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even-even soccer equipment is a new network which Welsh's 2016 European Cup Home Court jersey. Welsh fans, is it very refreshing to hear this introduction? Whether you are in Paris or Cardiff next summer, you'll see a full eye on the Welsh shirt. So if it hasn't made an impression in your mind, keep it in mind now. next summer, Welsh will go to France, and we firmly believe that they are not just going to make up the numbers. After enjoying the first time in the International Finals for the first time in 50 years, their goal is to get out of the French European Cup. The fearless Welsh was moving forward in one step.NFL official website | Cleveland Brown trading 49 punter Andy Lee | Rugby Cleveland Brown made a deal for an abandoned kicker. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) received informed sources. Brown announced the seventh rou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd of draft pick up transactions in 2017 to 49 people in San Francisco, and got three degrees to be selected as the professional Bowl Bowls, Andy Li (Andy Lee) on Saturday. 49 in the year fifth round draft pick punter Bradley Pinien (Bradley Pinion) after Lee is no longer indispensable. There is also no longer indispensable punter Brown Spencer - Lang Ning (Spencer Lanning). People informed Rapoport that he had been given up by the team. Lang Ning ranked seventeenth in the last season with 39.2 yards of net throw kicks, and Li ranked fifteenth in 39.6 yards. However, the 11 year old veteran in the League was selected in the sixth round of the 2004 draft and was selected by 49 people. He was selected for the professional bowl and never missed the game. although the deal is not heavy, Lee Brown may have a lot of work to do. Lang Ning ranked third in the league with an amazing 93 discarded kick last season. Brown has replaced the players and the long kickers this season, and now it is the turn of the kicker. When Brown is going to take the tactics of controlling the ball, for a team that is hard to move forward throughout the season, it will be understood by a player who proves his ability to play well.let's talk about football. Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kaine (Harry Kane) is an excellent shooter. The former best player in the Premier League knows how to shoot the ball into the goal. So when you need to take a penalty when his teammates will be very confident to allow Kaine to finish the task. but in the last round of the Premier League, things go awry. Tottenham in 2-1 leading Southampton when Kaine penalty has hit the ball high. Hotspur finally won, and Kaine played a joke on tweet. "If there's a NFL team looking for a kicker in the future, look at my game tonight," he said. Indianapolis kicker Adam Viniateri (Adam Vinatieri) is now 44 years old. He is a living example to prove that you can still be a good kicker when people are middle age. Why can't a football star be able to retire at the age of 35 and try to become a NFL kicker? How much will the success of do? But at least it would be a good documentary.The official website of NFL | Mccoy: Polk should be responsible for the short distance at | rugby ball ller Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) has already finished 43 shots in the Philadelphia hawk, which is ranked second in team history. But surprisingly, the team and the Dallas cowboys in the game, choose to end a short distance before punching ball task to the Chris - Polk (Chris Polk). This arrangement also reduces the chance of mycophenolate IDA array. this week, Mccoy said in an interview that Polk is stronger and more powerful than himself, and is more suitable for carrying out tactics: he has not taken all the ball from me, but such a tactical arrangement is absolutely good for the team. In the face of 1 yards of the 3 gear, I may be difficult to help the team get the first. But Polk is different. He's like a bulldozer. He can do it. As a player, I can't think about it selfishly. He should get the opportunity to complete the corresponding attack. 2 years ago, Mccoy union or the highest efficiency of short code running back in that season, he finished 17 touchdowns. But as Mccoy himself said, the most important thing at the moment is not personal data, but how to help the team win. For the eagles, in order to get into the playoffs, even in the playoffs, they do need more players to come forward.

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