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Atlanta falcons coach Dan Dan (Dan Quinn) is still optimistic about the possibility of playing Julio Jones (Julio Jones) on Thursday night match of New Orleans saints. Quin told reporters that although the star took over by hamstring injuries, he is expected to play their own. "He had some simple training last night, and he did the training today," Quin said. "From what we see, he's doing very well, and we expect him to play." Jones in the Falcon extra time defeated the Washington Red Skin competition, has appeared in the 80 gear attack 73 stalls, in 10 passes in his goal, completes 5 times to obtain 67 yards. There are questions about whether the falcons will limit his playing time before the game. Jones has been limited to less than 70 yards in the last two weeks when he was suffering from injuries, and the first three games of the season were more than 135 yards. Jones of the season for the opponents, is hard to defend the nightmare, he completed 43 times the highest league ball 545 yards and 4 touchdowns. in the face of the defense this season the saints is bad, if you can not cheap nfl jerseys free shipping have a hamstring injury limit, Jones might play well. If Jones is still affected, Leonard - Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) and Roddy White (Roddy White) will share his role.The official website of NFL | first show return to usher in a good | football striker Eagle lead in the League last year at the ball of the Philadelphia hawks in big trouble this year, the last two game losing streak, the two game ball only 38 yards rushing, and 11 consecutive wave attack fails to reach the array, this is the team since 2005 to array shortage. Fortunately, their first round of the 2013 show, offensive tackle Ryan Johnson (Lane Johnson) this week suspended period, return to training, no accident will play this week in the first game of the ram. Johnson in training on Tuesday, returned to right tackle offensive team position, while the front for his veteran Todd (Todd Herremans) - Hermes before he returned to the starting right guard position. This is the last season on the right side of the first strike Eagle attack combination to the Hawks believe this attack, especially this season struggling quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) and Sean - Mccoy Weile run (LeSean McCoy), is a very good news. the current array because of injury mianzhanpai line including best left guard Evan - Mathis (Evan Mathis), one of the best centers do stretching cover, Jason - Cares (Jason Kelce) and their best substitute offensive striker Alan Balbo (Allen Barbre), if Johnson played in the on Sunday, then he will be this year the Hawks played tenth offensive players.Squash | sixteenth Asian squash Championships kicks off in Kuwait The picture shows that Chinese squash players and officials took a photo at the opening ceremony. (sub wall official network) Luca from China Squash Association was informed that the 7 Kuwait local time on the evening of April 30th, the sixteenth Asian squash Championships in squash Championships held the opening ceremony of the official hotel. All the officials and athletes from the competition attended the opening ceremony. because of Palestine did not take place, a total of 14 men and 8 women's teams participating in the squash championships. Chinese men's draw in group D, in group D of the team are: Pakistan, Kuwait and Sri Lanka; Chinese women in group B, the group includes: Malaysia, India and Sri lanka. Kuwait local time on May 1st, the women's team for 4 games. Women's A Group South Korea 2:1 wins Japan, China Hongkong 3:0 wins Iran, women B group Malasia 3:0 win Sri Lanka, India to 3:0 to win China. Chinese men also beat Pakistan with 3:0. local time on May 2nd, China men's team lost 3:0 to Kuwait, with a 2:1 victory over Sri Lanka, made China team first victory team. The women's team lost to 3:0 in with the Asian powerhouse Malaysia game. The 2 games to be carried out in the women's B group are crucial, and the key to China's victory over Sri Lanka. , it is reported that the sixteenth Asian squash team championship will be held in Kuwait on May 5th. The closing ceremony and awarding ceremony will be held at the official hotel of the squash Asian Championships after the end of the men's finals. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Reggie Wayne: I need to play, I want to play football | earlier this week, the Indianapolis Colts coach chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) said that the team needs to Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) on the injury problems with caution. The coach's intentions, Wayne did not appreciate, he expressed the hope that he can play in this week. after careful observation, the team decided to put Wayne in the list, and he will be back in a week after his absence. In an interview, Wayne again mentioned his attitude to the game: if I could play, I would take part in the game. As I said before the start of the season, I'm like an old car, and you can't always put me in the garage. I'm looking forward to the game and I feel great now. I took a few days of training this week and everything was good and I was going back to the game. Last week Wayne missed with Pittsburgh Steelers game, which gave the team rookie wide receiver dantay moncrief (Donte Moncrief) the opportunity to show, the 7 time he took the ball 113 yards with 1 touchdowns. This week Wayne and running back Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson)'s return will help pony firepower, rival New York giants defensive group playing the spirit of twelve.

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