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Return to Seattle Seahawks may usher in their best linebacker in the match for Thursday night. NFL official website reporter Omar reetz (Omar Ruiz) reported on Tuesday that Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) may be able to play into the list in the 49 game against the San Francisco Seahawks game. "I'll be ready," Wagner told ruiz. Wagner missed the game for the Carolina Panther because of a chest injury. group contribution of Wagner to the Seahawks defense on the pitch. Despite his failure to play in the game, the midline was second in the 41 time. He was on the pitch of the main Seahawks defense command. His tactical command and leadership could help to them in the last game of the Seahawks defensive. can look forward to when Wagner fully recovered when the Seahawks defensive back group can achieve 49 rebound performance against the competition.NFL official website | Dezhou plan but not eager to let clowney next Monday to return to training | football Jed (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand clowney recovery from the knee of minimally invasive surgery and return to training date nearly, but Houston Dezhou people do not rush to make his return. coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) cheap nfl jerseys free shipping said on Tuesday that if Klauni was not well prepared for training, the team was not in a hurry to return him to the stadium. The time for him to return is next Monday. yes, look, August 17th is the day I thought our medical team had discussed with him, but the key is whether he is ready to return on that day, Obrien told Houston chronicle. If his knees feel good, then he will return. We're not going to get him back in a hurry. We feel that next Monday is a good time for him, so, yes, we are aiming for the next Monday. I hope he can return and do something by the time. we will know next week whether Klauni has finished the goal. The impact of , a passing shock player on the field, is one of the few points to be mentioned before the 2015 season. After working with J.J. J.J. (J.J. Watt) and Vince Vince (Vince Wilfork), if Dezhou can grow healthy and meet the high expectations before the draft, people can create a devastating defensive front.Pittsburgh Steelers this week with the Atlanta falcons to start fighting, are eager to double reverse with a victory in the playoffs and occupy a favorable position in the competition for tickets. The hawk took over Julio Jones (Julio Jonesd) last week, but he was suspected of fighting this week because of his hip injury. The Steelers swim guard Mike (Mike Michtell) Mitchell said in an interview, he hopes that Jones will play in the game. "I don't think we are so lucky," Mitchell said. "We need to be ready to play with the strongest opponents. I look forward to seeing him on the scene. " For the Steelers, Jones is the biggest threat to attack the opponent group. Jones's performance will also determine the trend of the game to a large extent. The 4 year to complete the 21 ball over the past 2 weeks, a total of 448 yards and 2 touchdowns. He received 259 yards last week, and the data set a new high in the league this season. now, Jones's injury is more serious than expected. The falcons did not give a clear statement about whether he would be able to come out. The falcons tend to use the number one hand more conservatively, a lover reveals. However, 5 - 8 - negative falcons are now at the top of the Southern District of New Orleans, and they may need to be bold and adventurous if they want to enter the playoffs.The official website of NFL | former NFL star running back: the Seahawks lost identity | football offensive ran Wei Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) in 2 games this season the Seattle Seahawks lost in total red ball 16 times, and 42 games this season before he rushed the ball 20 times per game. former NFL star running back, now as the NFL official website guest - Tomlinson (LaDainian Tomlinson LADA gnan) on Monday show that coach Pete Carol led the team this season, lost their identity. Think about it. Over the past few years, we know that the team is a dare to physical confrontation, going to punch the ball team, Tomlinson explained. But each link is equally offensive team have rushed the ball based false true - it is those who run the attack is over how to open the space outside. He also said. Well, attacking the ball is very unstable this season, probably because they try to create a different identity for the quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) and choose more passes. this past summer offensive coordinator Darrel Bevier (Darrell Bevell) plans to use Russell Wilson and wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) unique talents to strengthen the offensive is not a secret. This is the time to change the direction of the attack when Lynch has not been able to stay at the end of the season. The Seahawks in the win over the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins games rely on spoofing attack HARVIN's big success. They are against the San Diego lightning and Dallas Cowboys when it is difficult to win because the two teams have taken time not to let the Seahawks offensive group play strategy. Lynch scored 6.05 yards for each of the two defeats. So red ball is not the Seahawks offensive has no effect. The problem is that their two opponents have 2 times the time of holding the ball, and the number of attacks is nearly 2 times. The offensive team by three higher conversion rates to more effectively control these two aspects in these two aspects. That's the trouble that Tomlinson really points out. attack this year the Seahawks than ever more creative more explosive. This also leads to more accurate but also the Seahawks overwhelming control of the ball more time consuming offensive strategy, on the season of lightning on the tactical success slowed the Denver Broncos - Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) attack group record. How many teams have the ability to implement such tactics? We can count it out in one hand.

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