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The first three members of the group has the season the Seahawks defensive key, but next week in the civil war against the ram, they may also lack two starting linebacker help. Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) and K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) two lost the game in the third quarter of the Jaguar game. Wagner's hamstring injury in Brandon and Jaguar (Brandon Linder) Liddell center against deterioration in full health by Wright, Tommy Boharnon (Tommy Bohanon) block suffered concussion. coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said to later this week to clear the two injury, he estimates that Wagner's optimism also need to decide on Monday before the game, Wright good recovery, have the opportunity in a timely manner through the concussion inspection process, for the rams game. Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman), cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) and Clif E Friel (Cliff Avril) three people have been injured for the season.the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in football achievements certainly impressive, but if Montreal Expo th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping at successfully signed him, he may never enter the super bowl. and the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), Brady was also expected to enter the occupation baseball field. The Montreal Expo selected the left - handed catcher in the eighteenth round of the 1995 draft, hoping that he would not go to University of Michigan. On the contrary, Brady chose the University, and later he was selected by the new England patriots in the sixth round of the NFL show, and the next is history. But encouraged him to try to attract Expo baseball scouts believe that he can lead to the super bowl 6 times quality can also let him shine on the baseball field. "I think he would have been a professional baseball player," the senior scout John - Hughes (John Hughes) told the MLB website. "He has all the qualities. He can throw the ball with the power of his left hand. There is no reason to believe that he will become a big league catcher. Brady was a promising baseball player at Serra high school, the school also produced the famous players Barry - Bangs (Barry Bonds) and Greg Jeffries (Gregg Jefferies). "if I sign him, I'll destroy NFL history," Hughes said. "To this day, in my career as a scout, Tom was still the most impressive high school player I've ever seen. He was the man, the way he made his progress. What you see now is obviously more mature. But he didn't change much. He had these qualities. " Hughes also said: "he is a good man. He is a good man in his family. I always say, it was the most fun summer, and I tried to sign a man who didn't sign it at the end. " patriots coach Bill - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) certainly glad he did not succeed.is currently 5 wins and 2 losses ranked in the top of the North Union lost the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Ivanov Turner (Norv Turner). Since 1991, Turner, who has been an offensive coordinator or a chief manager, has resigned to the team since 1991. This surprising decision by Turner has lost one of the most important coaches to the Vikings, who are the biggest competitors of the Super Bowl this year. pat - Shu Mo (Pat Shurmur) will be the Viking's temporary offensive coordinator. Scott Turner, his son, will stay on the team's quarterback coach. The Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said Schumer will also assume the task of tactical command. He is the team's offensive coordinator in the team's current quarterback, Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford), who plays for Saint Louis rams and Philadelphia eagles. Zimmer told reporters that when Turner told him on Wednesday morning that he was going to resign, he was "very, very shocked". Zimmer also stressed that Turner just told him that he was going to resign and did not say whether he would retire. has been staying in Vikings since Zimmer became the manager of the Vikings. They helped the Vikings train a fierce defensive team and a young quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. At the same time, the Vikings became the strong team of the Northern League of the League of nations in. ?On the morning of April 14th in Beijing, Nike released a New Jersey for several world soccer teams, including 5 countries including Croatia, France, Holland, Poland and Portugal. The national teams will wear new shirts to the European Cup, the largest European football match this summer. In addition to open and ornamental football, the Dutchman is also proud of its traditional art design style. Their artistic style has a great impact and unruly wild nature, which can always achieve a different effect. The new home shirt of the Holland national team is the traditional Holland bright orange. The effect of the lozenge waist at the left chest of the shirt and the right side of the bottom is associated with the design of the first shirt in the history of the Holland national team in 1904. The "Nieuwe Meesters" inside the collar is a tribute to the great artists of Holland in seventeenth Century. It also encourages the team of many talented players to create their own history. The new home court for the traditional orange shorts. The same as the orange socks, because of its improved cushions, to provide more comfortable protection for the players in the sports.

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