National League of two teams in the same district, Dallas cowboy challenge Philadelphia hawk. The previous record is 9 wins and 4 losses, so this game can be said to be almost determines the NL East title, the final 38 to 27 victory over the Cowboys eagles, hawks and the first clash in the two teams in the thirteenth week on xianbatouchou. cowboy first opening kickoff, kicking a ball, the ball on the 15 yard line around the eagle, and the eagle to attack Bhave (Huff) concentration did not pick the ball by cowboys grabbed the ball to cowboy. The cowboy attacked at the hawk 18 yards, took the first time to win the 1 gear, and then ran Murray (Demarco Murray) two times to hit the ball directly, and Murray also got tenth shots in the season and 7 to 0. The eagle got the ball and began to attack, and Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) was unable to attack, 3& out, only to abandon the kick, the right to exchange the ball to the cowboy. Three to 7 yards, Toni Romo (Tony Romo) - Jason cross found Witten (Jason Witten), won the first. Next, we face 3 gear 5 yards again, and it cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is Wei Teng to take the first work. The next two run the ball first came to power the 30 yard line, once again faced with 3 stalls, third stalls and found Wei Teng won the first. To 1 grade scores, eagles defensive end Cox (Cox) direct breakthrough grapple front Murray, second score, eagles cornerback on cowboy star Bryant Hernandez took over (Dez Bryant) for illegal contact first and second cowboys, again scoring a lob directly Romo found Bryant, who danced in the air easily the next pass issued with array, cowboy 14 0 lead. The eagle attack again, three to 6 yards, Sanchez was sacked again 3& out had to punt. The Cowboys continued to attack automatics, came to the eagle 30 line, the end of the first game. at the beginning of the second quarter, the Cowboys faced 3 stalls for 10 yards, Cox Romo was captured and killed, but the player illegal contact was thrown in the yellow, the cowboy 30 yard line to get the first work, a long pause back, by a direct challenge to the end zone, the old partner Bryant won the ball, touchdown, cowboy 21 0 lead. The eagle began to attack the third 5 yards, Sanchez found Paule Adams (Darren Sproles) won the game for the first time first. A third, in the face of regional defense, Sanchez found tight end sirich in the gap (Celek) with 23 yards and second first came to power, the cowboy 43 yards. After running back Mccoy (Mccoy) three run with 22 yards, 21 yards to the cowboys, Sanchez Shultz (Ertz), which passes with 15 yards.The official website of NFL | chief Justin Houston as the league's most expensive football linebacker | according to the latest news, the Kansas chiefs and their linebacker Justin Houston (Justin Houston) who completed the NFL line history of the most expensive contract. the contract is worth $101 million for a period of 6 years, of which $52 million 500 thousand is a guarantee. The guarantee of the contract is equivalent to the current premium of the top international consortium. Houston is considered to be the strongest player in the league. He has finished 48.5 quarterback killing in the last 4 seasons, which has contributed 22 times in the last season.Nike AeroSwift weaving is also a powerful visual charm. The structured and protective structure of the front chest of the Jersey shows the aesthetic effect of "superhero". "We are focused on creating a sense of comfort rather than tension," Loti said. "Therefore, it is important to avoid jerseys while pressing the body while avoiding jerk. The athletes' feedback on comfort is critical. " When it comes to football, people usually think of it as a foot and leg movement. However, Nike's design team is also concerned about the design of the upper body of the football game in a continuous movement. "We didn't pay much attention to the design of the shoulders in the past, so this time we wanted to improve it," Loti said. "The suitable and stretched knitting technology we use on the shoulder extends from the collar to the arm."The official website of NFL | Seahawks receiver Mathews didn't want the "football | flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" in the forty-ninth super bowl, Chris Mathews (Chris Matthews) has almost become the most unexpected hero for many years. who has to make a living in the Canadian Football League players had never done in the NFL ball, but he was against the new England patriots in the Super Bowl 4 ball 109 yards and 1 touchdowns. If it weren't for the Malcolm Butler, the patriotic corner guard Butler, who shocked the Rugby World before the interception of the battle area, Mathews might have been the most valuable player and got the reward to Disneyland. however, the super bowl for Mathews's career is still very useful, so he formed his performance this season in the squad when the Seahawks firmly occupy a space for one person in the array. my expectation is to compete, to play as hard as possible, to make a great contribution to the team and to help us win. Mathews said in the ESPN broadcast. My expectation for us is to win. Our defense team is the best in the league. I have all my heart to believe that the attack team can be the best in the league. We just need to work hard. We have all the key parts. 25 year old Mathews was laid off in the Seahawks pre-season after the end of last year. 53 people last month until the regular season before returning to the Seahawks list. Before the super bowl's breakthrough, he had to play 28. had a lot of ups and downs for me last year, Mathews said. I just try to figure out what's best for me. How can I integrate into the team? The most important thing is that I understand that training here means a lot. You work hard, you try to play, that's what a lot of people say here. I realized this and did it. this offseason for Mathews the situation is not good. He still have the opportunity to upgrade their position in the lineup depth, the Seahawks get tight end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) after all receivers days are better. Mathews will have a chance to prove that his performance is not a flash in the pan.

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