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Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli this offseason completed the envy of the American public affair, the Losangeles rams running back losing 10-15 pounds, but he did not do any related fat diet. last season Karli weight is 231 pounds, it is reported that this weight loss is only because Karli completed a large number of training. recently told Gly, "I don't know what happened in the off-season. Anyway, I just lost weight. I just didn't do anything in the first month of the season, but now I feel good. I will not continue to gain weight." In order to recover the knee injury last year Karli missed the team's voluntary training camp last season, he only finished 13 races, still completed for 1106 yards and 10 touchdowns. though weight last season is one of the key factors for such excellent performance, Gly is still not cheap nfl jerseys free shipping prepared to gain weight, which means he will not do much aerobic training next.The official website of NFL | saints players behind the team | football defensive Coordinator safety Kenny vacallo (Kenny Vaccaro) - part of in and out on the first list in the second grade season, but this does not mean that he wants to leave his defensive coordinator. rob will stay here, less than 24 hours after the New Orleans saints are kicked out of the playoff seats, Vaccaro told reporters on Monday. The team is now ranked thirty-first in the total defensive position. The polarization between the two sides of the team is very interesting. The saints are ranked first in terms of total offense. If coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) really wants to, he gives him a simple reason to fire Ryan (Rob Ryan). This season, Payton spent a lot of time denied rumors that he has been planning the fire lane. , but Vaccaro is one of the two supporting players in the second defence, and the irascible defense coordinator looks closer to the other team's head coach than the top five of last season's saints defense team. I want him back, Jinan cornerback Lewis (Keenan Lewis) said. I will support him with a hundred percent support. He's a great defensive coordinator. You can't blame him only when things go wrong. We are a whole on the scene. but, more importantly, how unique is Lane's defense system? Depending on the players that look particularly suitable for the Ryan system, the saints defense team may be difficult to rebound quickly. But does Payton really want to wait so long?The official website of NFL | Robert - Griffin III left the Washington Redskins football | continues to be injured and contentious, which is the remainder of the red skin of Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) in Washington. U. S. time Monday morning, Griffin confirmed leaving the team dressing room, which meant he would leave the red skin. has not officially released Griffin yet. But on all signs, the once round show will be abandoned by red skin, so Griffin chose to take the initiative to leave. 's photos of Griffin's departure were reported to be one of the saddest pictures of Washington's sports for Moving out.The official website of NFL | Dezhou to continue cleaning seven years veteran center follow the example of AJ | Rugby the best in team history wide receiver Andre (Andre Johnson) after Johnson, Dezhou team of young people to continue treatment, 33 year old center Chris Meyers (Chris Myers) by the team layoffs, even though the seven season playing for Dezhou in Meyers did not miss a game. Meyers in 2005 sixth round draft horse selected, then came to Dezhou, the next seven years on the starting center position after 128 consecutive starts is the line second long record. He is very well versed in the technology of the regional cover system and is in good condition. But next season is the last year of the contract. The salary will reach 6 million, and the impact on the salary cap will reach 8 million. After Dezhou's layoffs, it will save 6 million of the salary cap space. According to forecasts, Meyers is likely to follow the former Dezhou boss, Mustang new coach Gary Kubiak joined the Mustang, while Dezhou is expected to guard Ben Jones (Ben Jones) to replace Meyers position.

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