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The official website of the Denver Broncos quarterback NFL | Oswald vhailor | team want to leave football won the Super Bowl champion, Denver Broncos faced the league's most interesting offseason of. in the hope that with the Super Bowl MVP von Miller (Von Miller) to renew at the same time, general manager John elvy (John Elway) also have to find a way to maintain the integrity of the team, his freedom in the list of players including Ronnie Hillman ran Wei (Ronnie Hillman), defensive end Malik Johnson (Malik Jackson), linebacker Danny (Danny Trevathan) and Trevor Ceravision limited the free player, linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall). and the quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler), if he left the team, he had a chance to become a quarterback for the future of the wild horse. After tasting the starter, the young quarterback said this week that he wanted to stay in the wild horse. , everyone in this team welcomes me. I think they all know how grateful I am, but this is the best team in the world. We have a very special team in the locker room, Aus Ville said. in the middle of the season to replace the injured and was demoted to substitute Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) to become the first after Aus Ville hit a respectable performance, the team made 5 wins and 2 losses record while maintaining the first ap. He ended the season on the bench, but if Manning could retire, if Oswald did not turn to his team, he would become the answer of the team in quarterback position. is unlikely cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to have other teams offering a big contract to osweller. He also doesn't have enough experience to fit a big contract, but he may choose the market for free players. But it sounds like he's more willing to stay with his wild horse as well.NFL's official website, Jimmy Gallas is better than the Baltic football quarterback in the draft wo people generally believe that the level of the quarterback in this year's draft can only be said to be poor. While the NFL website Analyst (Charley Casserly) - Charley Casserley believes that their level is even lower than a bench in the league. Casserly wrote in the mock draft in their first edition: need quarterback Cleveland Brown will be No. 12 trading patriot quarterback Jimmy Gallas polo. Because, whether it is the Clemson University (Deshaun Watson) - Wahson DS, North Carolina State University, Mitch Chubisiji (Mitch Trubisky), or the University of Notre Dame DeShawn cizer (DeShone Kizer), to low level Bijialaboluo. "First of all, I can't see any of the quarterback," said Houston, a former Houston Dezhou and Casserly, general manager of Washington red skin. Secondly, now Jialaboluobi this session of any quarterback level are good. And he has three years of experience, and even when he has just come out of college, he also knows how to move quickly. He's very smart, and he knows where to let the ball go. He also has precision, and can do the attack in the movement. And these are all needed in the alliance. His long accuracy is addictive. gallapolis did stay at NFL for three years, but he had a poor experience in the game. The first two are in the 2016 season to replace the suspended Tom Brady, but before the injury, the two games have led Gallas scored the Baltic, 59 and 42, scored 4 touchdowns, no steals, won the Arizona Cardinals and the Miami dolphins. although the sample size is too small, but no matter how to say, Gallas Polo than a boy. Casserly said, for me, galapoli is not as rare as Andrew - LAK, the kind of people who can improve the team level. But what I have talked about is that he has all the features: accuracy, timely delivery, and so on, which can make him a good job. , of course, not all the teams want to find the team quarterback from the draft. The official website of NFL draft expert Mike (Mike Mayock Maoko) said last week that enough scared me a quarterback before 10, and Daniel Jeremy (Daniel Jeremiah) written by the top 50 talent, ranked eighteenth in the Chizel was the highest ranking. if all the other NFL teams think so, this season galapoli is definitely a super - grab. The content above is reproduced from the Internet,even-even soccer equipment network in Denmark and Copenhagen and the club released their new away shirt today. It's a bad season for Copenhagen so far. The Champions League match was lost to Leverkusen only one step away from the European crown. And only sixth in the domestic Danish Super League. the new season away shirt sponsors for Carlsberg. the shirt Adidas acclaimed Regista 14 based on template. The new away shirt with black as the main body, V collar and cuff links with white trim. It is worth noting that the shirt introduces the popular pink element, the three bars on the shoulder and the fine stripes on the front of the shirt are all pink. hope can bring good luck Copenhagen new jersey!Handball | twenty-fifth uniersiade open | blue lit the torch hand | electrostatic Association torch lighting moment (Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Yongmin) July 1 Belgrade Xinhua (reporter Su Haiping, Ma Zhen, Li Jia) the World University Games in the flames lit up the sleepless in Belgrade tonight. On the evening of 1 local time, twenty-fifth World University Summer Games debut in Serbia Belgrade stadium of joy. passion, joy of the ocean, the opening ceremony of the parade of athletes of the red carpet has been extended to a nearby village, a unique creative sigh. From 5 p.m., the athletes from all the delegations at the Universiade began to walk slowly. As short as 1 kilometers, the athletes and the citizens on both sides of the road have no difference between their nationality and color, and some are only a language: cheers and smiles. 8:15, with the flag of the Republic of Serbia and the entrance slowly rises, the opening ceremony of the Belgrade Universiade officially kicked off. When the 145 flags while standing in the Belgrade stadium, the grandstand boiling. As the warm atmosphere of the footnote, Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Dahl bauges · Jalich came to talk, even a brief voice microphone. Then the Prime Minister of the Serbia government, Mirko · Waite Covic, announced the opening of the Universiade. international datilian flag anthem with the slowly rising, waiting at the venue central Serbia volleyball player Boris Ralph · Petkovic will fire into the Universiade venues, hit the main torch Taiwan next to the red button, a shiny ball slowly off, ultimately depends on the electrostatic blue light main torch in the universiade. is responsible for the opening ceremony of the security work of · Malkovich told reporters that his biggest wish is to hope that the people in Belgrade Universiade feel better and satisfaction, athletes get good grades, become good friends. And his colleague, Igor Nia Dovichi, said, "I've seen the Beijing Olympic Games. It's very good!" I hope our Universiade will be as good as Beijing. 's subsequent opening ceremony, art and performance, skillfully turned the stadium ground into a huge projection screen, creating dreamy scenes with modern technology, releasing the vigour and future of young people, and making the audience enthusiastic. Spain Taekwondo women's 67 kg class player Lyle · Gomes said after watching the opening ceremony: the opening ceremony is very beautiful, full of originality, I very love. Serbia held a total of $about 60000000 for the Universiade, of which about 2/3 of the investment was used in the construction of facilities such as the Universiade village. During the 12 days of the Belgrade Universiade will attract.

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