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The NFL website will open Levi and | lions linebacker contract talks | football en Su Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - hole. The Detroit lions realized core players to retain players, they need to start the negotiations as soon as possible. Local time Friday, the general manager in an interview revealed that the team has started to levy and linebacker de Andre (DeAndre Levy) contract negotiations. the past 2 seasons, Levi is the core players defensive lion group, he is also the 2 consecutive season in occupation bowl. Last season, the lion's defensive team ranked third in terms of losing points, and the number of lost numbers was fourth. This season, the basic salary of the levy is only $3 million 500 thousand, the team is expected to provid cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e a ca.. The 10 most valuable defensive player of the 28 year old Levi was also named the official website. according to the relevant sources, the lion also hopes to extend the new aid Kazakhstan Loti Natta (Haloti Ngata) of the contract, but the team also said that the specific negotiations will be conducted after the draft. The new season, the lion hopes to be able to stand on the defensive, strive for again into the playoffs, and go further.New York giants seem reluctant to defensive end Jason and the team of Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) to complete the contract for a long time, but the team next season and he does so, the giant in the United States Monday for the 28 year old defensive line players use privilege tags. It is reported that the giants will in the United States on Tuesday announced the news, Pierre Paul in July 15th of this year and the team can determine whether a long-term contract. Pierre Paul had suffered severe burns in the previous season and completed 7 escapement in 12 games this season. for the giants they are really worried about Pierre Paul for the privilege of using the label will make him not happy, but the team did not want to let Pierre Paul now enter the free market, if the label Pierre Paul determined to stay on the privilege of giants, this will be his second season playing privileges under the label.The official website of NFL | A Ryans: Palmer need to hurry | football last November, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) a knee injury early goodbye to the season. From that moment, the record of the League of nations, a sudden turn for the worse, eventually lost the semi-final. In the presence of Palmer, the Cardinals played 8 wins and 1 best record in the league, but after 8 games, they only won 3 games. The season, the Cardinals goal is further, the veteran team needs to return as soon as possible, to lead the team forward. Coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) said in an interview that he knew that there was not much time left for him. The team is made up of different players in various positions, but the quarterback is the most important. We need him. now, Palmer's recovery is very optimistic, he has been able to properly participate in the training of 7 to 7. However, at this stage, A Ryans does not intend to arrange for him to take part in the 11 - to - 11 full field training. Palmer said: I realized that there was not much chance of leaving me. I have to accept the reality and try to do better. Palmer played in 15 games, he scored 13 victories, passing success rate up to 64.5%, 27 touchdowns, and steals 12 times, scoring Help | Press | Advertise on | Sales Media Kit | Interest-Based Ads | Corrections | Contact Us | Site Map | Jobs at ESPN 2018 ESPN Internet Ventures. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Interest-Based Ads are applicable to you. All rights reserved.

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