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Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson), Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick), Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman)... have you heard enough of the names of the people in this long break season? a great NFL news making machine we have firmly tied, let us mired in exaggeration reports and far fetched analogy which inextricably bogged down in the mire. It firmly grasped the number of few names and stories, and would not let it loose. has 4200 columns for Adrian Peterson next season work reviewed -- of course, this is not his fault. In the same way, do not blame Capet Nick for the eight strands of news describing how Colin Capet can't find a job. They are not the ones who are in charge of the sports news of the rest of the season. , then, the changes of the coaching team, the joining of new comers and the market of free agents have completely changed the situation of alliance. And many factors that will change NFL in December are still a mystery in June. lets us aban cheap nfl jerseys free shipping don those familiar names, and try to dig out some unknown NFL players who will bring great influence to their teams in the 2017 season, no matter it's good or bad. 1. Atlanta hawk attack team coordinator Steve sachy Xi'an (Steve Sarkisian) many people forgot that MVP quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) had suffered many setbacks when it was adjusted from Dirk Koetter system to Kell Sha Nhan (Kyle Shanahan) system. The Falcons quarterback last season scenery infinite, but with Kell Shanahan went to San Francisco and Steve - Xi'an Sacchi's arrival, Ryan will usher in the four season to third offensive coordinator. Does this affect a powerful attack group of falcons? There are news in Atlanta that the offensive strategy of the falcons will be "roughly kept as it is". But don't forget that the current mission of the NFL rookie coordinator, Steve - sachy, is one of the best NFL directors in the past ten years. 2. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver John Brown (John Brown) fans to nickname "swiftly" (Smokey) John - Brown is not strange, but because of a concussion and sickle cell disease, a profound threat (vertical threat) the Cardinals wide receiver had a mediocre 2016 season. But recently, the Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said: "Smoke'was back to his. He ran the route and ran last Pittsburgh, fans waving a towel is not only a terrible thing. The Baltimore team took over the crow Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) is used to describe the Steelers home court turf is to let him fear. "It's awful," Smith said in an interview. The court manager needs to make some repairs to the turf, and it is clear that the site is overused. It was a good thing for them, but it was a nightmare for the players of the two teams. weather forecast said Saturday night that the wild card battle will rain, and the crow team coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) did not worry so. He said: "we are prepared to deal with the problem and we will arrange our strategy for the trend of the game." The stadium has been improved after it was used to make the rise of the dark knight, but it is only partial. So both teams have to overcome the conditions of the scene. Obviously, at present, there is no time for the League to seriously consider the time when players are running, changing and catching when they are on the field, because the safety problems of feet caused by the problems of the venues are.even-even network football equipment PUMA released the Glasgow Rangers season home court Jersey, design New Jersey rooted in history, and innovative design to meet the dual needs of the players and the fans.The official website of NFL | Raiders fullback Rees determined to participate in the regular season | football The right foot injury of Oakland Raiders Marcel Reece is not so terrible as it was originally supposed to be. He will play well in the regular season next month. Rees took part in all the training programs on Wednesday. In the next two days, he will take the MRI to confirm the injury situation against Detroit lions last week. And the injuries on the team's report were changed to the leg. Rees has been out of 4 games since he was a regular whole - guard in 2010, and he said he didn't want to play. I was relieved when I knew that my injury was not as serious as I had imagined. This is really a decompression. I feel that the injury is getting better and better. If I need to rest, I can't imagine how I spend every minute. Rees hurt his foot in last Friday's game. He insisted on continuing the race. After that, he was put off because of intolerable pain. X light after the match had no ideal result, but he was forced to leave the training ground. He went back to the stadium for training after being checked by MRI. He was allowed to do all training until Wednesday, but we could still see him running on one foot and running shoes at the side of the court.

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