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2015-16 new Barcelona goalkeeper jersey will soon be released, but 2015-16 days before the main Barcelona Jersey has been officially released by Nike. The 2015-16 Barcelona home court in the team jersey for the first time in history the bar design, which is yellow and orange shirt printed with red stripes behind.The official website of NFL | Eagle strikers: cowboys and hate each other | football this week, the Dallas cowboys and Philadelphia eagles will be quitting on Sunday night game. Eagles defensive striker Logan Byrne (Bennie Logan) said in an interview, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the two teams each hate, no one will love each other. Logan said: we hate them, they hate us, too. The fans of both sides also hate each other. It's a pure nuisance. They are always complaining about everything. What I want to say is, shut up and concentrate on playing. I will hit you in every file and stop unnecessary complaints, which will make me more violent. You're a man, it's a rugby, close your mouth, and take the impact like a man. Eagles rookie cornerback Eric Lowe, (Eric Rowe) proposed a similar view: the game, at least on the offensive end, I see they have been crying. They always ask for a foul to the referee, Jason Witten (Jason Witten), whenever he is covered will look to the referee, asking whether there is a yellow, and then complain about the referee. Many of the catchers try to ask the referee for the interference of the ball. Are they the baby crying? gunpowder taste has been filled before the start of the game. As an old opponent of the same division, the game will not be disappointing.The official website of NFL | Clark has not yet fully recovered, was listed as "open" | football Whether Andrew - Andrew (Luck) is able to play in this week's Thursday night match is still not finalized. In the Indianapolis wounded report released on Wednesday local time, the team put Lark in doubt. He will have 50% chance to play this week. The opponent of the pony will be Houston Dezhou. lac limited participated in the training of the team on Wednesday and Thursday. Relevant sources said he would play first, but he still did not recover to 100%. Last week, LAK was absent because of a shoulder injury. The team's substitutes for quarterback Matt - Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) were also listed as doubtful due to illness. 10 days later, the pony will play against the new England patriots. For this season the slow ponies and Iraq, they need to find the state as soon as possible, this will require a completely natural health impact in the Iraq Super Bowl team.The new shirt is black, and the new season Away Jersey as inherited the classic "badge Jersey (Maglia bandiera)" concept, the new Europa League jerseys using coal gray and black, looks more like a "real dress". At the same time, the goalkeeper's shirt is light gray.

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