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on Thursday U.S. time, the Seattle Seahawks 22 to 16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, but the team starting cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) the season of Achilles tendon rupture. in the game, Sherman left the field in the third quarter and was identified as an injured player. According to the field staff from Sherman and teammates in the dialogue, Sherman himself judged that he was a tendon tear. later, the Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) confirmed the news that Sherman will miss the entire season. Sherman was injured obviously for the Seahawks for the tremendous impact, the Seahawks original defense i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s the core of the defensive line, but now Sherman Earl - Thomas match reports, (Earl Thomas) for the injured. reported that before the injury, Sherman had repeatedly said he had suffered a pain in the Achilles tendon throughout the season, so he was not surprised at his injury after the game. After the , Sherman wrote on his social platform: "why I hate Thursday night games so." The title of the article.for Cleveland Brown quarterback Blaine Hoyer Brian, the biggest test this season is the lack of a trusted top player. The problem will be solved in this week's match against the Atlanta falcons, and Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon) will be returned from the ban. Heuer held the first joint training with Gordon on Wednesday. He did not hesitate to praise in his subsequent interview: "Josh's ability to exercise is beyond doubt. He is like a monster. But in any case, it's not enough for basketball, not a simple shot. We need to pay attention to every tactic and win as a team. He has to prove that he can be a member of the team, and today he has taken the first step of his success. " last season, Brown was the most passing team in the league. This year they hired a good set ground offensive tactics Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan), at present they rushed the ball number more than 2 in the provisional League, and achieved very good results. Last season, in 2 games in the first fully together, he and Gordon line 14 times, from 217 yards, he said: "if I fall into the crisis, I will pass the ball to him." At present, the success rate of Heuer's pass is only 55.7%, and the alliance is at the bottom. Gordon's return will help him to a large extent.Indianapolis pony confirmed that Ken DELL - Kendall Langford was unable to fight again. pony officially put the veteran defensive front end in the list of injury reserve. In the seventh week, team leader Pagano Chuck Pagano suggested that Lang Fude will not return this season. Langford has been absent since seventh weeks with a knee injury. At that time he had fought 135 games in a row, the most in active defense frontline players. if the pony can get into the playoffs and go far, Langford is still qualified to return this season. scored 7 times in 2015 in the first season for the pony, but he failed to capture the first 7 games of the season.GAME LOGTACKLESFUMBLESINTERCEPTIONSDATEOPPRESULTCOMBTOTALASTSACKSTFSTFYDSFFKBINTYDSAVGLNGTDPDPreviously with NE, Acquired by TENSun 2/4L 33-410000.Sun 1/21W 24-206420.Sat 1/13W 35-144400.Sun 12/31W 26-62200.Sun 12/24W 37-163301.Complete Game Log ?

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