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Cleveland Brown has already played 6 different quarterback in the 7 games that have already been played this season. they have already signed seventh quarterback. Brown boss Hugh Hue (Hue Jackson) said the first game quarterback quarterback Cody Kessler (Cody Kessler) is still in the process of cerebral concussion examination. Jackson also said the former first quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown), a clavicle fracture, has started training. Jackson did not give the exact answer about the veteran status, he said later in the week before the game against the New York jets will get more information about mccain. in the case of Kevin Hogan (Kevin Hogan) becoming the only health quarterback in Brown matrix, Brown signed Callaghan Callaghan (Joe Callahan) who had worked for Green Bay Packers and New Orleans saints. Callaghan wa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s given up by the saints last week. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the NFL official network, reported that Kessler was unlikely to be ready for the game. Understand the McCain injury history and play style of Jackson and McCain said he would talk, let him protect themselves.NFL's official website, Blount accidentally in the patriot who spend too much time in football nest last season, the new England patriots run Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) to the team with 18 rushing touchdowns. Now, however, he has to choose whether to accept the contract. Blount is still an unsigned free agent. ESPN reporter reported that if Blount could not sign the contract provided by patriots, new England would probably not pay much attention to him. , which is also a long term of the business principle of patriots: they decide the value of the players, and they don't want to pay more than a penny. If you hesitate, you don't go away. Aigo had already signed Rex Burke head (Rex Burkhead), Brandon Bolden (Brandon Bolden extension), as has James - White (James White) and Duhem Lewis (Dion Lewis) added backcourt depth. In addition, the patriot and Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), Mike Gillis (Mike Gillislee), force - Damien Williams (Damien Williams), Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch Ma et al) have trade rumors. Although this does not mean that Blount could not continue to stay, it proves that the patriots are not worried about Blount. Blount over the past four years the ball size has been declining, in 2013 2014 for 5 yards, 4. yards, and 4.3 yards, 3.9 yards. Although in the end zone outstanding contribution, but the patriots may not think that Blount deserves a raise. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.at 24 am Beijing time in a preseason game, Green Bay Packaging foreman took extra Jodi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) was injured in the game to leave, probably suffered a knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, he is also a week second suffered serious injuries of the star receiver. In the mouth, the future Hall of fame retired wide receiver Randy Moss in the national television interview that he does not exclude the possibility to return to the NFL. Moss said in an interview: "I want to play has not disappeared, I have been in the offseason and a lot of people playing together. I've been retiring for two years, but no one can tell what is going to happen in the future. I still have a love for the game. " 38 year old Moss since the end of the 2012 season left the NFL stadium, the last season of his career with the San Francisco 49 people, with 28 catches for 434 yards and 3 touchdowns to get. Although there are few free players in the market at present, Moss's so-called "return" is still not possible.Bowling |2013 old Kazakhstan cup Hangzhou bowling open warm-up tournament Zhang Yuhong won the championship open season army Zhang Chunli (left) and warm-up champion Zhang Yuhong (right) warm-up match: Hangzhou fitness center 5 building bowling house congratulations on the success of the competition. Congratulations to all the winners. Unfortunately, it is impossible to enter the website database to participate in the annual ranking and the player's personal data statistics.

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