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today is a great shirt retirement day, he is one of the greatest stars in the history of NBA, he won NBA five championships his name is Duncan, and he is retiring 1st anniversary from his shirt today doesn't blow and it's not black, this wave is really too spurt, however, whether it's Kobe or Duncan their retirement is the end of an era, is no joke. At such a solemn moment, we listen to the voice of the circle friend @ Zhang Qi? - 2016 April 14th is your last race in staples. Over the past year, without your time in NBA, I will habitually pay attention to every game of the Lakers, but find something less. You let me understand that the show is not important, the talent is not important, the day after the hard work and hard, will let you shine light. today's staples, only one person, today's Losangeles Lakers, with a new name, today this special day, salute the Lakers Legend - Robert - Thackeray is not black, on the Kobe shirt retiring this day foresight, precognition that must be Wei Ping - Bryant 67 years ago, Wei Ping Bryant, born on this day After 67 years, Kobe Bryant retired on this day maybe, this is the . today, the cousin of the circle owner witnessed Wei Ping - Bryant's birthday celebration in staples, to tell the truth, the picture at that moment, the whole body is not comfortable, really want to call international l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ong distance: Hello, 911? Staples have a personal hatred of 500 thousand people. Do you care about it? is not bragging, how many of the 500 thousand circle of friends on the scene? today is Kobe's 614th day of retirement his way of playing is very special defines "family " A is concerned, today in the field of fans who is to watch the warriors play the Lakers? we're all looking at his this smile melts our youth Hello, Jaina, smile, don't be so serious, can call Kobe as father How many people in mind, the spirit of reversed...... Kobe, it's really nice to see you again, when the site hit the score of 8-12starts on Sunday, and Dallas Cowboys need to complete 3 games in 12 days, which means a variable for their quarterback Toni Tony Romo's back. ?????????쨮|???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? now, Romo said he only cares about the match against New York giants on Sunday. He said he was not sure whether he could be healthy enough to face Philadelphia hawks and Chicago bears. He said, "I don't think what I need to do. All I'm concerned about is how to prepare for this week to meet the giants. The game is over. I will have a different plan to communicate with coaches and trainers. It's not supposed to think about the next week. It's important for us to play against the giant. last week received byes to rest this cowboy is an advantage by, let his back get plenty of rest. Another week in London led the cowboy Luo Mo 31 to 17 victory over the Jacksonville jaguars, seems ready Romo led the team to 4 straight victories.The official website of NFL | before lightning receiver Royall will join the football team | bear former San Diego lightning receiver Eddie Royall (Eddie Royal) will become the second occupation career of Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) team. According to the NFL official, the two sides have reached agreement on the signing of the contract. Although the bear team has not officially announced the signing, Royall himself has admitted to landing in Chicago. in 2008 as a rookie, Royall and the Denver Broncos quarterback Cutler is very familiar with the former, the completion of the 91 ball in his rookie season, 980 yards with 5 touchdowns. Although Royall never again failed to deliver the approximate transcript, but last season he finished 62 receptions for 778 yards with 7 touchdowns, proved he still is to choose a stable red zone. traded Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall), the bears have been hoping to take over in the position of the reinforcement. After signing Royall, the team will arrange him to take over and arrange Marx - Wilson (Marquess Wilson) on the outside. In addition, the team will not exclude the possibility of using high cis to take over in the draft.Handball | London Olympic mascot design criticism | official said only to meet the child | hand Association Cleveland May 20th news according to foreign news, when the London 2012 Olympic Games emblem was released in three years ago, Britain is a jigsaw puzzle like design of its weird disdain, this Wednesday, the Olympic Games mascot officially released, the organizers tried to avoid similar criticism again, but the fact that this criticism the sound of a much sharper. look, I don't know what to say. The mascots of the Olympic Games are often the laughing stock, but these two mascots, well, seem to push this ridiculous level to a new height. A London citizen said. There is a complex background story behind the two weird images, written by a child writer. The story explains why the two mascots have only one eye (on behalf of the camera lens to capture the head, why the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes) with yellow light (on behalf of the iconic London taxi), but failed to explain why the two guy looks like is often in the Pixar movie iron scrap. And, in fact, the details of the publisher's explanation can only make me feel more weird about something. Why does the guy on the left seem to have an insulated glove? Where are their feet? Is this design a metaphor that means we can't escape global warming? official is very proud of children's participation in mascot design, which is reasonable, because this design is indeed like class work of grade two pupils. The two mascots, Rock and mandelville, look like a proposal to integrate each child. They should have only one eye! If they do karate, that's cool! I want them to fly! No screening designers received these opinions, London mascot is simply too complex incapable of further increase. naturally, officials will argue that mascots are designed for children, not adults. Children will persuade adults to buy them a large number of licensed products with so-called mascots. But this statement is also untenable. To cater for children is not a reason for mediocre design. As mentioned earlier, Pixar movies are also intended to cater for children's tastes, but their films can resonate with adults at the same time. , the name of Rock comes from Maqi Wen Rock village, Skei Ropp Hill. In nineteenth Century, there was Wen Rock games, which inspired Coubertin to create the modern Olympic Games. After the establishment of a hospital in the Paralympic Games, Mandeville had the name. Although both of them are like characters in Torkin's novels, these two names are not bad, which is the only place that mascot can embody the English characteristics. London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee has also released a video to explain the reason for the mascot's design. But I don't know what to do.

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