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One ticket for . this is the gap between the Denver Von Miller and the best defensive player of the year. He won the final award with one ticket inferior, and the Oakland raider's line guard Lille - Mike (Khalil Mack). , the line guard who won the fiftieth - time Super Bowl Award for the most valuable player, made it clear that he didn't win the prize as the driving force for the new season. "I am in the last year because of many factors and not doing much in the offseason," Miller said in his last year until mid July to join the team, stop training. "I don't want to use this as an excuse, but I won't win the prize with a ticket. One year before, I didn't know how much level I was behind. I narrowed the gap last year. ... this is part of life and I won't be plagued by the past. " Miller, a 28 year old, then expressed his goal. "I feel von von in the new season is the best I can show. It would be my best year, and that's my goal, "Miller said. "I can experience the complete offseason, complete off-season training, I will participate in the daily training. Not just luck... Now we have to focus on playing. I'm here, I'm ready. It's time to play. " if Miller plans to win the best defensive player of the new season, he will still face the competition from Mike, J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) and Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald). He has to make sure he stands out. even so, when Miller competed for the best defensive player of the year, his performance at the peak made him considered a strong competitor to MVP. The sky is his limit.NFL official website, NFL regular season twelft cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h week strength ranking, football nest Thanksgiving is the most important theme of this week, which is a holiday closer to the Chinese new year than Christmas. This is a holiday to be grateful to others, to be thankful, and to be a grateful person. This week Khalil Mack Newton sent a gift to Thanksgiving, let him become a monk again after a single game and sacks, steals, forced off the ball, picked up and dropped the ball up front players; Tyreek Hill to be grateful for his open teammates helped him become union 51 years after the single game completion return touchdown, the ball touchdowns, rushing touchdowns in the second... the team that has improved this week does not forget to be thankful for his unfortunate rivals, first cowboys (10-1) Why is always you? The cowboy won't get down from the throne. I heard a lot of people poisoned milk is more dangerous than a cowboy haiying. Well, it is true that the second line of the cowboy has a sign of collapse. They were good when Morris Claiborne and Barry Church were healthy. Now, Church has recovered, and Claiborne should be back in a few weeks. If you think the Seahawks will be happy in the playoffs with cowboys, maybe you should look at the last Seahawks against them video Bubu class. (we're talking about the team having a fully fired quarterback, not the Matt Cassel in the last season) video link here. Second ( = 1) Aigo (9-2) successfully won the jet. Patriot like Cyclops Serpent - Pulis gold finish New York escape. But their Savior is not Tom Brady, but the thorn tattoos have to the defensive end of the thirty years of age. Chris Long, who had only once been captured before the season, worked at the critical moment. Do not give Ryan Fitzpatrick any chance! With the perfect arc, the Willie McGinest and the Tedy Bruschi are attached to the soul. He represents the glorious tradition of patriots! At the moment, he's not a man fighting! The Patriots became the first of the United States. This victory belongs to James White, Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Hogan and Trey Flowers, and belongs to every abandoned patriot player! Third ( = 1) on (9-2) if Derek Carr has not yet entered your MVP weather.Du Fu has a poem, "shoot first shoot horses, qinzeixianqinwang." That is thirty-six of the Rio Lobo plan, which is to destroy the enemy forces, to the overall strength of the collapse of the enemy. This may be the simplest and rude of the thirty-six, but one of the most demanding. In football, so is the heart of the problem, if the implementation of the place, completely curb the main threat to the opponent, the opponent's overall strength almost collapse. is the most typical double is the heart of the problem. NFL's star players are often different from ordinary people (or NFL players) in terms of physical quality and skill level. If they send only one regular player to counterpart, they will be hard to eat again and again. This is the time for double player to play a role. For example, Megatron treatment: is not only the offense "King" players will enjoy the treatment of double bags, defending "King" players, such as JJ Watt, also often encounter double bag clips: in addition to the catcher and rushed from hand double, if a team is the ace elite running back, then he will meet a great probability of a front 8 (8 men in the defense box), to know that in the new century pass is prevalent, front 6 Nickel defensive front 5 Dime the defense is almost ready and 7 traditional defensive front Base have equal shares. But if there is one opposite like the 11 and 12 season Andrian Peterson elite running back with this level of four Ponder (read song, fourth) point guard, opposite the defense will always put a front 8 to capture the king, data show that the 11 and 12 season, Peterson faced 35.5% and 29.9% respectively. The front 8 defense, while the league average data is only 23%. is also the 11 and 12 season, contrary to Pound Peterson combination of the Vikings, in their next door, there is a team called the Green Bay Packers, is a passer-by - Rodgers combination. Rodgers does not have to say that his position in the quarterback is equivalent to Peterson's position in the running guard. Take the 12 season as an example, the packers started 5 running guards, and there was no 1.5 guards in the second half of a match, so we had to make the Kuhn and Cobb take turns in running. The 11 season of the Emirates team provides textbook solutions to deal with the 11 and 12 season, the packers team, put 4 people rushed to pass from the quarterback (usually four physical type), then put the 7 air defense, while 2 people in deep cover 2 lock keep far-reaching threat (Deep line Threat) - means: don't give you a pass. You have a run! This kind of method can effectively eliminate the threat to Rodgers's pass, the heart of the problem, the team after several years, the tigers, Bill and the giant to follow this trick, get a good effect. thought in football can be the heart of the problem.| squash seventh East Asian squash Championships held in Hongkong Squash Centre picture is: the seventh East Asian Squash Team Championships China team with the Japanese Association before the game. (photography Zhang Ning) Luca from Chinese Squash Association was informed that the seventh East Asian squash championships on 7-11 June in the District of Hongkong squash center was held. There are representatives from 6 countries and regions. They are China, Japan, South Korea, Macao China, China Taipei and host China Hongkong. in the June 8th competition, the Chinese team was defeated by China's Hongkong team with 0:5 in the morning, and the Chinese team won the Chinese team in the afternoon by 5:0. In the morning of June 9th, the Chinese team lost to the Japanese team with 1:4. Chinese current team performance is 2 - 1 wins, ranked fourth in Hongkong, South Korea, China respectively to 3 straight wins first place, second, the Japanese team 2 wins and 1 losses in third place, Taipei and Macao Chinese Chinese three games are negative, in fifth and sixth. The Chinese team will also face the South Korea team and the Chinese Taipei team. Chinese players are composed of 3 men and 2 women. They are Wang Junjie, Shen Jiaqi, Li Zhiyuan, Li Dongjin and Gu Jinyue. The team leader of the Chinese team is Jin Hongwen and the coach is Jiang Jian. (Paul)

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