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The official website of NFL |49 will and Justin Smith returned to meet | football San Francisco 49 defensive ends of Justin Smith (Justin Smith) has recently announced his retirement, but the team obviously don't want to lose the veteran. 49 general manager Trent Beilke (Trent Baalke) revealed to the media on Tuesday local time of the interview, the team will be in the later this week and the 35 year old meeting. Although 49 people use seventeenth first round pick of the former University of Oregon defensive players (Arik Armstead) - Amusidide Alec, but the team still needs Smith's ability and experience. They hope to pass the meeting to pers cheap nfl jerseys free shipping uade Smith to return. Smith had previously said he had no problem in his physical condition, just enjoying life without playing the ball. since 2002, Smith has not been able to start in 2 games. The 5 professional bowl defensive end last season still made a significant contribution to the team in the case of injury. The 49 people did not ask Smith to return immediately, and if the latter was willing, he could return to the season or even the midseason.The official website of NFL | Carlos - head or absent this week | football game Carlos - Carlos Hyde can be said to be a few of the few highlights of the 49 people in San Francisco this season. , the two grade runner, finished 168 yards of running and 2 dads in the first week. Last Sunday night he finished 93 yards again and 1. Haide has become the seventh player in the league's history to finish the 375 - yard run in sixth weeks. but if 49 people hope to defeat this week in Baltimore crow, they can not rely on their own the best running back perhaps. It is reported that Hyde in training on Thursday to leave early, or may have a foot injury. It was the first time he had been absent from the team this season. But his replacement Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) because of a foot injury also missed training on Thursday.on Wednesday, Dezhou, Houston announced a contract with quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler). The contract is 4 years, worth 72 million U.S. dollars, and the guarantee is 37 million dollars. Oslo vhailor is 25 years old this year, Manning had replaced Payton (Peyton Manning) played 7 games, finished with 1967 yards passing, 10 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, to 2015 before the season in his first 3 seasons in the just completed 30 passes. left with the retirement of Manning and Oswald vhailor, current Denver Broncos quarterback will enter the state, they are currently Colin Capet and Nick (Colin Kaepernick) and Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) contact. After the last Super Bowl team won second super bowl season lost 1,2 quarterback in 2001 Baltimore crow.with Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) under the leadership of the three game losing streak, the Dallas Cowboys had enabled veteran quarterback Mata Cassell (Matt Cassel) in response to sixth weeks. Zhou Wei completing only 188 yards passing in the game against the new England patriots, 14 third attack only completed 4 times worse. The success rate of Cassell last season pass was 60%, completed 30 touchdown passes, 34 interceptions. The 2008 season Cassell had replaced the injured Tom Brady (Tom Brady) to lead the team to finish 11 wins.

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