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The news that Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) decided to retire was a surprise to countless people, including his teammates, Cory Fuller (Corey Fuller). Johnson left early in the season, with an official confirmation earlier in March. "Every time he mentioned it to me, I think it's a joke," Fuller said. In fact, he told me that this was his last season has been 2,3 time, do you think it is true? Maybe he'll be back after the season. Johnson is only 30 years old. Fuller has reason to believe that he will return to the court. He has 6 professional bowls and tenth seasons to finish catching more than 1000 yards. He still has many data that we are looking forward to. Fuller finally said: "I always miss him, miss him, miss him on the court.", according to the cowboy boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones), the cowboy is completing the contract with quarterback Karen Kellen (Moore), who will become the new quarterback coach. Moore has been a cowboy in the past three s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping easons and replaced the position of the non renewal player Wade Wilson (Wade Wilson). "I don't want to make a formal speech, but I'm glad to let Moore stay here." "There will be more detailed and more formal statements later, but first we have to let him sign the contract," Jones said. in addition, the cowboy also renewed the running coach Gary - Brown (Gary Brown). Jones himself likes to join the newly joined coach, Sanjay Lal. Raler had been a coach for the pony, and Jones said he was one of the league 's "most popular" assistants.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Giselle (Gisele Bundchen) - ndchen relationship is enviable, especially in social media. Whether in Instagram or Facebook, the couple generous expression of love for each other. recently chose to leave her ndchen T Taiwan, this time the Brady stand out, and respect all expressed his love to his wife. on Wednesday U.S. time, Brady attended the last show after he Bundchen, on their face book posted a message, congratulations on his wife's best finish curtain. wrote, "congratulations to my favorite wife. You brighten my day and make me a better person. I am proud of everything you do."Beijing 8:30 on October 14th morning, Monday night race from San Francisco 49 people to challenge the same area Saint Louis Saint Louis rams, and the final 49 people in 31 to 17 score in the win. home court battle rams after the opening of the first attack, rookie quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis) line proximal Fred Cook Feng Jia (Jared Cook) to complete the ball 39 yards. 49 people don Adams (Don Skuta) with Coulthard sacks responded, but team mate Ahmed Brooks (Ahmad Brooks) foul let his efforts come to nothing, lucky rams running back by Benny - Corelle (Benny Cunningham) had completed 1 yards touchdown, leading to 7-0. The rams defense group also performed well to let 49 people attack group three strikes". Each wave of offensive, and the both ends of the common force, is the first tour - Macleod David Rodney (Rodney McLoud) produced 49 proximal Feng Vance Macdonald (Vance McDonald) dropped the ball, and then near the end Lance Kendricks (Lance Kendrick) - Austen received the ball 22 yards receiving touchdowns. The score will be expanded to 14-0. In section second of , after a tug of war 49 people finally found a sluggish state, kicker Phil Dawson (Phil Dawson) hit long-range free kick 54 yards, defense intercepted the other offensive quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) in the first half of last 14 seconds and took the ram defense mistakes, pass the raid, teamed up with veteran wide receiver Brandon Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd) to complete the 80 yard touchdown catch! The score was reduced to 10-14. in the second half, due to the long distance from Lloyd's second touchdown, and team field steep, long offensive nearly 10 minutes of the 49 wave hit, by ANN Quinn - boerding (Anquan Boldin) 11 yard touchdown catch counter ultra score! 17-14, 49 people took the first lead in the game. The rams defense group in several hit under low morale, a few times is not easy in the case of success because of three defense automatic first attack foul. The 49 is by Michael Clubb Terry done in one vigorous effort (Michael Crabtree) 32 yard touchdown catch and expanded the lead! The score came to 24-14. Entering the fourth section, the goats defense team grabbed the 49 people in the attack group to slack off and completed several interceptors. But helpless, the quarterback quarterback Austen didn't get 8 consecutive passes under the pressure of psychological pressure and the 49 air defense team. The team didn't hit a free kick until the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter, narrowing the score. The goats did not give up, although the gamble failed, the defense team did the hard work again. The last 1 minutes the ram had a chance to draw the score, but the 49 defence team did not give them an opportunity.

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