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Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) hit a rough head against the Miami dolphin, but the old quarterback won't be absent for a long time. Coach John - Harbert crow Baltimore (John Harbaugh) told reporters on Monday that the "no" left flao signs of concussion. "I think he's very likely to play next game," he said. The crow will match Tennessee Titan in the next game. flao competition in the second quarter because dolphins linebacker Alonso, based (Kiko Alonso) to encounter fierce impact of concussion, backup quarterback Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) followed by the debut. theory, the crow in the next game will usher in the bye week, they can let Fraco rest in this game to get mor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e recovery time. But if he has been restored to health, the 4 - 4 - negative crow can't make a bet that mallet will continue to start. as the game approaches we will know more about flao situation, but now we will get good news.Bowling |2016 Shanghai tripod bowling three people's ninth games won the team champion Qingqing prairie is very happy, the devil also has a sheep village leader! June 14th is Shanghai fairsun Bowling bowling three happy team ninth games, just hit the Yang village's birthday, the end of the game in a cheerful atmosphere, missed the red team finally grabbed the biggest red envelopes, won the team title! birthday Yang VillageRobbie Anderson, a Robby Robby, tried to win a ticket for her professional bowl in Sunday's game, which did not win the approval of Todd Todd Bowers. 's second years in Anderson's career said the truth was pretty good. This game against the Panther, he finished 6 times, 146 yards and 2 matchways. He has got five games in a row. After completing the second array, he was still drawing the ticket on the sidelines to the camera and asked people to choose him into a professional bowl. Bowers said: "I didn't see it with my own eyes, but if it was true, it was not smart to play football. We don't want to have selfish players, let alone do selfish things. Anderson said he was just "excited" and believed he was the number one player on the team. "everyone knows I pay for everything for the team," Anderson said. "I think about the important choice of life and I think of the team to do it. Everything I do is to help the team better, not self - selfish. "The official website of NFL | ran into the Jaguar Weigeerhate injured reserve list | football Tobey - gel Hart (Toby Gerhart) ended the season. The NFL official at - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday that the Jacksonville Jaguar had put the running guard in the injury reserve list. , who has recently received a groin injury, has not been out since seventh weeks. In the 88 - gear season, the power - guard has been hiding all the season, making only 88 yards of 67 shots. in the 2014 offseason and jaguars signed 3 year $10 million 500 thousand contract, koal Hart was designated as the main Jaguars running back. But last season everything was disorderly. Geer Hart only rushed out of 326 yards, averaging 3.2 yards for each shot. After the selection of T.J. T.J. Yeldon at the Jaguar show this year, it was clear that they were ready to give up gel Hart. Geer Hart's salary in 2016 was an insecure $3 million, which made him likely to be cut off by the team. No matter where he goes, the days of gel Hart as the main running guard are over.

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