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The official website of NFL, von Miller: single season 30 sacks is possible in rugby nest tiger tiger August 3rd, he did not say it would be very easy, but Denver wild horse line Wei Feng Miller (Von Miller) believed that the League top punching hand could get 30 hits in a season. I think it's feasible, Miller said after Wednesday's training. since the 1982 capture was included in the official statistics, there have been more than 22.5 escapement from a single season without a single player. The record is straughan Hall of fame defensive end Michael (Michael Strahan) 22.5 sacks in 2001 won the. Miller's best career data so far is the 18.5 capture in 2012. Last season, despite his opponent's double or even three people's attention, he still had 13.5 escapement and was not captured in the last 4 games of the regular season. He has been captured 73.5 times in his career. Miller says the first month of the season will be the key to the 30 capture. He thought it was necessary to get into the state from the start, to get 10 shots in the first 5 game cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s, and to get 8 shots in second months. He thought it was entirely possible. Miller also said that any player who had done a number of escapement in the early stages of the season had to be able to face the increasing attention of his opponents. Miller got 5 shots in the first 3 games of the season last season. Oakland Raiders quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) said this week that teammate card Lille Mike (Khalil Mack) set her goals as 30 hits in a single season. Mike beat Miller with one vote last season to become the best defensive player of the year. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Since last year, missed the super bowl, Bennett seems to be a defensive end Michael - Seattle Seahawks (Michael Bennett) and the media reporters closer. had previously said he wanted a 4 - year contract for $28 million 500 thousand, so he chose a voluntary training camp that did not take part in the rest of the season. He also hinted that he wanted to be the seventh highest income person in the position. said to reporters in Hawaii last weekend, "I don't think I will play basketball now, because my contract problem is what my broker needs to talk to the team. I hope there's good news coming." When Bennett was obviously happy when waiting for the contract in Hawaii, the Seahawks does not seem to be easy, because they still need to solve the Werwilson - Russell (Russell Wilson) of the contract. So, Bennett still needs to wait a lot of time to live blood.The official website of NFL | Eagle before signing the packers linebacker Jones | Rugby announced last week, the Green Bay Packers sacked linebacker Brander Jones (Brad Jones). Despite the more struggles on the field, Jones's experience and omnipotence have attracted the attention of other teams. Only a week later, the Philadelphia hawks announced a contract with Jones. According to the people, the hawk and Jones agreed on a new 2 - year contract, and the amount of the contract has not been disclosed. was the 7 rookie of the 2009 season, and Jones came into the league with his own efforts and won the super bowl with the wrapper. After joining the hawk, he will start from the secret service, and the 28 - year - old guard hopes to find his own position in the new team. In addition, the hawk's defensive tactics are flexible, which also provides a possibility for Jones to play. If necessary, he will further enrich the defensive tactics of the hawk. The gate of the free market is about to be opened, and the hawk is also regarded as a signal to change the position of the line guard. Star Brandon Brandon Graham has become a free agent, and Casey Mathews (Casey Matthews) is also likely to leave the team. Demoke - Lines (DeMeco Ryans) last season also faced with a hamstring injury, may be dismissed.The official website of NFL | Bracey: the team will not be selected in the draft | football quarterback According to , the New Orleans saints are considering the selection of a young quarterback in next year's draft, according to a NFL official. This is for the team's future to prepare, on the other hand is worried about Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) sudden injury, or a sharp decline in state. When was interviewed this week, Bracey himself talked about the same question: I heard it, but the statement was unfounded. In many cases, this is what reporters do. They need to write something to make themselves famous, but the truth of the content is really not flattering. I don't know where they get the news, and they always make a decision earlier than the team. we can understand why Bracey is angry about such a rumor, but we also have to admit that he is 35 years old. Every saint fan wants Bracey to play for another 10 years, but the fact is he's getting old. The new England patriots always for Tom Brady (Tom Brady) looking for a successor, the Denver Broncos also dedicated to training Bullock Oswald Willard (Brock Osweiler). The Green Bay Packers is even more so, they let Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) perfect succession Bret faffe (Brett Favre). It is not easy to find a young man like Bracey, and in this respect the saints do need to speed up their steps.

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