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War is approaching , compared to the rival Seattle Seahawks, new England patriots choose to deal with the media in a more low-key way. Although the Patriots on little publicly about the upcoming super bowl, but coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) and spike Vince wilfork defense (Vince Wilfork) or repeated rivals running back Sean ma - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) the importance of. "He is the best running guard, whether it's the ground attack, the ball, or the pass protection," said volflock. "He is the most outstanding runner. No one can have a stronger explosive force than he, and no one can get more code than he has after contact with the defender. Like his title, the beast, he is such a player. " patriot safety Mccati Devin McCourty said: "it's hard for anyone to find the same way of playing with Lynch from other running guards. He can attack 8 times in a single attack. And his confrontation will be the toughest game of our season. The same thing happened to Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson), and their combination was unstoppable. We have to do everything we can to catch them. "Washington Redskins linebacker junior Galet (Junior Galatte) in a recent training session in injuries. According to a repor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ter on the NFL official network, Galet injured his Achilles tendon during training on Wednesday local time. At present, the team has not yet made a clear conclusion to Galet's injury, and he will receive an MRI test as soon as possible. in July this year, red and Galet agreed on a one-year contract. The former New Orleans saints star player, because of the over-the-counter trouble, is constantly released by the saints and then to the red skin. In the past 2 seasons, the punching hand had taken 22 shots and was regarded as one of the top 4-3 outside guards in the league. last September, the saints and Galet renewed their contract for 4 years, with a value of 41 million 300 thousand. Over the past 10 months, Galet has led nearly 18 million. Despite Galet's continuing problems, his performance on the spot was recognized by the red skin. The team was expecting him to be able to focus on the game, to prove his value, but to be injured when the season had not begun.In 's new season, Nike replaced Adidas as a sponsor of the 30 teams in the NBA alliance. This year marks the knight Jersey top left Dumbo shoes is the symbol of American Goodyear tire and rubber company, the company English called Good Year, is one of the world's largest tire manufacturer today, 06 years is one of the world's top five hundred enterprises. is reported to have bought the sponsor's position on the top left of the knight's shirt for three years with a contract of $5 million to $10 million a year. At the beginning of the NBA's shirt, there was no brand sign, even the shirt sponsor, which could only appear in the lower part of the shirt. but with Adidas in 06 years, the NBA Jersey became the one of the Adidas, after holding the shirt sponsorship of all the teams of $1 billion. But the monopoly of the market and there is no Adidas shirt with Native American brand Nike meet as equals in the future of the basketball market, in the global market share of Adidas is accounted for less, basketball shoes sales are far less than the Nike brand, and did not receive the expected publicity effect. Peibenzhuanyaohe, $1 billion boondoggle. From 06 to 16, ten years later, Adidas's shirt contract expired. All sports brands know that the sponsorship of a sports shirt is a loss making and shouting. It can only be sponsored by Nike, the leader of sports brand. After all, few local brands can compete with Nike in the NBA market. It may be that the shirt sponsorship is not making any money now, so the president of Xiao Hua is talking, and the NBA shirt can be liberalized, not just one. So each team began to look for a buyer, and the sponsor of the knight's shirt was the Good Year rubber tire company. each team's shirt top left shirt sponsor is different, the defending champion Jinzhou warrior shirt logo is the Japanese Lotte Company. where can I buy a new shirt for the official website of Nike, Nike, Tmall's flagship store, NBA official flagship store or Native American fans in the store are available, but the player jerseys with us from stores and Jersey, only the right side of the Nike Duigou logo, not on the left side of the sponsor logo, after all NBA Jersey the biggest sponsors or Nike. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the Internetthis season faced in Denver Broncos tight end, the two time they met Robert '(Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon, two met Travis - Cares (Travis Kelce), the two met Antonio - Gates (Antonio Gates), also met Heath - Miller (Heath Miller) and Gary Banic (Gary Barnidge). In the Super Bowl they are trying to block the Greg Olsen of the close - end of the Carolina panther. "we have trained in actual combat how to defend the near end," said Chris Harris Jr., a small Chris. "I think we're going to be ready." Mustang in the face of glycopyrronium when Kowski allowing excellent data (two and 88 respectively, receiving yards and 144 yards) but in addition they did not let any one tight end single game receiving yards over 65 yards. Olsen has received 69 yards in the field this season. During the regular season he finished 77 receptions for 1104 yards and 7 touchdowns. And Olsen is the most power to play the ball and hit the Broncos' route Gelon ball route. "Greg Olsen than I expected to be fast," linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) said. "I always knew he was an excellent near - end, but from the video, I felt like, 'Oh, this guy can run. This guy can move. ' We have to defend him, man. We have to take care of him. We have to defend him. He is an unknown factor. We have to guard against Greg Olsen " as the number one goal of catching a panther, Olsen will get most of the attention Mustang safety, cornerback and linebacker. If the wild horse could weaken the power of Olsen, it could affect the Panther's pass and let the Panther have to rely on the road.

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