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Water polo | swimming training center of Yantai City Sports Park Swimming and diving hall foreign business hours: at 9:00 a.m. every morning. urban residents take 23, 52, 10, 17 bus to the sports park station to get off. Yantai swimming diving hall brief introduction Swimming and diving hall in Yantai city membership swimming training center in Yantai City, is part of a key project of Yantai municipal government in 11th Five-Year to plan the Yantai sports park project, sports park is the only large comprehensive sports facilities, is the city's landmark buildings, the whole project officially completed in December 2006. Yantai swimming and diving hall a total construction area of 32188 square meters, divided into training game area, office area, living Rest Area, entertainment fitness area and teaching area, is a set of teaching, training, competition, accommodation, fitness as one of the Asian first-class sports facilities, swimming venues, can undertake the above national level swimming training and competition. It has successfully hosted the swimming competition of the twenty-first games in Shandong province. Every link runs normally, Yantai swimming and diving hall is the only standard 50m in our city, 25m competition pool, 25m, 21m diving platform and 16m, 50m training pool and all kinds of auxiliary facilities training and competition hall, which are all first-class from design style and function. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Yantai swimming diver head: Kong Fankui contact phone: Sports Park panoramic Yantai sports park is one of the key projects of Yantai municipal government in 11th Five-Year, which is the only large-scale comprehensive sports facility in Yantai. It is also a landmark building in our city. The whole project was officially completed in December 200. Yantai swimming and diving hall is one of the most important stadiums, sports park is located in the northeast, north of the tourist road. The scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh. It is a holy place for sightseeing. Urban residents take 23, 52, 10, 17 bus to the sports park station to get off. swimming diving hall competition hall competition hall. The standard swimming pool and 25m with 25m, 50m deep water 2m, and the standard diving pool of 21m deep water 13m can undertake more than the national level swimming and diving competitions, which is the only well-equipped and functional swimming in Shandong province.The official website of NFL | Brady alliance petition for a retrial ban were rejected by the court | football Tom Brady (Tom Brady) to overthrow his four match ban in reducing the chance to continue. the United States Court of Appeals for the second circuit on Wednesday rejected a ban Brady and NFL players union request, which means to overthrow the Brady punishment is the last chance to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United states. The has 90 days to appeal to the Supreme court. According to informed sources Brady's legal team considered indeed will appeal to the Supreme court. If you want to continue to appeal Brady, his legal team may first asked the second circuit court of appeals to temporarily cancel ban on the word, next to the second circuit court of appeals not suspended ban, Brady's lawyers are likely to put forward the request to the Supreme Court, and the judge Ruth Ginsberg (Ruth Ginsburg) will decide whether to agree. If Ginsberg agreed to the request or the Supreme Court decided to hear the case, the Supreme Court of the Brady schedule will almost certainly in the entire 2016 season. If the Supreme Court dismissed the case then Brady have to accept a ban. But legal experts say the Supreme Court has a small chance of accepting the case. in May last year in the League for leak door investigation, Brady was suspended for 4 games alliance. The penalty was then rejected by the U.S. District Court in September last year, but the court of appeal overthrew the district court's decision in April this year. if Brady decided to appeal and the court decided to temporarily cancel the ban, he has a good chance for the game against the Arizona Cardinals in the season opener and continuous in home court against Miami dolphins, Houston Dezhou and Buffalo Bill. If Brady will eventually accept the ban, he will be back in the game against Cleveland Brown in October 9th.Boka's youth team new season with the club classic home court Jersey Shirt Styles and candy box seat stadium color, golden yellow five pointed star in the lead in the inscription "BOCA (Boka)", at the same time into the local famous Nicholas · Avellaneda portal (Puente Nicolá s; Avellaneda) elements, the expression "create shine the meaning of".NFL official website | are offensive defense Wars: Panther VS forward | Seahawks football if there is a team in NFL that is very close to the defending champion, that team must be the Carolina Panther team. After respectively after mid season lost, the Panthers and the Seahawks team into the playoffs success. The Seahawks won six consecutive games, scoring 15 points per game; while the Panthers also won five games, averaging 16 points margin of victory. With the Seahawks, the offensive team Panthers have a excellent athletic ability, love to punch the ball quarterback, there are some good receivers. On the other hand, the defense team of the black leopard also has a good performance. For the pass defense, it can be called the gate level, and the fastest combination of line guards in the league, which keeps the opponents feeling stressed. In the defensive coordinator Sean - Mike Deme Te (Sean McDermott) under the leadership of the Panther defense in the league is the top class, but if compared to the Seahawks defensive opponent is better, can be said that since 2000, the Baltimore crow's best. 's main point: Under the weight of (Cam Newton) - Newton Kamm will be how to play: and Newton style are somewhat alike. Three rounds show Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) has proved herself on the stage of super bowl, while champion Newton has not yet. In October last year, Newton's performance in all the quarterback could be said to be the top and full of its strengths - running. But in the next two months, he gradually degenerated into a passing player. Although it is not easy to stop Newton, it is a question mark whether he is able to maintain a stable state under the heavy pressure. In the face of strong winds Seahawk alliance, Newton to do including enhance their pass quasi heart, especially on the move. In addition, he also had to pay attention to his own protection. To be honest, he did not do well in the last four years. attack team's performance: The offensive team of both sides of the can be said to be equal. Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) and Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) - Mashaw combination will undoubtedly be the focus of the spotlight, but Kim - Newton (Cam Newton) and Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) the combination can not be underestimated, especially when their offensive line strength has been enhanced. over the past six weeks, Stewart has led the league and can get more than 100 yards per game. And from the thirteenth week, Newton and Stewart averaged each.

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