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some time in trade rumors, the Seahawks quarterback Colin Capet decided not to sign Nick (Colin Kaepernick). Some people think about it, is it the money problem that leads to the failure of the two parties? reliable source tells you that it's not a matter of money. This is and the Seahawks responded by match, coach Peter Carol said earlier that Capet Nick "ability" in the league as a starter, salary cap space for this type of evaluation of speech are generally not related with the team. eventually decided not to sign the Seahawks starting quarterback level, should also have the first array themselves in. The current performance of Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) does not require a team to start looking back. currently has three Seahawks quarterback, the other two are Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin) and Jack (Jake Heaps) - Xipu adams.The official website of NFL | AKI Budd Taleb: Newton is the most dangerous | Football League q cheap nfl jerseys free shipping uarterback recently by the Denver Broncos cornerback AKI Budd Taleb (Aqib Talib) expressed to be facing the Super Bowl rival Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) appreciation. in the United States Monday in a media interview, Taleb praised Newton: now Newton is the league's most dangerous. In fact, in the final of the last NBA final, Newton did feel a great threat. in last Sunday's game, Newton has completed 335 yards pass, 2 passes and touches the ball 47 yards, completes 2 to hit the ball to reach the goal, is situated in his height and the body, for the wild horse, the next match is not small. , as of the 18 games, Newton has completed 50 league matches to lead the league. But don't forget that the defense team of the Mustang is the first defensive team in the league. Let's wait and see.The official website of NFL, a loss to the Hawks after Rothlisberger had considered retirement in rugby nest when the Pittsburgh Steelers visited Philadelphia eagles, they want the best results, of course, if the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) after retirement without considering the better. in 2008 to 15 than 6 beat the eagles Steelers, the game Rothlisberger was sacked 8 times, but also his occupation career in the United States Tuesday Wallace said in an interview: I left the airport I drove home in his thoughts after that game, I asked myself, do you still want this game? Do you really want to play football well? It's not going to be retired. In that year, he was 26 years old. He came to his teammate Bret Cassell (Brett Keisel) to chat and drink with each other. After 4 months, he won the super bowl. that year Ben was sacked 46 times, but still got the Steelers super bowl, now the offensive line is at that time very well this season, only Wallace was sacked 2 times, and 12 matches last season he was sacked 20 times. But for it is really hard to win the Steelers, since 1965 the Steelers never won the Steelers and eagles, hawks are 2 wins and 0 losses, believe that this Sunday's game will be very fierce. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL official website |JJ w for production and distribution | football fans. Tuesday is Houston Dezhou team this week only rest day, but their number one star J.J. watts (JJ Watt) and kept away from the training field, suddenly came to John watts (Papa John's) best pizza restaurant, for the fans and making pizza delivery. The of philanthropy w in college pizza doing part-time work, this season he will cooperate with rod John, a Dezhou people preferred pizza every Tuesday for 10% of sales donated to the watt foundation, aims to provide more sports in the community the opportunity for children after school. Watt says the most exciting part of his life is to contribute to the growth of the children and to see them succeed. My foundation has been established for more than four years to witness the growth of many young people. They did their best to achieve their dreams in middle school, and eventually received the university admission notice. Now is the time for them to take off. It's incredible. After finished the pizza in the restaurant, Watt went to the home of the lucky fans in the afternoon and sent them a pizza with his own hands. Greeting the fans face to face, looking at them, they are surprised to say that the expression of thanks is really interesting. Watt said that it's great to raise money for charity, help children and change their lives through such trivial things as takeaway. when asked about the perfect day when sending pizza in college, Watt replied humorously, "as long as I didn't steal pizza on the road,"

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