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Since Tom Brady (Tom Brady) after they become Patriots quarterback, every day did well, especially in December is living out of the pinnacle of life feeling. simple explanation: Tom Brady (Tom Brady) December record of 54-10. "(the regular season strong ending) is very important," Brady said, "I think coach Bailey Cheik (Bill Belichick) also said that no matter in the end of the season when the record of 5-5 or 10-0 or final attitude is the most important. In 2001, our record was 5-5, but then we didn't lose. After a few years, 10-0 of us entered the last month, but we did not perform well. So it seems to me how the end of this stage is the most important part of the season. We are in a good position now, but we have to keep going. " In December Brady personal highest winrate statistics show that pass the quarterback race in December the completion rate of 62.6%, 15556 yards, 108 touchdowns, 40 interceptions. The history of the NFL Roger - Starbuck (Roger Staubach only) December winning record of 17-3 higher. last year, the Patriots were all victorious in the four games in December, and the last defeat in December was in the 2015.12.27 and the jet 26-20 defeated them.Green Bay Packer manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) did not succeed 6 times this season, but his seventh time finally cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hit the Universiade. in the Dallas Cowboys Hernandez - Bryant (Dez Bryant) of the super ball 31 yards led the Cowboys came to the packers 1 yard line, this time from the end of the game with 4 minutes 42 seconds, the packers only 5 points ahead. Mccarthy threw the red flag to catch the ball, and the referee decided to touch the ball after playback. Bryant failed to control the ball completely, and the packers finally won the game by 26 to 21. is bound to be remembered by the two teams, and some fans think it is the karma that the Cowboys benefited from the referee's misjudgment last week. and the cowboy manager Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) responded: "I saw him falling from three feet high, like he usually took the ball. In my view, he completely controlled the ball, but we still soberly realized that losing is not the reason for the referee. We had 60 minutes to win the game and we didn't play well. Dean Blandino Dean, the vice president of the League, explained the penalty in twitter. "Bryant ball touches the ground. According to rules, he must control the ball in the whole process, so his catch is not completed," Dean. packaging team quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) after the game said: "the referee made the right penalty, we win the ball in a reasonable way. I was glad the coach chose the challenge when I saw the ball from the electronic screen, and there were nearly 60 people shouting the challenge on the sidelines.Rice (Ray Rice) has been suspended since being cut off by the crow and has been banned indefinitely by the NFL, and the situation is going to change now. Ian Ian, a NFL Meida insider, reported on Sunday that according to the news, the NFL players' Union will appeal for Rys on Monday. The trade union will defend the two time that RIS was punished for the same mistake for the two time. The first Les was suspended for two games since February in a domestic violence casino in Atlanta with his fiancee, the penalty in the last week in TMZ reported in the Lewei casino elevator attack les Jeanne rice (Janay Rice), causing her head hit the railing to lose consciousness after the video became indefinitely suspended. Before TMZ exposure, NFL announced a change in the alliance's personal behavior policy. In an open letter to the owner of the alliance, NFL President Roger - Roger Goodell apologized for his initial decision on the lessees.Chinese celebration of "Huarun" World Softball day at Chinese base |2016 Cleveland June 13 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) in June 13th, with the happy softball wisdom of life as the theme of the 2016 Huarun World Softball day Chinese celebrations held at the same time in Zhengzhou, the country more than 10 city, is expected to total nearly million people directly participate in the celebration. softball after more than 100 years of development, has become the world wide range of modern popular sports, it pays attention to the rules and etiquette, full of wisdom, skills and fitness in one set of variables, intelligent, flexibility and coordination training, exercise will enhance team spirit, the combination of individual and collective hero perfect sports. The World Softball day commemorative event is a worldwide celebration launched by the International Softball Federation in June 13, 1991 to commemorate the women's softball event, which was listed as the official Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee in the world. In June 13th every year, nearly 130 countries and regions around the world celebrate the festival in a variety of ways. children perform a soft ball rod base 2016 World Softball day main venue celebrations were held with the assistance of the Zheng Dong New Area Management Committee and the education and cultural and Sports Bureau of the new area of the new area of Zheng Dong. The International Softball Federation vice chairman, executive vice chairman of China Softball Association, executive vice president Chinese talks Orioles Education Institute of sports and health branch Li Hongjiang, vice mayor of Zhengzhou municipal government of Liaoning Province, Liu Dong, vice mayor of Benxi municipal government, Chinese Qu Gang Institute of sports and Health Education Association adviser Chen Yongli, Secretary General Yang Xu, China Softball Association Guangdong Huarun paints on behalf of Cao Guoying attended the main venue. Zheng Dong New District Management Committee vice director Chen Pingshan made a welcome speech President Li Hongjiang, deputy director of the sports and health branch of the China Institute of education, China Education Institute of sports and health branch deputy secretary general Bai Rongzheng read the notice of Award awarding ceremony Vice President Chinese talks Orioles Softball Association to Zheng Dong New District Board of education as soft baseball and softball equipment Chinese Softball Association Secretary General Yang Xu gives Huarun paint to Cao Guoying as a souvenir At the main meeting, Bai Rongzheng, Deputy Secretary General of the sports and health branch of the China Institute of education, read the "fourth batch of soft baseball and softball naming", "the fourth batch of soft baseball and softball."

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