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Our network football equipment all over Spain lower league team's jersey is the best! "In the last season of beer, broccoli, tuxedo" theme Jersey after the Spanish team CD Guijelo Serie C Club has just announced their 2015-16 jerseys, their away shirt is actually inspired from the famous ham, the area of Jamó n de Guijuelo (Guijuelo is the production of ham).The official website of NFL | afraid what to what Lynch or have | football media day ticket NFL President Roger Guder (Roger Goodell) told reporters yesterday, the alliance will end later to discuss the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean ma - Lynch in the Super Bowl (Marshawn Lynch) to perform the obligations on the media player and whether in the day wearing a substandard hat. Lynch's performance on this Tuesday's media day made reporters very helpless. He answered all 29 questions raised by reporters, because he was not punished because I came, and he only stayed there for 5 minutes. In addition, he wore a hat which was not related to the NFL series. Although the manufacturer of the hat was the same as the NFL sponsor, Lynch could still violate the dress code of the alliance. at a news cheap nfl jerseys free shipping conference on Wednesday, Lynch's part, why I answered all the questions in this with what you know, and still only stay for 5 minutes. On Thursday, Lynch made a brief statement, but still did not return to the question. Godell said: "I think Lynch knows the importance of the super bowl, so he should also be aware of personal image and the conference is also a part of the super bowl, the fans are very concerned on both sides of the preparations for the conference, which is a generation of fans questioned the local reporters. I know that these things may be Lynch completely indifferent, but all the other players have joined the press conference, because it is our responsibility. There is no doubt that everyone has a job that we do not want to do, but we can't do it because we don't like it.The official website of NFL | veteran running back Jackson hope to continue the occupation career | football don't think that running back Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) in this offseason and some veteran retired. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to reports from people familiar with the matter, said Jackson, who had spent his last 35 weekend, wanted to continue his career in the 2016 season. Jackson in the last season as a third run Wei completed 32 ball for Seattle Seahawks 257 yards and 2 touchdowns will become a free agent. in the occupation career, Jackson is no longer a credible threat to punch the ball. But he can still serve as a relay, passing protector and team leader to help the team.Handball | twenty-ninth Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation will report | held | hand Association in Beijing On 11 9, the report of the Chinese sports delegation of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games will be held in the Great Hall of the people of Beijing. Xinhua News Agency (Yang Huifeng photo) related news: Guo Jingjing: for this one second art, I spent 20 years Liu Zige: 2008 is not my end, but a new starting point, xinhuanet.com September 11 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Fei) carrying the century old dream of the Chinese nation of the Beijing Olympic Games have ended, China sports delegation is shouldering the party and the people's expectations and trust, fully participate in various events, with a good harvest both in sports and spiritual civilization achievements, on a satisfactory answer to the party and the people. On the 11 day, the report of the Chinese sports delegation of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games will be held in the Great Hall of the people of Beijing. China sports team a total of 639 athletes participated in 28 sports and 262 events, winning 51 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 28 bronze medals, a total number of 100 medals, 4 world record, ranked Olympic gold medals, second medals, made Chinese participate in the Olympic Games the best results in the history of. Beijing Olympic Games, China's advantages of the project continue to maintain a strong advantage, the potential advantages of the project has made a major breakthrough, the collective sports project overall also has new progress, further widening the scope for prizes, many projects in the realization of China's history of the Olympic Games and the gold medal breakthrough, reflecting comprehensively improve the overall strength of China's competitive sports the. Liu Peng, director of the State General Administration of sports and head of the Chinese sports delegation, first made a report at the meeting. He said that the national sports front should focus on politics and the overall situation, emancipate the mind, reform and innovate, and unify our will, based on early and meticulous and meticulous and systematic preparations. he said Chinese sports delegation achievements attributed to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the loving care and strong leadership, thanks to the great era of reform and opening up, thanks to the support of the people of the whole country and society from all walks of life, thanks to several generations of sports workers in more than half a century of hard work and hard work. At the report, Chinese sports delegation athletes Tully, Guo Jingjing, Liu Chunhong, Liu Zige, Meng Guanliang, Yang Wei, Zhong Man, Zhong Man, coach and coach were reported respectively. Liu Guoliang said in his report that the tradition of Chinese table tennis team is that when you come down from the champion podium, you are no longer champion, and everything starts from scratch. Our predecessors once gave our country and people a brilliant resplendence. Our new generation of Chinese table tennis people's unshirkable mission is to continue indefinitely.

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