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The official website of NFL, Jaguar and patriots pre-season training in football will nest Although and two previous Super Bowls to meet a different, but Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) and Bill Bailey Cheik (Bill Belichick) and let their team with the opportunity to battle. Jacksonville Jaguars and new England Patriots will be 8.7-8.8 in Foxborough joint training, after the season at the Gillette stadium. will have a chance to work together in the pre - season and the defending champions to be of great benefit to our team. Jaguar manager Doug Marrone (Doug Marrone) said that we are very grateful to coach Bailey Cheik's invitation. The Jaguar also announced that the two days of training would be open to the public. The Patriots had also invited the Dezhou people to train together, but did not get a response. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | tug of war, the Cardinals 4 free kick win | rams football Beijing time on December 12th, the 2014 NFL regular season fifteenth week race first launched in the two National League West between the teams, the Arizona Cardinals away Saint Louis rams, both sides in the game are not able to get a touchdown, with Cardinals rookie kick pl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ayers Chandler (Chandler Catanzaro) Saluo Tanzania card four free kick in the cardinals, with a 12:6 victory over the rams. But the four point guard Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) right knee injury, this is another blow for the Cardinals. Enter the season ending in playoff contention, more and more intense, at the beginning of the season the eye-catching performance of the cardinals in the quarterback Carson Palmer (Cason Palmer) were injured after having some ups and downs, nearly 4 games two wins and two losses, the Seattle Seahawks recent good momentum, leading the Cardinals also number field be reduced to only 1 games, so this is a must not lose the game. Cardinals attack first, but in the home court the rams showed high game engagement, the Cardinals scored a first attack after they were forced to punt last week, outstanding punter Drew - Butler (Drew Butler) did not play a long distance, with the friends of the team a foul, the rams directly on the 45 yard line began to attack. The rams finished 11 yards of three converted quarterback Sean Hill (Shaun Hill) Road direct receiver Cory Hatchie (Cory Harkey) came to the Cardinals red zone, but they are not a step closer, choose a free kick, 0:3. The attack did not pick up, punt again. But the rams running back at Mason (Tre Mason) off the ball, the Cardinals easily hold of the ball, the rams in red area in front of the better offensive position, the end of the first quarter. easy side battles, the Cardinals also did not complete the touchdown in the red zone, kicker Katan Salo hit a free kick, 3:3. The rams punt, the Cardinals began to attack on the 15 yard line, Alan Stanton left wide receiver Michael Freud (Michael Floyd) at 49 yards, but after passing success rate is too low, the attack once again to kick Saluo the Catan ends, 6:3. Since then, the two sides have not found a chance to score again, and the half game is over. third day after the start of the game on both sides of the offensive team is still not in the state, a total of three times before the attack was all out (Three and out). The key point in the game appear in this section with 8 minutes 41 seconds, get two cardinals in this section only once after the first attack, Stanton was the two rams defensive player from behind down, expression of pain, knee injury could not return to the game, Katan Salo once again.The official website of NFL | Super Bowl parties injury report: the absence of Thomas | football training 2014 season's super bowl against the two sides will be the Seattle Seahawks and new England patriots, the distance of the season the most important game in less than 10 days, the two sides also began to use their training plan. The latest injuries were reported on both sides of the country on Friday, local time. patriot center Blaine (Bryan Stork) Siduoke a day before he returned to training in full training has been for two consecutive days. The reporter revealed that Stock was in good condition and was not expected to be in the super bowl first. Aigo has repeatedly stressed the importance of the Seahawks defensive attack, they hope to use a completely healthy, and have experience in the line against the opponent. is a Seahawks exposed worrying news: safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) because of a shoulder injury absence of all training. The team has not given a specific description of his injury yet, and we will be concerned about it. The Seahawks offensive front line mixed, guard J.R. Sweezy (J.R. Sweezy) due to an ankle injury in training. Rookie Shaun Justin Britt (Justin Britt) has returned to training in the next week, look out. Aigo remained healthy, while linebacker Tangta - Hajto Hua (Dont 'a Hightower) and Brandon Rafael (Brandon over LaFell) only in a small amount of training, but the team revealed that two people will be planned in the super bowl.After gaining power in charge of the lineup, the 49 San Francisco's new commander Kell Shanahan Kyle appears to be associated with every quarterback he has coached . is perhaps the most popular is will try to chase the quarterback Kirk Shanahan - Cousins (Kirk Cousins), even if Washington let cousins become privileged label players, which means that 49 people have to pay two first round draft picks. but after listening to the interview on Friday after Shanahan, he did not seem to cousins as the only option 49. "you don't bring everything and in one year," says shanahan. "Yes, you want to win the ball right away. This is the goal of everyone. But you don't want to do this at the expense of the future. " "You don't want to gamble," he said, . You want to be enterprising in every aspect, but you have to do the right thing. You have to build the team in the right way. That's what I mean to be patient. " Shanahan also said that he and general manager John - Lynch (John Lynch) will be considered by trade, introducing free players and draft the reconstruction team, but he also knew that even if there is a good quarterback 49 people were not ready to compete the division title. if he can't pass the transaction or the free agent market by veteran quarterback, Shanahan insists he will not rush to used the pick to pick quarterback. Shanahan has 6 years to lead 49 people stand up. Before that, he had taught a lot of successful quarterback, so it was not necessary for him to gamble in the future.

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