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Our football equipment news according to the "Daily Mail" news, the Premiership giants Manchester City has been close to PUMA and a new shirt sponsorship agreement, puma will become Manchester City next season New Jersey supplier. Manchester and Nike contract will expire at the end of the season, PUMA saw the opportunity to pound down this season of Superman Blue moon. But there are indications that the possibility of PUMA over very large al Ittihad stadium. After the German brand has entered AC Milan and Marseilles, city has also become a high profile team to join the PUMA in the 2018-19 season.The official website of NFL | pirates Coach: Donald and Watt with the level of | football J.J. (J.J. Watt) w is the best defensive player of this era, he is a step forward towards the best history, object and he will be Laurence - Taylor challenge (Lawrence Taylor), Reggie White (Reggie White) and other defensive players in the history of great men. on the other hand, there is also a player among the active players who are trying to hit the Watt league's best title. One of these is Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald), the two grade defensive cut-off of Saint Louis rams. This week, the rams will play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Thursday night game, pirates offensive coordinator Dirk Kurt - (Dirk Koetter) said that cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Donald and Watt have grown to the same level of players. Kurt said: special, particularly destructive. The staff of our team, who was in charge of the research, told me a few weeks ago that he and Watt were the same players. So I said to myself, 'Oh, my God, that's incredible.' Then I looked at the video, and I had to say, 'oh my God, he and Watt are a level!' I mean, he's going through a fantastic season, a player that can decide the trend of the game. Watt is the highest standard of the current defensive players in the league. Fans will doubtfully suspect that Cott's remarks may be just an exaggeration, even a compliment before the game. But in fact, Donald deserves the compliments of Kurt. The best defensive rookie of the 2014 season has attracted the attention of the entire league with actual performance. According to the scoring system of Pro Football Focus, Donald's total score is +64.7 at the end of thirteenth weeks, which is higher than that of Watt's +63.9. This is also the first time since the wate's rookie season, for the first time, a player can surpass watt in terms of the total score at this stage of the season. However, with the fourteenth Duke sheep defeated the Detroit lions, Donald once again to get high marks, and opened the score gap between W. In the competition, Donald destroyed the lion's attack front with his own strength. He completed 3 capture, 6 hit the quarterback, and contributed 3 times to get the opponent to lose the number. NFL official said: I don't know whether there is a more threatening and mobile player in the alliance than Donald. He kept moving in the opposite direction to hit the quarterback. He is also a top player in the field, and is a very complete player. as of this week, Donald finished 11 shots, ranked fifth in the league, and led all the cutting fronts. In addition, he and Blanton - Williams (Brandon Williams) and Joseph (Lin〉 linvaldJiangsu Suning held the launching ceremony, the new season's 2018 Milan international home court Jersey, Suning at AFC Champions League Su Ningxin aid qualification was wearing the new season Jersey during the launching ceremony, from left to right, Zhang Lingfeng, Tian Yi Nong, Paletta, HEMMI club for map in March 1st, Jiangsu Suning Football Club held a 2018 season start ceremony in Nanjing. Liu Jun, general manager of Suning football club in Jiangsu, said: "the club will continue to strive for the goal of building a modern and professional football club in Asia through scientific management and operation. In the 2018 season, the goal of Jiangsu's Suning team is to win the sub - title. in addition, Paletta, Zhang Lingfeng and other new help also appeared at the ceremony scene, Boakye has not yet arrived in Nanjing, failed to attend. The Su Ningxin season's home and guest shirt was also exposed at the ceremony scene. modern express /ZAKER Nanjing reporter Wang Wei new season goal Suning strives for the sub - Qualification ritual scene, Liu Jun, general manager of Jiangsu's Suning football club, made clear that the team's 2018 season goal was to win the sub - title. He said that in Marbella and Dubai through the two stage of the winter training and a series of warm-up match, the Suning team is ready for the new season. the 2016 season is the first season of Jiangsu Suning, when Teixeira, Ramirez, Gu Chao, Xie Pengfei and other foreign players have just taken the lead in Jiangsu's football, and let them become a new force in the Super League. At the end of the season, Suning won the three runner up of the Super League, the FA Cup and the Super Cup. Although they didn't taste the championship, Suning made Jiangsu's football steady and promising. in the next 2017 season, Suning went through a roller coaster process. The team made history in the sub - game field, but the Premier League once fell into the relegation mud, falling from second to the bottom of the league. this year is the third year of Suning to take over Jiangsu football. This season, the war reorganization Suning proposed impact AFC Champions League qualification, which requires the team to enter the league or at least four won the FA Cup champion. This goal is no doubt very difficult in the age of the middle and super group. new lineup in the new season Paletta and other new aid appeared in ritual scene, new aid introduced by Suning. In U23 players, in addition to the introduction, Zhang Lingfeng and other star HEMMI potential, yellow.The official website of NFL | Reggie Bush to discuss contract matters | football Patriots NFL, the famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) received the news, running back Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) in the new England Patriots will visit today, Bush was at the beginning of the week and the week visited the New York giants and San Francisco 49. the Patriots lost Sean Flynn (Shane Vereen) has been looking for his replacement Reggie Bush is a reliable person. Bush has a great ability to catch the ball, it can perfect Flynn's tactical role, and Bush has also had the experience of cooperating with the elite quarterback and winning the championship. Because the patriot right Percy (Percy Harvin) - HARVIN has decided to sign with Bill, which could prompt the Patriot more urgent signing Reggie Bush

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