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leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) told us his offseason plan: the same as last year. The on Tuesday was again playing on the franchise tag Pittsburgh Steelers running back on Instagram said he would wait until the first week of the season to the team report, refused to participate in the regular season but he won't. "honestly, no, I won't stop," Baer said. "I will go to the team base in the first week. This will be a repeat of the arrangement last year. I won't go to the training camp. I will not engage in additional activities such as off-season training such as not to." Baer in the offseason last year with the same arrangement, he missed all the training, until September 1st report to the team and signed a contract privilege label. 26 year old Baer in his last offseason training, but training with no influence in his playing time and status at the beginning of the season and the team. 3 weeks before the game he averaged 60 yards rushing the ball, the ball has 18.7 yards, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 3 games won only 1 touchdowns. want to make sure that the last thing the Steelers will not happen, but they are ready to let Baer play back label contract privilege. On Wednesday, the Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown recombinant (Antonio Brown) released a $9 million 700 thousand contract, salary space. This decision should be considered as the Steelers Baer's privilege label contract make room. looks like Baer and Steelers are reluctant to change positions in the negotiations. Unless someone unexpectedly make concessions can be expected until the start of the regular season we will see Baer on the Steelers base.The official website of NFL | Panther has not yet decided this week starting running back for | football , several of the main players in the Carolina Black Panthers are injured. Ron Rivera, a coach, said in an interview that he is still not sure who will be the first to play on this week's Ron. originally starting running back Dangelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) due to ankle sprain will continue to miss this week, a bulldozer called fullback Mike Thor Bott (Mike Tolbert) has also been put into short-term injured reserve list will miss the next few weeks of the game. While a running back Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) due to a knee injury this week could play also have doubt, Rivera said he will decide whether Stewart played in the game, if Stewart can return, so he will serve as the absolute main running back, on the other hand, then the ground attack duties will be Darin - Reaves (Darrin Reeves (Fozzy) and fudge - Whittaker Whittaker) and Chris Ogburn Nayar (Chris Ogbonnaya) share. this season, the Panther's ground attack was not as strong as last season, with an average of 71 yards per game and fourth in the league. Even if Stewart returned, his 29 - stroke 58 - yard performance this season could not let the fans feel relieved., on Wednesday, the Patriots announced two personnel adjustments, the Brandon LaFell and Brandon Scott and Scott Scott. This is not unexpected. Although Rafael completed the 74 catch in the 2014 season and promoted the 953 yard career high, he was injured by injuries last season. The bad exit situation directly affected his future in the team. before the Buffalo Bills tight end Chandler before joining the team is highly anticipated, but the whole season he only the ball 23 times for 239 yards, does not meet the expectations of his team at the time of signing. Chandler's playing time has also gradually decreased with the season, which is not unrelated to his struggles in the cover. currently, the patriot's lineup is slightly thin in the position of the ball, and the team needs to find the right players in the draft or in the free market. With Rafael and Chandler's departure, Danny - Oman (Danny Amendola) Dora seems poised to get more opportunities.The official website of NFL | lightning defensive end Liu Gheit will contract with the team for 5 years | football San Diego has been plagued by lightning's star players in the offseason, compared to the security guard Eric - Weddle (Eric Weddle) and quarterback Philip Rivers - (Philip Rivers), the team decided to defensive end Cory (Corey Liuget) - Liu Geithner as is one of the top goals. local time on Monday, NFL official website reporter reported that lightning has reached an agreement with liugate's broker for a 5 year contract worth 50 million dollars. It is reported that the guarantee part of the contract is up to 30 million. As the first round of the 2011 season, Lyugate played an important role in the lightning defense team, and the team naturally wanted to lock the front. , 25, was the longest player in the team's defensive front line in the first 61 games of the last 64 games. Although he struggled on the ground defense, the strong punching ability made him fit the contract. After the renewal of the contract with Liu gate, the team had to think more about Rivers and Weddle.

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