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The official website of NFL / NFL power rankings in the off-season football nest Have a period of time each year: team came to the free market for those treasures, rack their brains will be able to get the draft of the baby, also deliberately held a press conference to carefully explain their dynamic...... This is the frenzy of the legendary free player. These operations also have their own advantages, but before we fight for the NFL team, we will first commemorate the recently retired DeMarcus Ware DeMarcus. 9 Professional bowl, 4 All-Pro gust, 1 super bowl ring, career 138.5 capture. Over the past ten years is probably the greatest impact of the great military players have played for the team but in different direction: Dallas Grand Prix loss, Denver is slightly reinforcement (and is a cowboy player), the other 30 teams and how? Take a look with Elliot - Harrison (Elliot Harrison). first patriots aigo is really universally condemned. According to the timeline of my tweet account, most people are itching to the Patriots hating their teeth, as if the team burned his back yard... If brandin Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) the transaction did not let you feel the patriot will be more powerful, then I have to remind you that there is a seventeenth year old demon will soon enter the career to finish. In addition, matru, Bennet (Martellus Bennett) the price is too high, let g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o, with the six round sign deal to Dwayne - Alan (Dwayne Allen) is more cost-effective. OK, wait for Alan to get 10. second - bit falcons actually, the Falcon's rank can be high or low, and second to eighth, when this is a little additional effect to their Super Bowl [then] it was reversed. It's worth noticing that signing Jack Crawford is very smart. Crawford has made outstanding performances in Dallas, and should also be able to adapt to the defensive line rotation of Dan Quinn (Dan Quinn). Atlanta has not lost any important members... If not 49 new coach, the former falcons attack coordinator, Kyle Shanahan (Kyle). third Steelers leviant - Baer (Le Veon Bell) has said that if he did not fall because of injury, the Steelers beat the Patriots in the American League instinct in the final. This is not a cowhide. After all, he is the strongest runner in NFL. The Steelers is not ambiguous, exclusive.The official website of NFL | buffalo Bill legend Jim - Kelly received biopsy | Rugby The Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim - Kelly (Jim Kelly) said he feels great and over a long time before receiving cancer treatment when feeling a lot better in the last month of the annual football training camp. that's good news, but Kelly did not get a good result in a recent examination to ensure that cancer had not recurred. Kelly's wife Gil released Kelly wearing a gown of photos and Kelly recently announced a check to determine whether the cancer recurrence in Instagram. The result was that Kelly received a biopsy on Thursday so the doctor could determine his condition. Kelly had no symptoms of cancer for more than 18 months, and he examined cancer of the jaw in 2013. we hope that once the examination is over, the results will confirm that his cancer has not recurred. And if there is no good results, we hope that Kelly and his family can be as strong as possible in the course of treatment.when the injury hit their pass, the Carolina Panther got the necessary help. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said the Panthers have agreed to send a conditional draft pick to Chicago Xiong Chong Chuan Jared Jared Allen (Jared Allen). Black Panther defense team is battalion. Defensive end Charles - Johnson (Charles Johnson) have been identified and will miss the next game because of a hamstring injury. Linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) due to concussion missed the last two games, his return is still no set number. In the preseason, the black leopard lost the defensive end Frank Alexander (Frank Alexander), and his replacement Kony Ealy did not play the role. The Panther had three games in the first three games with 7 consortium and seventh in the league, but only 1 captured in the match against the New Orleans saints. is more suitable for the black leopard defense system than the potency bear team. The bear team is looking for Alan to switch from his long defensive front to the outside guard. Alan is now the most captured player in the league, 134 times, which makes him ninth in history. The 33 year old veteran has shown that he is still capable of chasing the quarterback of his opponent this season. Most of this happens when he acts as a defensive end instead of a line guard. and start losing streak bears has clearly entered reconstruction mode, they are contenders next year signed draft. It's meaningless to keep 4-3 defensive fronts like Alan in a team that has a transition to 3-4 defense. It is a reasonable step for the young players to exercise more time for the team. In fact, it was surprising that the bear team didn't cut him off before Alan earned $11 million 500 thousand in a team bonus in March this year.The official website of NFL | Dallas Cowboys row to the world's most valuable Forbes | football team ???????????-??????????????4????????????????????36???????????????????????????????????20???????????????????????????????2016?????????????ˇěT?????????? According to the rankings, the cowboy was worth $4 billion, up 25% from last year. according to Forbes, the average value of the NFL team is 2 billion. So the cowboy is 2 times the average NFL team. The average value of the top 50 teams in the world is 2 billion 200 million. So, the value of the cowboy is almost two times that of this number. why can the cowboy rush to the first? Because the cowboy's operating profit reached $270 million in 2014, the luxury seat income reached $125 million and the funded income reached $120 million. The next two sets of numbers are NFL first, and the first group is the first in the world. , let's not forget that the cost of jeans is being higher in the new training base than that of their AT& and T arena. (AT& the T ball hall is already the best stadium of all NFL). Their new training base for $1 billion 500 million, which includes a 16 storey Hotel, an event / Conference Center, a member of the club can only enjoy, multiple training venues, restaurants and retail shops, office space, and an underground parking garage, and a new 12000 seat indoor arena. after the cowboy, is Real Madrid and Barcelona, as well as New York Yankee and Manchester United. In the past 5 years, both real and Manchester United have appeared in the top 5. altogether, there were 27 NFL teams in the top 50 list, compared with only 20 last year. The Patriots ranked sixth, second in the NFL team, with a total value of $3 billion 200 million. Red (eighth, $2 billion 850 million) and giants (ninth, 2 billion 800 million dollars) are also in the top 10.

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