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Water polo |2011 national flower tour seminar held in London | target over the last Yu Li's work report Cleveland December 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) 2011 national synchronized swimming seminar held in Beijing today, the management center of the State General Administration of sport swimming water polo flower swim department director Yu Li of the 2011 national flower tour was summarized, and on the 2012 flower tour work planning bulletin. Yu Li said that the 2012 London Olympic Games, the task of the Chinese team is to surpass the last, three of the two, the impact of the gold medal. Yu Li said in his work summary, in 2011, under the leadership and care of the relevant departments of the General Administration, under the support and cooperation of sports bureaus and project centers of various provinces and cities, the flower and tourism projects successfully and successfully completed the work. The national flower Tour team harvested six silver and one copper in the world championships in Shanghai and achieved a historic breakthrough. In all 7 competitions, all the medals were obtained (free combination, double person technical self selection, double free optional, collective technical self selection, collective free choice, single skill self selected 6 silver medals and single free optional 1 bronze medals). In his overall performance, Spain and Canada were completely surpassed, and Japan was left behind. 's most gratifying thing is that our two pairs and two single players, totalling 5 athletes, enter the world single, and the two people in the first three. This achievement reflects our strength and realizes the new leap of the team again, achieving the expected goal of competition, and laying a good foundation for next Olympic Games. Two pairs are both in the top three of the world, which is hard to reach in Spain and Canada. 2011, China co cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hosted the two high level of participation in international competitions and three domestic competitions, respectively is the Shanghai World Championships, fina swimming Grand Prix, took the national championship and China open, national championship, National Youth Championship and Chinese youth tournament. Through the game, based on 08 years of the Olympic Games organization work, to further improve the organization and personnel of our country race run game ability and level, strengthen the communication with international organizations, to promote friendship with foreign referees, enrich the domestic referee judging experience, to enhance China's international referee level and international status. Coaches and athletes also have more opportunities to participate in competitions and games. They broaden their horizons, acquire knowledge, improve their understanding of the rules of the project, make training plan pertinence and improve training effectiveness. in addition, the coach team construction, competition reform, commercial sponsorship, scientific research and other aspects of work are also steadily advancing. today is 248 days from the opening of the Olympic Games in London, and the preparations for the National Tour team have also entered the hard stage. Yu Li said that the competition of synchronized swimming in the world is becoming increasingly fierce, and the competitive level gap between the teams is narrowing, each of which has the strength of strength.NFL recent new regulations did not seem to bring what changes, I mean will be formally implemented in the 2016 season of the kick-off (kickoff) of the new regulations, the bottom in "kick off" (touchback, open end or kick off after the ball catcher on the offensive), began to attack from their own 25 yard line. So, is it not 5 yards? But in fact, the official statement that alliance to reduce the growing number of kickoff return injuries and make adjustments, because of its position on the field to kick off the offensive group slightly increase will give the League kickoff return strategy and personnel arrangement caused a huge impact. on Thursday and some coach talk, they said they would use more "Rockets" on the implementation of the new regulations after the kick-off way. That ball up into the air and let the ball fall in the narrow area in the region; or even kick into the corner to attack the hand is also very cheap to practice, OK, so! on the other hand, of course, leg strength insufficient kicker can't score 55 yards shot, though, considering the new opportunities and the kick-off last season played lots of additional points lost (PAT Point, After Touchdown), a precision kicker's advantage is obtained significantly improved. . "these factors make the skills and compression ability an important standard for the kicker's position, not just a big leg." A U. S. couplet coach said. kick-off has become meaningless, oh, besides, let the fans have a chance to get a cup of beer in the toilet. It's not only boring, it's not a X, it's just an excess. At the same time, it also reduces the service group that can be rushed to the nearby ground flight line, affect the completion grab even through point out the "action" to change the course of the game players in the game (of course, also make their value and salary was undervalued). change this rule, the theory is to control the number of return; but ironically, in accordance with these coaches say, it is counterproductive. Maybe, it's going to bring back the best "fly".as far as the game itself is concerned, the match is not so wonderful. The contents of the race first half second half well-matched in strength than many believe hanging the regular season, the match on the official website of NFL had the best Super Bowl rankings ranked thirty-fifth. But as the people of the United States has become the traditional super bowl of the first person, the significance of making this game become a classic battle. had been in existence for 40 years when AFL was created. But surprisingly, unlike the rugby league, which had been created to compete with NFL, AFL survived and continued to develop. The two major league start for the top free player and outstanding university rookie in the race (from the beginning of a gentleman's agreement signed a contract with the player not to grab the opponent in a flagrant way directly from the union). In the end, NFL decided to negotiate with AFL. In 1966, the two sides signed the agreement with the two major league will also in the 1969 merger, the two sides decided to set up AFL-NFL World Championship (at the Emirates boss Lamar Hunt invented the Super Bowl this name before the first Super Bowl was officially named the first AFL-NFL World Championship) to decide which coalition have a better team. Game six weeks ago started the match time and place - Losangeles Memorial Stadium was officially announced (although not received within 75 miles of Losangeles game, but this game is not only a game tickets all sold out of the super bowl, 1/3 did not sell tickets). And this is the only championship game that is broadcast by two television stations (CBS for NFL and NBC for AFL). , considering the relationship between the two major league members at that time, the team representing the two major league teams is also under great pressure. It is said that Vince Lombardi played a very tight role on the day of the tie, and was shaking all the time in the interview. The Green Bay Packers (NFL) and the Kansas City chieftain (AFL) are also recognized to be the most suitable for the two major league teams. In the regular season of the 1966 season, the chieftain made a 11 - 2, 1 - draw record. Their score (448) and the total number of punching balls (2274) in the AFL ranked first, third runner numbers in the top ten in the AFL rankings. The quarterback Len Dawson is the most AFL quarterback with the highest score. Their defense is also excellent, with 5 players who have been selected for the best AFL squad. On the side of the wrapper, under the lead of the legendary coach Vince Lombardi, they had a 12 - 2 record in the regular season. Quarterback Bart Starr is the NFL most valuable player of the year, and their excellent defensive team has been in the previous NFL Championship for four consecutive times, blocking the opponent's attack on the 2 yards of the party to ensure the victory of the packers. Before the competition began, many experts and fans thought that the packers would win easily, while the Fred Williamson, the nickname of "hammer", claimed to use their iron elbow to lay down the packers.the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie quarterback James Winston (Jameis Winston) as this year's draft, has received extensive attention, he at the University during a series of field in the performance of so many people look bad to his new season, NFL's official media people Mike - Mei (Mike Mayock) in York Wednesday local time on the interview to ask whether to adapt to the rhythm of the NFL, there is no "hit the rookie wall". Winston responded to this: "I don't think about bumping into the new wall. I played rugby baseball and played at the same time. This is my first time to concentrate on playing quarterback all year, so I'm very excited. For the first time, I could be so dedicated and professional to grind my footsteps, my speed and other related things. I'm just excited. " , after being copied many times during the training camp, believes Winston has the ability to make adjustments, showing himself differently in the regular season.

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