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Cleveland Brown announced on Tuesday that he will start the rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) as the first quarterback, while Manzel's first career opponent is the same area rival Cincinnati tigers. The day before the Cincinnati tigers coach Malvin - Lewis (Marvin Lewis) received a radio program during the interview, the host asked Lewis how to treat Manzel said episode, Lewis said: "we need to defend each other is the offense, but not for a single player for defense." Then Lewis paused for a few seconds, and he added, "it's especially like a dwarf (it doesn't need to be specifically targeted)." later Monday later Lewis apologized for his remarks later on Monday: "I apologize to Manzel, Brown and Brown. My remarks were obviously inappropriate, but I didn't mean to. On Tuesday, Lewis again made an even more formal and sincere apology on the official website. no matter whether Lewis's satire is unintentional, it will add more topics to the impressive Manzel firs cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t show.The official website of NFL | Peterson at trial, sentencing | football tentative December 1st at the end of the morning in the eastern time of October 8th, the Minnesota Viking runner Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) attended the trial. He was accused of being reckless or negligent in injure his 4 year old son. He is wearing a striped uniforms, sitting beside the lawyer rusty Hardin, trying to seek the court trial as soon as possible. Hardin said Peterson didn't have the ability to protect himself when facing harsh criticism from the media. Peterson and he all came up with an idea: solve this case as soon as possible so as to return to the court as soon as possible this season. , however, when Hardin asked the court to solve the case before Thanksgiving, judge Kelly Keith replied that the deadline of the court was already full before Thanksgiving. December 1st is the earliest time. But it is possible that Peterson's case can move forward after all the other cases are at the end of the trial. after Peterson left the court, Hardin briefly stated to the reporters behind him: I was very proud to say Peterson was a good man. This is a question of educational choice, but unfortunately it happened to a father with a strong love and will. at the same time, the prosecutor asked judge Keith to ask lawyers to try to minimize participation in media interviews, otherwise the trial would delay the trial longer. Peterson has agreed not to contact the child, the child is now living with his mother, but the legal proceedings are under way.The official website of NFL | Sherman can look forward to being | football teammate Locket although the Seattle Seahawks missed the super bowl, but the team cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) is still in good mood, he is looking forward to the weekend occupation bowl. Sherman was elected to the Erwin team, after he hopes to play in the offensive team, at the same time with the Seahawks teammates. is currently in the Erwin team, where the players are gathered in the field, but Sherman still can play for the offensive team. I hope to block Bobby Wagner in a ground attack. I did a good job, and he was always afraid of me. Wagner had previously said that if Sherman went into the area he defended, he would throw Sherman down. Sherman's other team mate, Taylor Locket (Tyler Lockett), also selected the professional bowl, will be his opponent. Sherman said: I will stop him, he know. Although it was Sherman's third career bowl, it was only the first time he had been in the game. Although the job bowl has been criticized by the outside world, Sherman still says he will enjoy the weekend.The official website of NFL | New York giants coach Tom - Rugby | Natalie Coughlin renewal The team announced the renewal of their coach Tom (Tom Coughlin) Natalie Coughlin on Wednesday this year, will be admitted to Flynn until the 2016 season. The announcement also confirmed the reporter Jones (Kimberly Jones) reported last month in the NFL Federation on the contents of New York towards their coach policy has been in the last season they retiring again with a contract to show respect. Natalie Coughlin 68 years old this year, in the last season has been delayed to rookie star receiver Odair Beckham (Odell Beckham) to help win their last game of season four games, since 2004 last season to Natalie Coughlin giants, 6 wins and 10 losses record, for he is the worst outcome however, the 2004 season, the giants record is 6 wins and 10 losses. led the team coach during Natalie Coughlin won the two Super Bowl victory to bring enough security Natalie Coughlin not easily by what he implicated influence, and giant is the third bishop in the fetters of long the same coach team coach, the top two is Bill - Tony Lichko (Bill Belichick) and Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis), for it is a renewal of Natalie Coughlin, good news, but his team will meet in 2015 to rebuild the pressure.

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