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Jaron - Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey) grew up in Nashville city of Tennessee, but that's not why he wanted the Tennessee Titans makes him a draft of the NFL this year. , a former Florida State University defender, wants to be the top player because he believes he is the best player in the talent show. "This is what I have always dreamed of," Ramsey said on Tuesday. "This is the goal I've been fighting for, and I want them to pick me because they know I'm the best player in the show this year and I'm from Tennessee. That's just a fancy. " "I want them to really think I'm the best player in the show. I really feel I am and I feel I will be in the measurement of camp, in my day, and they want to show me or need to show when no matter what ability I can continue to show up, I will continue to show that." The 6 - foot - 1 - inch, 209 - pound Ramsey of Ramsey, of course, proved to be one of the best players cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the country during his three year college career. He selected the best team in the United States three degrees in a number of institutions and 23 times to destroy the ball, 3 times to force the ball, 3 pass the pass and 5 escapement. is considered to be the best player in the show this year. If not the University of Mississippi offensive tackle pull - Searle (Laremy Tunsil Remy Tang) mobile and flexible, Ramsey is recognized as the best player for this year. Ramsey served as a cornerback, safety and cornerback ability slot - and at every location -- let him play well in the league now takes to attack the huge value.(Percy Harvin) - Percy HARVIN two weeks before the debut season only played 21 offensive. In the bye weeks, HARVIN thinks himself in the next game against the Cincinnati tigers in full play. "as far as I know, I think I will go," HARVIN said on Wednesday. "I don't know a few offense. I did take part in the full training today. Get more training opportunities and many opportunities to train with the first line-up. I want to continue to do what I do and keep me ready, so when the game comes, I'll let the coach decide. " Since the in the first game since October 2015 HARVIN in no direction pass to him. In November 1st he resurfaces, in his efforts to restore the body in the bye week. Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) is still in the injured reserve list, Bill hope for the team's long ball attack HARVIN can bring flash performance. If the back of hand Brandon Tate (Brandon Tate) in the next game due to a concussion to the pitch, HARVIN may also have secret service tasks. Bill, now 4 - 5, is still in the playoffs. The game against the tigers may decide who will lose the playoff hope. ?3 1 is the deadline for teams to label key players, in other words, the final opportunity for the team to stop the players from entering the free market. Dezhou A.J. Boyer (A.J. Bouye) did a good job this year, but the team didn't seem to keep his plan. local media reporters reported that Dezhou people may not add any privileged labels to any of the players. Take the Boyer 2017 $14 million after the Dezhou offseason there will be a $25 million salary space operation. last year Boyer fought 15 games, starting 11 games, passing the ball and defending the 16 team. The regular game was cut 1 times and the playoffs were cut 2 times. He must be paid more attention in the free market.The official website of NFL | Las Vegas mayor confidence Raiders will move to Las Vegas | football Las Vegas mayor Caroline Goodman (Carolyn Goodman) is confident that unless the implementation process goes wrong, the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas. if Nevada handles the matter properly, the Raiders will come here, Goodman said in an interview. Mark Davis, the boss of the Raiders, has said that he will invest 500 million dollars to build a plan worth 1 billion 400 million dollars in Las Vegas, which can accommodate 65000 people's Stadium in Mark. Mark - Davies has told us that Las Vegas will not be involved in the raider's Stadium contract, Goodman said. I know we're going to have a team. in addition to Davies's $500 million, Jinsha and its partners will also invest $150 million, and the remaining $750 million will be obtained through tax. Supporters of the plan said in April 28th that they would ask the Nevada legislature to convene a special session in August, and approve the Levy of part of the housing tax to build the stadium. after that, NFL team owners will vote on whether the Raiders will be able to move, and the Raiders need at least 24 of the 32 bosses to agree.

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