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, we are already ready to see the New York giants' Victor Victor Victor Cruz wearing the uniform on the sidelines at the first week's competition, but there's news that he can play. According to the New York daily newspaper, should be able to catch up with the training camp and the first week of the game. But considering that we have seen Cruz's training photos innumerable, the training of Nike and the return of news, we still need to be cautious. saw Cruz appear on the court last time, the sixth week of the 2014 season, when he hurt the tendons in his knee, he was very hopeful that he would return in the 2015 season, but other injuries led to his failure to return. recently Cruz has been in the field for restricted training at least 4 months before the pre - season in September 11th, and we are looking forward to his return. if Cruz can return to the stadium, then the giant attack team will have Cruz, Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) and the new Stryn Shepard (Sterling Shepard) three people's terrible external pick up combination.The giants have to rely on at least one game in their backcourt to rely on the rookie Andre - Williams (Andre Williams). According to local media reports on Sunday, veterans Rashad Jennings, who had been absent cheap nfl jerseys free shipping from the sixth week since his knee injury, did not travel to Seattle with the team. The official list was difficult to play. Jennings's absence was not surprising. The same defensive tackle Kellen Jenkins (Cullen Jenkins), cornerback Zach Bauman (Zack Bowman) and red (Mathias Kiwanuka) from Mathis on Sunday against the Seahawks game played in the column list. after the preseason surprise, Williams is now in New York's backcourt is struggling, the rookie since four size less than 4 yards, on Monday night lost to pony race 12 times red ball won only 22 yards, the giants running back to run the second grade guard Michael - Cox (Michael Cox Payton and Hillis) - (Peyton Hillis) looks a bit more efficient. In 's defeat to Indiana, Eli Manning (Eli Manning) with 52 passes anomalous, if New York's offensive against Seattle in general is still so so Manning had to put the game into the game with the ball.Heisman, the Heisman Memorial Trophy, presented annually to college football in the United States the best player. This is a kind of affirmation for college football players on the field. At the beginning of December each year, in each bowl game and college football playoff before the start of the award will be announced by the Heisman trust committee. Heisman passed 80 years of history, also recognized many college football elite, countless college players in order to obtain the Heisman work. just a few days ago, the 2016 Heisman winner is finally settled. From the Luis Weil College of Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson finally to 79.5% votes to win this award, this is also the history of the fourth Heisman second can award of the players, is the youngest Heisman winner: 19 years and 337 days. Lamar - Jackson why can overcome many strong opponents, won the Heisman? as early as October, Jackson won the Heisman trophy this year the news has been rampant. However, because of the overall performance of the team and the poor performance of the individual, his leading position in the last few weeks has also been challenged by other players. To put it that way, we must never neglect what the 19 year old boy did in the season. We can't ignore that he has become a frequent visitor to the university competition. When he did not need to face the defensive pressure as a passing man, he couldn't do well anymore. Under the condition of non pressure, his passing success rate reached 63.5%, and it had 26 rounds and 5 times been copied. However, after being hit by the pressure, his performance has been greatly affected. The success rate of passing to the ball has dropped to 41.1%, and only 4 passes have been launched. But it has been copied for 4 times, which is the main reason why he has been controversial. then, what we can't ignore is Lamar - Jackson's road running skills like Madden games. A total of 1793 yards out of season, the successful production of the 46 Miss grapple scored 21 touchdowns. Luis Weil has a lot of problems this season the cardinals in the offensive attack, but Jackson has done everything can do to help the team to make the playoffs. Although the final did not succeed, but Jackson's performance is absolutely worthy of this trophy in college football is unable to hide greeds. then the new Shanxi Heisman winner in the future, NFL can have much success? throughout the Heisman history, many Roger Stowe Pakistan, O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, the football legend, including 11 Heisman winner wins the occupation Football Hall of fame, and 4 winner eventually become super bowl mvp. Also the winner of the Heisman will shine in other sports, cases.The official website of NFL | Kelly: the injury will not affect the competitiveness of | football Nick Capet Colin Capet (Nick Colin Kaepernick) after the shoulder, knee and finger surgery has not appeared in the training field, but 49 of San Francisco's head coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) insists that Capet will Nick competition for a starting position. Kelly told reporters on Tuesday of the US time: "Capet Nick's performance in the classroom is excellent. He can grasp the key points of our tactics very clearly. I have a deep impression on him and Blaine Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert). So no one is backward, because in fact, there is no competition between them. At least till now, we will not choose a man to play the first quarterback against Losangeles ram. is actually called competition or competition. The bottom line is Capet Nick needs to do something in training camp to win the first round. It seems that the balance of the team is inclined to Garbutt. But when 49 people signed Kelly for the first time, Kelly said he wanted to use the quarterback like Capet Nick. Kelly explained: "I have participated in all kinds of quarterback competitions. Every position is like this. All of them need to win on the court. Of course, we will make a choice on 17 or 18 May. , but 49 people didn't reveal the real idea of the team. The team tried to trade Capet Nick early in the early season. If possible, they would rather choose Garbutt.

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