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The official website of NFL, the Panther boss admitted 49 people to watch the game, football nest to sleep RAM The NFL coaches are the same as us. Carolina Black Panther commander Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) admitted that although San Francisco's 49 people are the next opponent of their team, they could not keep awake when they watched the Losangeles ram's match against 49 people on Monday night. unfortunately, I stayed up and watched the game. I said the unfortunate reason was that I fell asleep shortly after the fourth, Rivera said. But I still looked at the three section. can you blame him? When the fourth game began, Sherlock was about one o'clock in the morning. For a variety of reasons, the third quarter between the two teams is one of the most boring games in the past. In 15 minutes, two teams had completed 8 discarded kicks, 2 first attacks, 1 cuts but no scores. Rivera is 54 years old. Anyone over 40, who is still sitting in front of the TV in the middle of the night, will fall asleep. This is a scientific common sense. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Romo returned to training this week to play football | Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) officially return cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to team training. This is the first time he has been trained as a player since he was injured in second weeks of competition with the Philadelphia hawks. At present, the team's record is only 2 - 7, and the hope of marching into the playoffs is very slim. But by the regression still cowboy lay a shot in the arm. Romo said: I think the players know what we are now. They also know that the season is not over and we have a long way to go. Now we have to start again, do a good job of our own, show the best ability to get everything back on track. cowboy's remaining rivals include Miami dolphins, Carolina Panthers, Washington red skin, New York jets and Buffalo Bill. In fact, now the leader of New York, the leader of the Eastern District of the country, won only 5 games, and the cowboy is not a chance. Since 1990, 72 teams have started with 2 wins and 7, and no teams have entered the playoffs. The cowboy looks forward to creating a new history.Bill Sean Mccoy ran Weile buffalo (LeSean McCoy) collateral ligament of the knee mild strain, is still expected to play the next game. Houston Dezhou quarterback T.J. Yetesi (T.J. Yates) injured anterior cruciate ligament of the knee or the end of the season. Tennessee Titan quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) was injured in his right knee and left early. Indianapolis pony quarterback Matt Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) had a back injury and came out after treatment. Chicago bears wide receiver o Sean Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) with a hamstring injury, but still finished the race. Baltimore Raven corner guard Jimmy Smith (Jimmy Smith) thigh injury. Washington Red Skin right-hand Morgan Moses (Morgan Moses) left the left foot, leaving the field ahead of time. the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) with an ankle injury, after the re appearance. new England patriots took over Danny Oman Dora (Danny Amendola) with a knee injury and left the field ahead of time. Linebacker Tangta - Hightower (Dont 'a Hightower) knee injury, safety Patrick bell (Patrick Chung) - a hip injury were to leave early. Oakland Raiders took over Michael Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) with concussion, and Seth - Roberts (Seth Roberts) was injured in the abdomen. Green Bay Packer line guard Jay Ron Elliott (Jayrone Elliott) four head injuries, leave the field ahead of time. San Diego running back Melvin Gordon lightning (Melvin Gordon) a knee injury, leave early. San Francisco 49 people running back Sean delaughter (Shaun Draught) a knee injury, leave early. Philadelphia Eagle safety Eric (Eric Rowe) - Lowe and cornerback Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) injury.The official website of NFL |2015 season in the American League East looking | football , according to the usual impression, the eastern part of the United States is a very boring partition. After all, in recent decades, the season hasn't started yet. The Patriots can almost declare to other teams: are you competing for second of the partition? But this year the situation is slightly different, Tom Brady suspended for four games, while the other three are slightly reinforcing, not the divisional Title dawn is here? new England patriot is confident: the offensive team adjusted slightly, but the champion in the framework, I have no doubt to play in a "Brady ban comeback. The defense is the same, and stable keywords, welcome back to the anti run Brandon spacks God patriot initial files are more secure, but the team also used the draft made up the vacancy left Fokker Vince wale. In addition, the most important is the most easily ignored point, Bill Bailey Cheik. In addition to the 07 quarter of the perfect season, the Patriots almost every season will encounter little situation, and he always like the magician as found in the total plan, the Patriots fans worry seems to present, in Benitez view, seems to be redundant. : the road is worth worrying about defense enhancement, but the ball defense appears to be a big problem, on the season three main cornerback Lives Browner, and Arlington have to leave the Patriots three best cornerback Bradley Fletcher, Butler Logan and Marr hole - Ryan, Butler is able to continue as the Super Bowl super performance? It seems very difficult. In addition, like Sebastian, rob Ninkovic, veteran Wormer old age, just won the Super Bowl champion and let all the people have burnout, whether return peak ambition is hanging in the head of the biggest question. unknown factors: whether Jimmy Poirot can stir up the burden of Garo patriot? Will is the key factor to determine the Patriots four games performance, Bill, Jaguar, Steelers and cowboys, if normal is 2 wins and 2 losses, but once the 1 - 3 start, then whether the team because of the pressure and Brady will become more wrong? expected results: 12 win 4 negative buffalo Bill is confident: five years 45 million left Jerry - Hughes, let Bill four terrorist defensive front continues, even if it is Rex Ryan to adjust the 3-4 defensive front, considering Bill's two season was 3-4, and the all star players, Bill defensive front can be assumed countless things, it seems the adjustment is not a problem. Age structure linebacker group and defensive backfield is also very perfect, and the devil and Denis Ryan Mundy's blessing and tune, seems likely to grow into a new season Bill rule level defense group. is worth worrying: compared to the defensive group,

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