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The official website of NFL, the Patriots tight end rob Gelon 'return to training, football wo more than a week since Robert - Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) for the first time on the training field. , the new England patriot star, returned to training on Wednesday, and last week he was injured in a joint training with the Chicago bear. in the 7 to 7 training, quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) to gloon Sikorski passing direction, the latter did not complete the route running, did not catch, but to a trainer, trainer with Gelon 'departure. At that time, the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported Gelon Sikorski suffered minor injuries, but he did not play pre-season games against the bears. G Ron Kowski's return training is good news for the Patriot attack team. Quarterback Jimmy Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) will usher in the final preseason -- for the first time the first players may not match and he needs to complete three starters Festival outstanding performance to show what the improvement team in the new season four games played in fourth games before the season. Every year is the number one target of the Patriot attack group pass' should be glycopyrronium at the start of the season after becoming the most insurance catcher Caroline baltic.The official website of NFL | Dallas Cowboys Football atmosphere is better than last season | no doubt when you choose to support the Dallas cowboy, you will find that the atmosphere of the team is quite different from that of last season. this is not to say that the cowboy has completed what event, we review the fifth week they beat Hou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ston in Dezhou, after this game the team 4 wins and 1 losses, they took Bryant outside Mendez (Dez Bryant) had said, what they have not yet completed, he recently stressed Sunday against the New York giants I love the game: our team is because it knows every one of us, of course, this is not what. We know we haven't done anything yet, so we need to continue to work hard. said this is right, the cowboys have 6 games, most of them are on the trip, Bryant said that our record is 8 wins and 8 losses, I think that we are not working hard enough, I don't mean we don't play well in the playoffs, I mean, this is not the problem of the coach, this is us your problem. Bryant said the 2014 season the Cowboys had a better atmosphere, the best record in 5 years, 09 years from the beginning of the first winning more than 5. He said: I feel different, a lot of different, completely different from last year. We are more united, we have the same goal, and when it comes together we are an unstoppable team.original title: the year of the shirt has the most of this year The Team Jersey wonderful Leo nessa. AC Milan New Jersey. recently, many European football clubs have shown their new season's shirt. The English Premier League is advocating retro, the Bundesliga team seeks hegemonic, and the Spanish team is rich in imagination, and can even be described as "exotic flowers". most ancient Chelsea: "loyal blue" color design creative inspiration, from the late 1980s and early 90s Chelsea shirt. The release of the New Jersey is in an exciting way. The classic moments of the 5 Chelsea players were clipped into a video called "eternal blue". Chelsea club CEO Ron ·, Guly said: "these classic moments will remain in the hearts of our players and fans forever, which makes our new equipment full of vitality and great." Liverpool: New Jersey is inspired by the century on 60s during the years of success, the legendary coach Shankly claims, Liverpool shirts, shorts and socks, the color changed to red, and the creation of the league and FA Cup champion after leading the club to glory. Captain Gerrard said, "the New Jersey feels like a return to the classic era of Liverpool history, helping me recall the great men in our club history." AC Milan: New Jersey emphasizes the importance of tradition, on behalf of the city of Milan St Georges cross SHIELD BADGE appeared in New Jersey chest, the club from 40s until the beginning of the last century, the Jersey has been wearing the badge, and in the Milan Club Centennial jerseys also have this badge. 's most exotic Leo Nessa: the team belongs to the Spanish low league team. The main color of this shirt is black and white, with a golden edge. Whether from close or far distance, the players wear the suit as they wear a tuxedo. It is understood that the design of the New Jersey is inspired by the tuxedo. On the neckline, even a black tie was printed. Lugo: is located in the Galician Club launched the "beer" - shirt front is printed into beer bubble picture. More funny is that the goalkeeper Jersey printed on the Galician Octopus delicacy - feast. Beer and octopus look quite appetizing. It is understood that the Jersey is designed for a sponsor of a beer company in the club. The most overbearing of Bayern: Bayern new shirt will highlight the red, white and blue color of the club badge with classic design. The famous Jersey after a sentence "Mia San Mia" features. The proud Bayern fans are naturally aware of this Bavaria slang.???? 68900 yuan! The auction price of the second round of the Qin Sheng Football Association Cup was finally fixed on this figure, making the whole shirt collection and Qin Sheng some unexpected. The shirt was sold to Dai Yiwen admitted that the acquisition of the shirt's intention is very simple and also very pure, is a love of their own, the two is to help with their love as Shenhua fans, he said: "public support and perfect collection, it belongs to the true love of the Jersey itself, and the money will eventually tip fans in fact, the son died to Shenhua, Shenhua fans is spending money to help their own people, I think it's worth." ??? A warm jersey for auction ???? second days after winning Shenhua, Qin Sheng and football reporter Xu Jiang jointly launched the auction, will wear FA Cup match at the Jersey auction, the auction will get all the money in charity, and will be in micro-blog announced, in order to ensure the transparency charitable behavior. Qinsheng during the Shenhua fans see fee Shunjun cancer still insist on news of the game at Shenhua moved that the reserve, tip and gastric cancer struggle for nearly two years, died last year, during a serious illness, the heart is still in bed by Shenhua, Shenhua witnessed the mobile phone for the first time in history to defeat Hengda, despite the pain plagued him, but when he looked at the Shenhua 2 1 victory over the opponent, Fei Shunjun sincerely happy for Shenhua, even forget the pain. As a result, he decided to donate all the proceeds from the fans to the five year old son of the Ramos brother. ???? as a shirt worn I-Wen collectors, saw the news immediately on the game jerseys had a great interest, and decided to take this shirt to. He said: "I like Shenhua, I like to collect the shirt, so when I see the news, I want to buy it no matter how much it takes." Here is the shirt of knowledge, shirt can be divided into fans, players, locker room version version version and down version of the four, of which the most valuable is the game jerseys, because the player in the game must be on-site dressed, in addition to swap jerseys or gift to fans, or by the club and personal charity auction, basically will be sent back to the locker room, so really went to the market down jerseys are very rare. ???? "at the beginning of this year I want to fall of field jerseys Shenhua, but such opportunities may come without the impression this season, only three pieces of Moreno's birthday, 8 to 1 victory over Liaoning in the south, he stands threw a shirt, Martins also in this piece stands lost two shirt, I try to get jerseys fans, but ultimately to no avail, so to see things after Qin Sheng auction Jersey, do not hesitate to let my assistant to the operation of the." Dai Yiwen was so recollection of the original intention of the shirt. ??? Perfect combination of love Shenhua and charity ???? Qin Sheng's shirt started at a price of 3000 yuan at an auction platform, until 11 o'clock in the noon of December 1st, and the final price was 〉

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