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NetEase sports September 20th report: In the new season, the NFL goats moved back to Losangeles, and the Losangeles media, the Lakers country, thought it would have an impact on the Lakers' market. Yi Jianlian has a media interview with in the past 20 years, the Lakers have few competitors in the sports market in southern California. From 2000 to 2010, the Lakers scored the finals of the NBA 7 times, and won numerous fans. But now, their "money path" may be hit. rams in the home court from 1946 to 1980 in Losangeles, then moved to Anaheim, where for 14 seasons, so the Lakers have not NFL opponent. But at the beginning of this year, NFL had passed the application of the goats back to Losangeles. The ram team still has a fan camp in Losangeles, and South California still has a lot of their dead loyalty, and they have a generation of history to recall. In public, the bass family support the rams back to Losangeles, but privately, they really want to know what the NFL team's return to Losangeles means to the Lakers. Jerry buzz is not there, and the Lakers are at the bottom of the team's history. Their performances last season were tortured. They only won 17 games, c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reating a new history of the team. But because of Kobe, the Lakers still have a very high popularity, but now, Kobe is retiring, what is the Lakers? If they do not begin to make rapid progress, their popularity will probably start to fall soon. of course, hope the Lakers, based on rams in week debut performance this season, they will not seem too successful, and very likely they will be worse than the lakers. If that's the case, the Lakers can breathe a sigh of relief. Yi Jianlian changed to No. 11 Lakers shirt. Yi Jianlian shows No. 11 shirt Yi Jianlian shows No. 11 shirt Yi Jianlian smiles Yi Jianlian practice shooting Yi Jianlian training Yi Jianlian practice shooting Yi Jianlian training Yi Jianlian has a media interview with Yi Jianlian has a media interview with Yi Jianlian has a media interview with many field media many field media Yi Jianlian shooting Yi Jianlian practice three minutes Yi Jianlian at the training hall 〉The official website of NFL | Sports: Dick Hoyer Jersey sales | Mansel's first super Rugby According to sales data of Dick sporting goods, the sales of No. 6 jersey of Cleveland Brown quarterback Brian Hoyer ( Hoyer) exceeded the US idol Jonny Jonny (Johnny Manziel) for the first time this week. Data from Dick sports in the past 7 days statistics, Heuer's jersey sales in all offensive players ranked fifth, while Manzel's jersey ranked seventh. The Associated Press Tom withers reports, this is Heuer's jersey sales over Manzel for the first time. As of Thursday night, Clif Browns Jersey sales overall rose 12%, ranked in the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia hawks ranked third. Dick sports data show that last week Heuer's shirt sales accounted for 46% of Brown's shirt sales, accounting for 3% of the total sales of NFL shirts. Heuer, who has served as a substitute for the new England patriots, has entered the League for sixth years. In the 5 games of the season, the pass rate was 60%, with 1224 and 7 passes, and the quarterback scored 99.5 points. From the beginning of the season, he defeated Manzel and served as the first quarterback of the team. At the moment, he passed the number of passing passes to the top of the league. At the same time, he led Brown to reverse the Tennessee Titan team in the biggest 25 points of October 5th in the history of creativity alliance. Brown team is currently 3 wins and 2 losses ranked third North American League, leading the Pittsburgh steelers. They will face the 6 - war Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.August 7th news although Brown's quarterback competition is still fierce, they have decided to start the start of the preseason game. Brown boss Hugh Hue (Hue Jackson) announced on the morning of the US time on Monday morning, Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) will start in Thursday night's home match for the saints. Jackson said: "we are still continuing to assess our quarterback, but Bullock will be the starting player on Thursday night." Our assessment will involve a lot, but the most important thing is to be able to run the attack efficiently. Everyone wants their first line-up to adapt to any scene. Bullock has a chance to show himself through the game. We look forward to his performance. " Cody Kessler (Cody Kessler) was a training camp early top seed, he will serve as the No. two quarterback, DeShawn Keyser (DeShone Kizer) and Kevin Hogan (Kevin Hogan) ranked in the following. Jackson added: "everyone in the dressing room has a chance to win more time." It seems, the position had not yet steady ".The official website of NFL | Beckham set a minute single catch | football world record , a new rookie Odell who took the ball with one hand, took the lead in the Odell Beckham.jr. Once again, he showed his single handed catch skills. This time, he refreshed the Guinness world record of the single hand Catching times in a minute. The challenge of was held in a Super Bowl related event in Arizona. Beckham passed the ball to the saint star four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees), while Arrakis Angete was Guinness's adjudication officer. The original record was 10, and one requirement to challenge the record was that the pass must fly over 10 yards. Beckham caught every pass with his right hand, and he refreshed the record 33 times, and in fact, it could be more. At last, when Bracey threw all the balls away, Beckham had to return the ball to Bracey, which wasted a lot of time here. Bracey said the guy was so talented that he was happy to help him with the record. He also said he was happy to work with Beckham again to refresh the record. Beckham also said to refresh the record so that people could not, and I enjoyed it very much.

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