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when the major media are discussed in 14 Heisman winner Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) and 13 year winner James Winston (Jameis Winston) who will be in the next year's draft in a higher, 14 years ago, 1, now the New York jets quarterback Michael Vick (Mike Vick) recently praised Winston. Vic commented: "Winston has made a mistake before, but he will be unique on the court. He is becoming more and more mature. Although this year is not satisfactory, I think he will be the future of NFL. " although this year is not perfect, the incident in the offseason, and misconduct in the campus was suspended for 1 games, but he still wears well equipped and entered the stadium and ejected. Recently, he moved his hands on the referee of his procrastination. so Winston got all the attention, but it was hard for a team like jets to make a difference. Vick also said, "indeed, I think he is used to being surrounded by support. You can't let him be in a team full of young people. The more veteran I have around him, the faster Winston will grow. That's the trend that I see in the league. " for Winston, this level of college competition trend has been displayed, he every week in the growth, currently has 29 consecutive wins, if you take the Mario Kobita of University of O cheap nfl jerseys free shipping regon will usher in 30 wins for Mario Kobita's performance, Winston might have better NFL prospect.The first round of the Cincinnati tigers this year's first show player William Jackson (William Jackson) will miss the start of the season in the season. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) - Lafoluo Tuesday according to informed sources reported that Jackson muscle tear. At present, his recovery time can not be determined, but with Lafoluo hinted that it might need three to four months. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Jackson will seek other opinions to determine whether he will be reimbursed for the season or put in a short-term injury reserve list. Other opinions have been sought to make the tigers have more time to decide. Jackson in the first round of the twenty-fourth draft pick by the tiger tiger selected, robbed him of selected before the reported same love Jackson with district rivals Pittsburgh steelers. He was the third defender selected by the tigers in the first round of the last five years. tiger in the location of the depth is good, they have Adam - Jones (Adam Jones), before the first round pick Kirk Bradley Patrick (Dre Kirkpatrick) and Vazquez de (Darqueze Dennard) - Dana as head of three horn wei. Jackson was in contention for the rookie season.this week, Gillette will be based in the Patriot Stadium against the two teams will compete for the pony, enter the Super Bowl tickets, it is the ninth time in the American League finals Tom Brady veterans die, or the new Tianjiao Andrew ruck fearless? Please look at the strong and weak point analysis and key duel of both sides. Patriot: how to limit the LAK? In the semifinal, he almost single handedly carry the entire offensive team defeated the broncos. With the Patriots defeated crow, pavement offensive threat pony is very limited, almost is to rely on the "thigh", Iraq and Iraq also a lot more than a crow passing target: Hilton, Nicks, took over the double tight end Alan moncrief, and vrina, running back herrenschwand are often involved in passing attack, the defense a lot of difficulty sharply aigo. At the same time, the LAK has its own ability to move. So if you want to limit, not only to achieve sustained pressure, the Patriots in the front line, linebacker and defensive line need more effectively guarding the other players live pony. road is to attack the playoffs last year pony patriot, is the service patriots running back Blount scored the ball and run 200+ code number 4 red ball winning touchdown is the greatest hero, and this year the new Jonas - Gray Patriot (Jonas Gray) also had 200 yard touchdown +4 single game performance in the regular season however, the other big pony defeat game, often with difficult to limit the opponent run has great relationship. That'll coach Slaven Bilic at this point make a fuss, run by pony pass advantage. key: Darrel - para ray Weiss (Darelle Revis) vs TY- Hilton (T.Y.Hilton) Hilton this season has become the most trusted Clark, both long range or short after the flash turn maneuvers are one. While people back high Bronner patriot Bigfoot step slightly slow, and little Ellington, lane marking ability is not enough to limit Hilton, so it's possible or "island king" to carry out a special one, ray Weiss on a small face is the spirit of Steve Smith to eat a lot of losses. At this time he can find the first cornerback state. : 'this year marking Gelon Gelon pony' to play more horror? The best lineup of the second team's near - end front was unelected, which was given by Bai G Ron Kowski with all 50 votes. In the American League semi-final match to crow, Gelon kousky also had to pay a hundred yards and catching a touchdown performance, crow inside Wei, safetys are hard to resist. At the same time, Gelon 'as a traditional proximal front also has a solid surface cover in the red region of Kung Fu, is Tom Brady's favorite target. The pony to beat the Patriots, marking the super tight end we must overcome the problem, insider Jackson, Freeman, Wei Dekui, or safety Mike - Adams, Landry - -, or mixed, marking the zone? Chuck Pagano, the coach of the pony, is really in need.Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) insisted that as long as running back Thomas laurs (Thomas Rawls) to stay healthy, he is the team's starting running back. Carol said: "in the next few weeks he will be ready to be the first. We still need some time to watch him, and so far he has only been holding the ball several times. But he has done what we ask him to do all, had a very hard offseason." Laurs during the previous season, ball size reached 5.6 yards, 830 yards in advance and finished 4 touchdowns, but then suffered an ankle injury ahead of the end of the season. He played 1 times in the pre - season, 2 times for 7 yards. Carol added: "we will make him progress slowly and not urge him to do something. It's only his second season, and we might have him hold the ball several times in the game and then decide the next week according to the situation. We need to be careful about his situation. "

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