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looks like Clif - Cliff Avril's season is over, and his career may have come to an end. Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) to the media Wednesday said the team will put ivlli into the injured reserve list. Aville has been absent since his neck injury since the fourth week. In addition to being put into the list of injuries, has been told that iville is considering the possibility of retiring. 31 year old ivlli in October 1st 46-18 victory over the Indianapolis Seahawks game in the first quarter injured pony. as the backbone of the Seahawks defensive attack, Aville has 4 seasons at least 8 sacks in the last 5 seasons. He was absent for the Seahawks defense group will have a huge impact, which will allow their opponents to focus more on cheap nfl jerseys free shipping his partner Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett) and weaken the defense ability to transmit the whole group at. isville is now treating neck injuries, and whether he will decide to retire is worth paying attention to.The official website of NFL |2015 season privilege labels for the specific amount of | football position The privilege of a two week label window has been opened, the teams need to decide how to use the label before March 2nd. For those stars who are about to become free players, it is a good choice to label them if they cannot reach agreement with the team. 's salary cap in the 15 season will rise to about $10 million, up to 143 million, according to the NFL official network reporter. The reporter also summed up the position of the new season label amount. proximal front: punter / kicker: 4 million 120 thousand according to the league rules, if the player who has been labeled with the privilege label is 120% above the salary tag of the season, the team will pay 120% of the last season's salary as the guarantee salary for the new season. Therefore, if the Detroit lion chose to use the privileged label for Ndamukong Suh, he would get $26 million 898 thousand in the next season. on the other hand, players who have been labeled with privileges don't seem to be able to sign a long contract with their original team. In the past 2 seasons, a total of 12 players were labeled, and only 3 had a successful renewal with the team. They are Jimmy Graham of New Orleans Saints (Jimmy Graham), Nick Foker (Nick Folk) of New York jet and Ryan Credi of Denver Mustang (Ryan Clady).There are not many professional bowls in , and they have recently been reduced. is the 10 player boot includes 2013 into the occupation bowl Matt Fulton hand long tee Europe (Matt Overton) five years, played in 65 games (including regular season and playoffs). Leave together with him as well as safety Duke Williams (Duke Williams), linebacker Alex (Alex Bazzie), badhi punter (Devon Bell) - der von Baer, long hand kick-off Joe - Fortunato (Joe Fortunato), cornerback Charles James (Charles James), inside linebacker Duhem King (Deon King), security Weisidifeng (Stefan McClure) - Micah Llull, cornerback Larry Scott (Larry Scott) and took over the German - Street (Devin Street). The departure of these people has nothing to do with the replacement of the general manager.The official website of NFL | news: a red team | football organization pressure change The Washington Redskins team can be said to be a never-ending argument, unless one day their boss Dan Snyder (Dan Snyder) are not selfish and stupid, and decided to change the name. many people want this name to be changed, even the mayor of Washington doesn't support this name very much, but Snyder doesn't seem to have any idea of renaming. now, that the US will press for Christ to change the team name red. Their spokesmen said the red skin of the Washington team was a serious offense to the public image of American Aborigines. so let's see what the red skin will give.

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