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The official website of NFL | giants wide receiver Beckham was suspended for one game | football New York giants strive to win the championship and difficult journey to the NL east now became more difficult. The Alliance announced that Odell Odell (Odell Beckham) had been banned for 1 Games due to many violations of the safety regulations related to the game in the game of 35-38 defeat to Carolina Panthers. It is reported that Beckham will appeal to the punishment. was repeatedly entangled with black leopard Josh Norman (Josh Norman) in the competition. He was fouled 4 times in the match, including 3 personal fouls without lawlessness. Beckham was lucky to referee in the game did not ejected him. In a third - quarter misconduct that was pointed out, Beckham hit Norman's helmet in a blind side. played many times in yesterday's game against Carolina Black Panthers. Many times the players were at a risk of unnecessary risks, and it did not represent the high standard performance of players in sports ethics. It was so indicated in the letter sent to Beckham by the alliance. boss Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said on Sunday he was strongly considered to let Beckham stay on the bench, but he still defended Beckham on Monday, said it would not maintain or tolerate his behavior, but for his personal qualities of defense. Before the tensions between Beckham and Norman started a long time in the game had been brewing, NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) report says before the game Beckham must be in the training group and the Panthers player Marcus Bohr (Marcus Ball) dispute after being opened, the latter was wielding players usually with the Panthers during the warm-up baseball bat. It is reported that Pohl has handed Norman the bat to Beckham as a thr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eat. NFL said on Monday that they were also investigating the conflict. , however, Beckham's lack of calm behavior eventually hurt the giant and could let them lose the chance to enter the playoffs. Now the giants must play the next match against the Minnesota Vikings in the absence of Beckham. It is very likely that when Beckham returns, he will face a meaningless season ending. this incident will continue to heat up this week, but we make a conclusion: the hero Beckham always appeared in time for the giant grief, but he this time for misconduct in the NL East for a chance to qualify for the team and the manager appeared in one of the worst point in time.NFL's official website, Bryant Mendez will give pet monkey, football nest Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) had a dream and pet monkey live together, but now the dream is over, because the little monkey found a new home. Bryant did not explain to the outside world, only to show that he gave his pet monkey to a friend, he said: but I will go to see it. actually last year Bryant accepted the accusations from the American Pet agency because he did not have permission to keep a pet monkey. Bryant finally mentioned that the pet monkey said he was a member of my family and he was treated at the A1 level here. anyway, at least Bryant now doesn't have to worry about the problem of a pet monkey, and he can work with cowboys to prepare for the new season.Handball | large Olympic collection exhibition fair closing ceremony | champion exhibition crowds | hand Association Luca sponsored by Chinese sports memorabilia collectors association committee of Chinese 2009 Olympic collections exhibition fair lasted 9 days, in August 30th 3 pm at the Panjiayuan flea market successfully concluded. The next Olympic collection exhibition will be held in Olympic Museum, Xiamen, on January next year. exhibition site rentouzandong trading area people caught The rendezvous of the 2009 Olympic collection was officially opened in Panjiayuan, Beijing, in August 22nd. Even the day visitors to the crowds, so come to a feast for the eyes of the masses of the addiction. Through the visit, people seem to be back to the burning August of a year ago. according to statistics, in the collection of the Olympic Games Fair, exhibition hall displays dozens of units and individuals in the tens of thousands of visitors in the Olympic collectibles, tens of thousands of people across the country; and in the trading area in the collection of the Olympic Games, the Olympic collection lovers of enthusiasm is also very high, a few days to a total transaction amounting to millions of collections yuan. The exhibits include the emblem, the mascot, the torch, the medal, the sports lottery and other Olympic representative elements. The exhibition hall, Jane Riccio, boutique International Olympic Committee, chairman, President of the International Amateur Boxing Association Mr. Wu Jingguo personal collection of International Olympic Committee, International Olympic Committee Listing Committee President Jacques Rogge signed in 1896 the first Olympic torch, stamps, in 1900 the history of the Olympic Games only square awards, first appeared in 1924 1936 for the first time badge, torch torch, 1936 the delegation Chinese medicine chest. The Beijing Olympic Games is the most abundant collections, tickets, posters, badges, medals, Olympic torch, exhibition opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the use of bamboo. the Olympic collection exhibition is really good, let us see many rare treasures Exhibition Fair held during the Olympic, such praise in the popular language sentence into Panjiayuan. Responsible for the reception work of the exhibition fair Chinese collectors association Sports Committee Mr. Pang Bo said, these days a lot of pressure, to visit people too much, too busy, but such pressure are very exciting, the number of participants and the Olympic forum will have a collection of bids expected, so we feel China Olympic collection is really just unfolding. The exhibition attracted the champion to attract the citizens this large Olympic collection fair not only aroused the enthusiasm of the people's Olympic collection, but also attracted many Olympic champions. During the exhibition, many celebrities and Champions came to help. Olympic champions, world champions Yangling, Wang Liping, Xing Aowei, Allison Moore and Li Ya not only attended the news conference, opening ceremony and closing ceremony, but also attended the news conference.The official website of NFL | prospective Saint vs Cowboy: scoring game of reproduction? | football In the fourth week of the 2014 season NFL regular season, the Dallas cowboy was in town at home to meet the challenges of the New Orleans saints. The two sides have met for two consecutive seasons and the saints have won. Before that, the saints unexpectedly opened two consecutive defeats and won the first victory over the Minnesota Vikings in third weeks. The cowboy defeated Saint Louis rams with the biggest team history, and won 2 consecutive wins after a bad start to the 49 people in San Francisco. Both sides need to win the game to catch up the leaders of the zoning. game: cowboy defense team against saints passing attack Before the start of the season the Cowboys offensive group was once considered the worst is not only more rotten, but the start of the season after their performance is also good, especially once from Baltimore crow retired linebacker Rolando Mclean (Rolando McClain). But third weeks in the face of the Saint Louis rams, despite 2 steals, cowboy defense let the ram of the No. three quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis) looks like ace quarterback, he in defensive group cowboy body is 42 times the ball 30 times successfully gained 327 yards and 3 touchdowns. Cowboy in 2012, the first round Maurice, Morris Claiborne, was beaten by rams for 2 times, and got 1 yards. The other team star guard Orlando - Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) in the introduction of new regulations for alliance drug screenings half is a good news, at least in the game against the rams and Rick Susskind clyburn offensive player according to the configuration rotation ram of the play, and cowboys coach Jason - Garrett (Jason Garrett) said the next game can have much playing clyburn time to be determined. Bruce Carter, the same Bruce Carter, was also very bad before that. But the good news is absent for a cowboy against Mclean and ram game had been injured Anthony Spencer (Anthony Spencer) will likely return. But the saints attack they faced with one of the best in the league's passing attack, four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) play still sharp, the first round of this year's show over Blanding Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) to play well, plus the veteran Marcus - Kors Dayton (Marques Colston) and the second grade students Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills), but can not ignore the big kill Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham). Such a combination helps saints' current total attack code number alliance fourth, pass code digital column alliance fifth. How the cowboy defense is going to deal with the saints' passing attack is worth it.

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