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NFL official website | Hilton patriot defense: they do a good | football is just like their attacking ball. The new England patriots achieved the pre competition goal in defending Indianapolis pony T.Y. T.Y. (T.Y. Hilton). use the Patriots cornerback Kell Arlington (Kyle Arrington) and mark Hilton sent 1 safetys in front of Hilton to defend the over ran behind him. The effect of such a defensive approach is better than in the eleventh weeks of the game. Arlington limited Hilton's performance to 36 yards of 1 times. (Bill) Billy Cheik (Bill Belichick) coach, he did the same thing, developed a defensive strategy, marking the Arlington like me, (security guard Dwyane Mccati (Devin McCourty)) in front of me to defend, Hilton said. They let me do nothing. When I try to run the road, they retreat at the cable guard. It's the same defensive strategy as the eleventh week game. They have a good limit on my play. Hilton has picked up 1345 yards and 7 times in the 82 time this season and is i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n the professional bowl. But one thing he can't say is that this season is the best performance against patriots this season. He took only 4 shots of 60 yards in 2 matches against the Patriots. Kell was really improving, well guarding T.Y., Billy Cheik said. T.Y. is a great catcher. He has a great speed and a keen sense. He is a hard defensive player on all routes: short distance, middle distance, long distance. He was flying near the sideline to complete a catch and not out of bounds. It was a perfect pass and a perfect relay. But in the face of them is to face such a performance. But Kell was really good. He did the interference, and he and Devon really got a good guard against T.Y..49 people in San Francisco's quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) plan to leave the team in the rest of the season? has learned that Capet Nick is selling his complete house recently, although the team spokesman said it was Capet Nick's investment behavior. Capet Nick's mansion is worth 2 million 890 thousand dollars. The sale of Capet Nick is probably due to the reconstruction of the contract earlier this year. The new contract allows the 29 year old quarterback to become a free agent in the last year to enter the free market. has replaced Blaine Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert) since the sixth week's competition. Capet Nick's performance has been ups and downs. He has completed 115 passes, promoted 1440 yards and 10 touchdowns 3 times. Capet Nick finished 6 seasons in 49 men. He completed second career high 113 yards in the last match, but the team still lost to Miami dolphins. ? even-even soccer equipment network England Derby Club launched a team to participate in the 2015-16 championship season of new jersey. The New Jersey is dark purple with a white collar, a white triangular patch around the collar and a white shoulder. The Jersey is made of high performance fabrics, lighter and lighter. The slender Jersey is very well fitted. The back is grid fabric, which ensures the maximum permeability of the shirt. Double diamond brand tailored shorts are very fit, comfortable and does not affect the athletes to make a variety of actions. Like the shirt clothes, the shorts are also printed with a rubber badge and a UMBRO brand. The hosiery is a double-layer edge to ensure the comfort and safety of the athletes, so that they have the best performance.Houston, general manager of Dezhou, Rick Smith (Rick Smith) persuaded Cleveland Brown to take up the mistake of $72 million at the cost of a second round of draft. And the Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) deal was even shocked by the Dezhou owners. "this shocked me," Bob McNair (Bob McNair) to the media said Monday. "It's unbelievable... I can't believe Rick has successfully completed the deal." this is the first time McNair Oswald vhailor comments deal, he also said the other people in the alliance also surprised the people of Dezhou can have a hefty contract but disappointing, "find a home. "everyone in the league, they are still very shocked," he said. "No one thinks about the deal. I think others think about a similar deal. They want to do the same thing but not." McNair is the biggest supporter in Oslo vhailor last season, but even he had to give up. ". McNair said the team in the sign before vhailor Oswald did not meet with him is one of the reasons of the contract without success. "we don't know enough about Bullock," McNair said. "The manager did not have a chance to know him. This is one of the problems of the free agent signing. Dezhou people currently in the array of Tom Savage - quarterback (Tom Savage) and Brandon (Brandon Weeden), Vuitton, but McNair will always want the team to introduce either signed veteran quarterback, either through the draft. The best chance for to upgrade the quarterback is to sign him after Toni - Romo (Tony Romo) was cut off by a Dallas cowboy. , get rid of Wheeler is a bold decision. The sign is to upgrade the level with Romo's next playoff lineup.

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