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Philadelphia hawk's defensive cut-off Logan Bennie Logan is not very concerned about the attack line of Dallas cowboys. As a reply, Dallas did not point out Logan's slightly offensive remarks. At Tuesday's conference, Logan said, "yes, they are good, but I don't understand that they are great." , "their running guards played a good role this year, but I didn't see anything special about them. There are several offensive players. We met last year. He is a good online player." The first Logan mentioned running back this season is NFL red ball data, Demag - Murray (DeMarco Murray), he asked you not what special offensive line when he replied: "nothing, then Thursday Let's wait and see." After , Logan said, "Murray is lucky. He is a patient running guard. Once he sees space, he will break through, and their offensive cheap nfl jerseys free shipping line is good, but I don't think there is anything special about that."Arizona Cardinals historic hired Jean Wirth (Jen Welter) as the team inside linebacker coach, which she has become one of the most famous female coach in NFL history. but it seems Welter for everyone in the discussion of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and air door dissatisfied punishment. Welter said: "you can't ask me about the things I don't want to say what I think he is a famous player. I don't know whether the introduction of specific rules, but I think football must have many things need to be corrected, but really tired for Brady press." maybe this is one of God's humor, announced a female coach appeared on the same day NFL, but she is unable to get rid of those damn news release balloons brady. 's most unfortunate news for Welter is that the discussion of the bleeder must continue for a long time.this year's free players will be able to get a big contract. Malvin Jones (Marvin Jones) to 5 year $40 million contract after he joined the Detroit lions, tigers in Cincinnati when his teammates, receiver Mohammed (Marvin Jones) - Thanou to 5 year $32 million 500 thousand contract with the Atlanta falcons. has a lot of wage cap space, the urgent need to strengthen the external relay and the free agent market choice is very few to make the non top foreign contacts also get a big contract. is an excellent physical quality Sanou receivers, also can undertake the task to punch the ball, in his career and 5 pass attempts and all success. Sanou career best season in 2014, when he was in the starting 13 and finished 56 times the ball 790 yards and 5 touchdowns that season - Jones. The first 4 games last season Thanou finished 33 catches for 894 yards but did not get a touchdown. in the Falcon, compared to the most recent cut Roddy White (Roddy White), can upgrade over Thanou position, but in the 4 season he played in the tigers, Thanou have played in a long time of silence and plagued by problems at the ball. He is the most suitable exon three took over the role, but his salary is high as No. two over. maybe the contract is too big, but the falcons need to upgrade their locations and they have signed one of the best options on the market. Thanou can have a large number of playing time and Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) partner, Leonard Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) will serve as the No. three over.Washington Red - skinned Arie Kouandjio (Arie Kouandjio) took up the American National Anthem in the United States on Monday night race and held a large star and striped flag. American time Tuesday, he rose to the national anthem, said his oath, and raised the star and stripes again, and this time he became a citizen of the United States. Ali told Washington Post: "it's a good feeling. I've been waiting for a long time and I'm happy to be an American now." Ali 24 year old from Cameroon, also expressed the San Francisco 49 quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) to protest the behavior of rose and sang the national anthem, he said: "as many people pointed out, everyone has the right to do what you want to do, they have the right to express their views through their own platform that is, each individual value, and this is part of the American dream."

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