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The official website of NFL | Super Bowl MVP story of the von Miller | Rugby Name: von Miller (Von Miller) age: 27 (long or older) ????????NFL?????????????|??????????????????? field position: outside a (active NFL best edge defender) graduation school: Texas A& M University (Jonny Manzel alma mater) career achievement: the fiftieth Super Bowl MVP (refresh the next top salary record?) sports family, the University became famous for one year, von Miller (Von Miller), a black man born in the most popular Dezhou in rugby. He was born by a sportsman, and he was doomed to be a sport in his life. And his parents may not have thought that Miller is now one of the best American football players on the planet. Miller, who has a good sports gene, has shown a pretty good physical talent for Miller. In high school he was not only on rugby, but his performance in the 110 - meter hurdles, the three - level jumps and the javelin was also dazzling. This may also be an important reason for him to kill the four sides in the rugby field. , who graduat cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ed from high school in 2007, has received many invitations from Miller, including University of Florida, University of Mississippi, University of Oklahoma and Dezhou Polytechnic University. Miller, who was the weakling defensive front end of the US in the year, finally chose the biggest university in Dezhou, Texas A& and M University (Texas A&M University). Miller, who became an agronomy, quickly joined the team and became the best newcomer of the 12 League in the first year. And in the next two years he had made great progress, and in the third year of the year he had an aggressive impact that led him to run the whole NCAA with 17. This year, he became the first agronomy player to choose the 1 team in the United States after Jason Webster (Jason Webster) in 1999. And then, the defence coordinator Joe Keanes (Joe Kines) Miller and Derek - Thomas Hall of fame outside (Derrick (Thomas) NFL single game sack record holder, 7) compared to the largely stimulated 〉The official website of NFL | Brady's April Fool's Day: I was really hurt | football you know, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) would never miss a good chance to fool you with! our new England Patriots quarterback, on Wednesday morning sent a Facebook photo, it makes you think of him in the Bahamian archipelago trip, and that his jumping video. Brady wrote in his face book that Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) is not a joke! Look carefully on his leg and Jordan's signature. well, Brady didn't actually what happened, he played a game of basketball at Bahamian archipelago and Jordan, playing golf laps, jumped up and down the cliff, then come back. Love the Patriots' fans.Beijing time in December 28, 29 days, B Jersey officially released official sponsor of the 2018 season in B team new season Jersey, in the continuation of the 2017 season design at the same time, Jersey into the characteristics of local culture and the team more characteristic, this embarrassing the monotony of the super team jersey for. specifically, the new army Yanbian North Jersey and Yanbian flight home court is consistent, the continuation of the traditional red Yanbian football. Built in Qigihar's home court abandoned the common concrete Jersey color red green yellow blue white Chinese football uniform, a black jersey for the first time home court is enabled, this is also the author of the Chinese football team that enabled the black as the color of the shirt home court. Hainan bloomer's Home Jersey abandoned the beach pants that had been spit out last year, but the main color is still blue. The Lhasa city of the new army continued their tradition in the period of mid - C and enabled a set of green shirts. Shanghai poly home court Jersey change movement and Zhenjiang Hua SA is mainly reflected in the design details. The North stadium shirt changed the color, and the main color changed from green to orange. Shanghai Shen fan home court is still a continuation of the blue and white striped shirt design, this is a blue streak width, synchronized with the logo color. The old team in Jiangxi continued to continue the main orange color as the home shirt color. The biggest change in Yancheng Dingli home court Jersey, the main color change from yellow to red, this shirt design is the biggest bright spot is the color of the shirt badge follow changed to blue Away Jersey with blue badge.The second grade NFL website, Steelers cornerback Burns was arrested because driving without a license, football nest tiger July 1st news Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Artie Burns (Artie Burns) on Thursday night due to the driver's license revoked and arrested by Miami police. , according to the police report, was stopped by the police when Burns was driving a license plate revoked SUV. He could not show his driver's license to the police, and the police later confirmed that his driver's license had been revoked. Burns was subsequently arrested and released, and his SUV was detained. The refused to comment on the matter. Burns in the first round of the twenty-fifth draft pick by the last Steelers selected, he made 65 tackles and 3 steals in his rookie season. 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